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• Thursday, 26 November, 2020
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From the fictional killers of Criminal Minds or Dexter to the all too real tales of JohnWayneGacy or Ted Bundy, there are stories that we simultaneously repulsed yet fascinated by. Despite this, there is an embarrassment of riches in terms of true crime content from podcasts to basically the entire channel of Investigation Discovery or Oxygen.

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If you prefer to get your chills and learn about kills from Netflix, then here are some of the best documentaries about serial killers to watch. If you haven’t really delved too deeply into the deplorable crimes of Ted Bundy, then this is definitely the serial killer documentary for you.

Just be forewarned, the content in this series is highly disturbing and will give you nightmares. The Confession Killer Henry Lee Lucas was a man thought to be responsible for many murders in the 80s.

The Confession Killer on Netflix documents it all in chilling detail. It’s definitely a chilling watch, especially since Henry Lee Lucas is not a person that many talk about.

Oh, you’ll want to sleep with the lights on and the door locked after viewing this. It’s definitely a philosophical question for another day, but we would be remiss in not telling you about Killer Ratings.

In Murder Mountain, we go to Humboldt County, also known as the Emerald Triangle. JohnWayneGacy’s killing spree ended 41 years ago, yet he’s still a fixture on TV.

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Finder was a young prosecutor when Gary confessed to him and showed him “the rope trick” method he used to strangle his victims. Cook County State's Attorney Bernard Carey speaks at a press conference about the indictment of JohnWayneGacy for the murders of seven young men, on Jan. 8, 1979 at the Richard J. Daley Center.

One of them, “The JohnWayneGacy Murders: Life and Death in Chicago,” is due out in August if writer-director John Browser can raise enough money to finish it. Browser told the Tribune his documentary film has turned into a four-to-six-hour series that will place Gacy’s life under a microscope” with a dive into the Cook County sheriff’s office efforts to determine the names of Gacy’s unidentified victims through DNA technology.

He said participating in Gary projects can be repetitious, but it helps when producers show a genuine interest in learning details about the case. What followed was viral success, thousands of phone calls, nearly as many death threats, and nationwide panic. Michael Beach Nichols’ film endeavors to detail the strange story of ‘Wrinkles,’ featuring folk who love him and folk who hate him, alongside an extensive interview with the man himself.

It doesn’t get to the heart of the matter however, the movie proving engaging when focusing on the character’s meteoric rise to fame, but failing when it messes with the documentary format. Wrinkles isn’t a friendly clown. He set up a ‘Have You Seen Wrinkles’ website in enterprising fashion and launched a hugely successful YouTube channel, while the idea behind that phone number was simply to scare.

The media wanted to both tell the story and demonize him, with articles and news segments dedicated to his unexplained past and freaky present. Copycats sprung up all over the world, with adults and many more children recreating his videos, or crafting tribute shorts of their own. It’s an interesting examination of digital folklore, how kids can be the driving force for such online phenomena, and the ways in which viral success can morph into something much more dangerous in the real world.

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There’s also a passage about the popularity of clown characters onscreen, featuring clips from the likes of Poltergeist, Saw, the Joker, and both versions of IT, all of which shed light on the subject. We do get the odd glimpse, Wrinkles knocking back beers while barbecuing fish, driving around in a van that doubles up as his home, and most depressingly, visiting a strip-club.

So while Nichols’ feature is a brave attempt to challenge preconceived notions, and play with the documentary form, the film ultimately suffers for that about-turn and makes you wish that a more conventional approach had been taken to the material. Wrinkles the Clown is an interesting documentary when focusing on the way in which a spot of online fun can have real-world consequences.

Wrinkles the Clown is a documentary that frequently entertains, but lacks true insight into the viral phenomenon. Filmmaker Nick Broomfield does something completely astonishing (though it shouldn’t be): he listens to people the cops utterly ignored.

This is the enraging thing: even the residents of South Central didn’t know there was a serial killer in their midst. It comes via British (and white) documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield (Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer), who does something the cops utterly failed to do: he goes among the people of South Central and listens to what they have to say about Lonnie Franklin, who was arrested in 2010, charged with the Grim Sleeper murders, and is awaiting trial.

There’s Margaret Pres cod, who started the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders in 1985, when women had already been disappearing and turning up dead for years and the cops were doing nothing about it, and who continues to criticize the foot-dragging of the police and the court system in bringing Franklin to justice. And there’s Pam, who knew Franklin and seems to know lots of people in the neighborhood: she becomes Broomfield’s guide and, he admits, basically takes over the film’s production.

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An online fundraiser has been created for Browser’s next 4 serial killer films Focusing on JohnWayneGacy, Jeffrey Danger, Ed Can, and Jesse Pomeroy, with Gary being the first film made: GoFundMe/borowskifilms.

The film focuses on serial killer JohnWayneGacy’s time in Chicago and includes information about Gacy’s childhood and pre-Chicago years. Chicago-centric, The film illustrates how Gary avoided detection through his cunning nature and con man techniques.

Filmmaker/author Browser stated: Gacy’s story is important in the history Production of The Gary Murders is underway with Browser leading the helm as producer, writer, and director.

Watch the officer slowly take this sexual psychopaths mind apart. He made a TV documentary about 'The Killer Clown' and was given a beautiful presentation mug by the Sea Planes PD.

This movie focuses on Gacy's psychopathology rather than the gruesome murders. Fantastic police interview of killer Lee Rotate.

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A brilliant example of US judge explaining a 20-year prison term to Black Widow in killer contract for hire case. Series 1 Episode 1: JohnWayneGacy One of the most prolific serial killers in American history, JohnWayneGacy was a well liked member of his community who secretly killed 33 boys and young men.

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