Best Jay Z Quotes About Life

Brent Mccoy
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
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Identity is a prison you can never escape, but the way to redeem your past is not to run from it, but to try to understand it, and use it as a foundation to grow. A wise man told me don’t argue with fools.

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The more society treats drug addiction as a crime, the more money drug dealers will make “relieving” the suffering of the addicts. Money and power don’t change you, they just further expose your true self.

Flavia Med rut is a freelance writer, researcher and part-time psychologist. She believes music, long walks and a good sense of humor are imperative in keeping one’s sanity.

No need to mention, he started from the bottom and lived on to become one of the best entertainers world has ever known. This guy inspired many peoples around the globe to get going and hustle and grind to get their dream.

I was forced to be an artist and a CEO from the beginning, so I was forced to be like a businessman because when I was trying to get a record deal, it was so hard to get a record deal on my own that it was either give up or create my own company. Successful people have a bigger fear of failure than people who’ve never done anything because if you haven’t been successful, then you don’t know how it feels to lose it all.

Those who are successfully overcome their fears and take action. Those who don’t submit to their fears and live with regrets.

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If people don’t hate you, you’re probably not doing very big things. Leave a mark they can’t erase, neither space nor time.

Get involved with things that you love and be sure to have a standard and integrity with what you’re doing. The responsibility is to keep pushing it forward, and not relying on the same old gimmicks.

You can’t slip, you can’t sleep, one eye open, for real, and forever. I believe that the energy you put out in the world, you get back.

Rap for me is like making movies, telling stories, and getting the emotions of the songs through in just as deep away. A wise man once told me luck isn’t some mystical energy that dances around the universe randomly bestowing people with satisfaction and joy, you create your own luck.

Honesty, Loyalty friends & then wealth death before dishonor & I’ll tell you what else. The only thing that’s on my mind, is who’s going to run this town tonight.

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Everyone who makes music is a good collaborator at their foundation because, in order to make music, you have to connect to it in a way that other people can’t. You can pay for school, but you can’t buy class.

Connecting with a broad audience through his flows, and his storytelling prowess, he has inspired many from around the globe to get up, and hustle and grind to get their dream. “Everyday hit every wave, like I’m Hawaiian.

I collect art, and I drink wine… Things that I like that I had never been exposed to. “I couldn’t even think about wanting to be something else: I wouldn’t let myself visualize another life.

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