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James Smith
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
• 12 min read

So, you might consider a push walker when your baby can balance on their own and pull to a standing position. Whatever the case, your baby may benefit from some supported walking practice using a push walker.

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Some walkers fold flat for easy transportation to a sitter’s house or on vacations. Some walkers are pretty simple, while others offer additional safety options, like rubber and locking wheels.

Some walkers have lots of bright lights and music, while others are more muted and made from wood. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to purchase your push walker new, as older models may be recalled or have other safety issues, like broken parts.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reports that thousands of babies are injured each year using sit-in walkers. The walkers on this list are highly rated by caregivers for their function, safety, and quality.

The Little Times 3-in-1 folds flat for easy storage and transportation, making it a great choice for traveling or taking to Grandma’s house. This cute walker has a jungle theme with a sliding monkey, peek-a-boo lion, a toucan ball spinner, animal sounds, and colorful light projection on the floor.

The Sit-to-Stand walker features a lightweight plastic body and wheels, allowing it to glide easily over carpeted floors. It comes complete with a light-up keyboard, play phone, colorful gears, and shape sorter for entertainment (batteries are included).

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The Chomp & Clack earns high marks with reviewers for its stability and simple but playful design. Worth noting: Several reviewers say that this walker is best for older babies and not those who are just learning how to walk.

This is because, despite the rubber rings, it tends to move quickly and doesn’t have any built-in locking or slowing mechanisms. Another wooden option, the Have Wonder Walker also features rubber rings on its wheels to protect floors and control speed.

It’s finished with all nontoxic paints and offers a variety of fun activities to develop coordination and fine motor skills. Reviewers share that this award-winning walker is sturdy and suitable for taller babies and toddlers.

One person specifically wrote that her son is over 35 inches tall and still regularly uses this walker beyond age 2. Worth noting: Some reviewers mention that the back wheels tend to scrape the body of the walker, but that Have will send replacement parts if necessary.

And many others warn this walker is bulky and heavy, making it too difficult for some babies to turn on their own. Several reviewers mention that their Balance Box doubles as a small table, meaning it performs double-duty in the playroom.

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Not only that, but if your small space includes various types of floor surfaces, this walker easily transitions from wood to carpet to tile. The feet of the box also move up and down to give your baby more sensory input.

Reviewers say this is more than just a walker and that it helps babies develop their sense of balance. Worth noting: Several reviewers say they purchased this box specifically because it seemed it would not flip over as easily as other push walkers, but that it isn’t free from tips and flops.

This sit-and-play or stand-and-push walker can play 75 songs, and it introduces the alphabet, numbers, and even Spanish phrases! Reviewers say it’s super easy to assemble and that all the bonus educational activities are a good value for the money.

Worth noting: Several people say that the plastic wheels fly too quickly on wood and tile flooring. Every year we pull together new releases and improved models, putting them through extensive hands-on testing.

The top 5 walkers are ranked below, followed by detailed reviews of several options. For more information about how we did our tests, and factors you should consider when picking a baby walker (including safety precautions), check out the bottom of this article.

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At the most basic safety level, be sure all stairways and steps are blocked by a closed door or one of our awesome baby gates, and nothing is reachable on counters or tables. When we took it out of the packaging, we were surprised at two things: first, how lightweight it was (only about 12 pounds), and second, how it folded up into a pretty thin format that could slide right under the bed for storage.

Popping it open was easy, and the walker takes on a pretty sleek and stylish shape and size. The tray was large and wrapped around the side of the baby, which should increase safety by making it harder for your baby to reach to things to their right or left (like grabbing something off the coffee table or TV stand).

What's also cool about the tray is that it includes a removable insert (like some of the best high chairs) that can be popped off and cleaned easily, and thrown right into the dishwasher (if you can fit it in!). The baby seating surface is soft and plush, and easy to wipe clean or remove for machine washing; the fabric is high quality, and we didn't notice any color bleeding or shrinkage.

The rolling/gliding action was smooth and our test babies didn't seem to have any difficulty getting this to move on hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors. With two parents standing on the second step and baby in the walker, we put it to the ultimate test: we let baby try to roll right to the parents, sending the front wheels of the walker right off the edge of the stairs.

Well, the no-slip stair pads on the bottom did their job, and did it well: they stopped it right in its tracks, only letting the front wheels go about 2" off the edge and keeping the vast majority of the walker safe and sound. Overall, we were really impressed with features and safety of this walker, all without sensory overload with tons of crazy toys attached.

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Both of them loved filling up the wagon with toys, stuffed animals, and each other, and wheeling everything around the house. Backing up to when we first got our hands on the Radio Flyer walker wagon, a few points are worth mentioning.

A couple other little features we liked: there is a padded front bumper that helps keep your walls and furniture intact, the wooden side panels are removable, and the wheels are plastic (filled with foam) and have decent grip to prevent side-slippage. The handlebar is at a great height for toddlers, though it is not height-adjustable, so it will be a little low once your child reaches 2-3 years old.

Usually about $35, the Tech Sit to Stand is available in pinks and purples (pictured) or oranges and greens. Then, it can be placed back onto the frame and unfolded and used as a push-around baby walker, that's the “stand” part.

It's pretty underwhelming as a sit-down activity center, but it does do really well as a push- walker, and at a great price point. ), piano keys that play music, rollers and gear cogs, and light-up buttons.

Note that if you don't want the rolling walker part, but want a standing activity center that is very similar to this, Tech also makes an awesome Learning Table. Overall, we really liked this basic and inexpensive walker, and thought it was perfect for babies who are around 9-10 months old and ready to explore walking with some support.

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Well, there's no adjustable handle height to accommodate a growing baby, and the friction of the tires on hardwood or tile could be improved to avoid the walker sliding sideways at times. But we can't really complain about that, since it also makes it possible to turn this walker (unlike with some below options) without popping up the front wheels.

We love the quality craftsmanship, vivid and non-toxic paint colors, and the simple and clever toys that keep a baby interested but not overwhelmed. When our test babies tried it out, they all seemed to love being able to put random things in the front and push them around.

This is one of the great things about this walker that will keep toddlers enjoying it for a while, and it's a much better experience than simply pushing buttons on electronic toys. The only drawback that we keep finding with wooden baby walkers is that they are really hard to turn.

So a couple of our testing babies ended up going in a straight line until they hit something, and then mom or dad had to turn it in a different direction. On this one, you can't simply tighten the screws more to make them spin more slowly (like you can with the Cosby model, below).

Starting as a sit-in exersaucer, it has adjustable height, swivel capability, bouncing (like a jumper, which you can disable), and tons of fun toys to explore. Finally, when your baby starts to pull to stand and transition to the toddler phase, they can use it as a push-behind walker.

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The toys can attach interchangeably to any of the holes on the tray, allowing you to customize where you place them. It's a bit too tall to slide under a bed, but we did fit it under our coffee table for temporary storage.

This is a much more traditionally-styled baby walker with all the bells and whistles, including the bright colors and noisy toys. But it also includes the non-skid safety catches on the bottom to reduce the chances of rolling down the stairs, so it's a bit of an old-meets-new style baby walker.

Out of the box, we thought that it folds down into a good-sized package that can slide right under a normal bed, so that was great for storage. We did find that at the lowest setting its most appropriate for babies who are probably around 10-months old or over like 28" height, otherwise they probably won't be able to reach the floor (note that it has a 31-pound weight limit).

We didn't go through batteries after about 2 months of testing, but it's worth pointing out that we have no idea where they are hidden, what size they are, or if they are replaceable in the first place. Speaking of washing, the seat cover is removable and machine washable, so that's a nice feature.

It seemed durable, rolled well on hard floors and rugs, and our test babies seemed to really love the toys. But one of the things we loved after we assembled it is the tall seat back height, which was fantastic for supporting shoulders and heads of especially young babies.

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In our tests, it worked just fine for even older babies, though we were probably pushing the weight limits a bit. The activity center part of the walker was pretty cute: it's a little safari-themed steering wheel with music, sounds, and lights.

One of the nice things is that it has adjustable volume control, so you can make it low enough to entertain baby without giving mom a headache! One of the random things is that it has these somewhat pointy leaves on the sides, our test babies didn't hurt themselves or anything, but it seemed like a strange decision for Bright Starts.

Anyway, this is a great overall baby activity walker with some good features, and an excellent price that might make up for some limitations. It has bright primary colors, wooden construction, an adorable look, non-toxic paint, and good craftsmanship.

There were several features that stood out to us, like the rubber trim on the wooden wheels to help protect your floors and prevent sideways sliding, and the adorable xylophone for making music. The wooden wheels don't have preset adjustments like the Tech, instead you can tighten or loosen the screws to make it easier or harder to push around.

The height was great for a baby around 12-18 months of age, and we liked the little storage basket on the back where you can put the xylophone stick and the included wooden shape blocks that fit into slots on the side of the walker. The toys were overall well-executed and high quality, and kept babies busy for a good amount of time.

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For one, the bottom of the seat is about 7" above the floor at the lowest setting, which is great for toddlers just beginning to toddle around. There are adjustment straps on the seat, so you can raise it up a bit (about an inch or two) as your baby grows taller.

Second, while most sit-in baby walkers have an empty tray up front, this one packs a serious entertainment punch with its horn, dashboard, and blinkers. Our test toddler really loved it and had a great time trying everything out and scooting herself around the kitchen and dining room.

The front wheels pivoted, but the rear ones do not, which is a bit limiting in terms of direction, but we found it completely fine. It's a pretty big baby walker and takes up a decent amount of space; this is helped by the fact that it folds up for storage, but keep it in mind that it does take up a lot of room on the floor.

Babies move really fast in a walker, and one little mistake (like forgetting to close the basement door) can lead to disaster. So take the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and don't accept an old second-hand walker from a cousin, be sure to buy a new one with modern safety features.

In the past few years, several improvements have been made to increase safety of sit-in baby walkers. Most models now include lower rails that (in theory) will catch on a stair edge and use friction to stop the walker's momentum before a disaster happens.

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This safety feature reduces the risk of your baby careening down the stairs, off a ledge, or into a pool. Newer designs will also increase the width of the tray area surrounding the baby, making it harder for them to reach beyond the width of the walker pushing up against a kitchen counter (and also making it harder for them to pinch fingers when bumping into a wall or furniture).

If you're not willing to max out your credit cards on a fancy walker, and you can't find any random gift cards left over from your baby shower, then there are some excellent cheap options like the Tech Sit to Stand. Just like with all of our articles, as we receive and test additional baby gear, we will continue to update this list throughout the year.

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