Best Homemade Zombie Apocalypse Weapons

Maria Johnson
• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
• 10 min read

So, before the walking dead come knocking on your door, you need to prepare and protect yourself. You’re going to create a mixture with peppers, water, baby oil, and alcohol.

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First, crush the peppers with a spoon or pestle to release the heat from the seeds. Put the mixture back on the heat, and cook until it starts to evaporate.

Stir the mixture as it cools then add a half cup of baby oil. You can also add in some cracked black pepper for an extra dose of heat.

Pour your homemade mixture into a spray bottle or squirt guns for extra distance. To make these personal protection weapons, get some string, thin rope, or fishing line.

You’ll need to use a knife to cut notches into your bow to hold the string in place. So you’re going to need to make a road spike, using nails and a piece of rubber.

Beggars can’t be choosers, but be smart about which type of vehicle you plan to steal. Turn the vehicle into a weapon by running down any zombies in your path.

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Making these self-defense weapons the perfect tool for bashing out a zombie’s brains. If you don’t have a baseball bat, you can use a leg from a table or chair.

If you have the time and supplies, create an arsenal of spiked clubs. Or the weapon can be hard to remove from a zombie’s head after a hit.

Swing the spike into the zombie’s dead face then run like hell. Making This is as simple as supergluing or taping a razor blade onto a toothbrush.

For added distance, use a broom handle or long branch with a knife strapped on. All you need is a glass bottle of flammable liquid, a lighter and a rag.

Then, soak the rag in lighter fluid or alcohol before putting it halfway into the bottle. Light the fuse and throw the bottle at the enemy zombie.

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When it comes to a zombie attack, playing offense is as important as defense. Or use long thick rubber gloves to limit teeth penetration during a zombie bite.

Use a 3-inch PVC pipe for your chamber, cut to about a foot in length. Glue your barrel to your chamber using a PVC pipe reducer between the two pieces.

When planning your escape route, wait until the initial zombie attack wave has subsided. This will give you a better chance to be stealthy, and find other badass survivors to join your group.

Then you can all band together and make a whole arsenal of self-protection weapons to fight the evil dead army. There’s a good chance you already have an adequate supply of weapons set aside, or you are in the process of collecting them.

In fact, even in today’s world, homemade weapons are becoming more prevalent. Unfortunately, these are often used by criminals or by prison inmates, but homemade weapons can be very valuable to anyone preparing for disaster and societal collapse.

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Homemade self-defense weapons can help with the defense of your loved ones and property. Plus, the skill you develop in making these weapons can come in handy down the road.

Skills Are Everything You see, even if you have a variety of store-bought weapons at your disposal, there is no guarantee that you will keep these in your possession. Should you find yourself without weapons, knowing how to make homemade weapons from basic items you have on hand is an invaluable skill.

Let the mixture cool and transfer to a clean spray bottle. Slingshots are handy to have in a pinch, and it’s one of the easiest homemade weapons to make.

Anything that will fit into the pouch of the slingshot is fair game. The first thing you will need to do is find a strong fork of wood, ideally hickory, dogwood, or oak.

¼-inch latex surgical tubing Leather strips Fine string, such as dental floss Saw Knife Cut a 2-inch by 4-inch piece of leather and poke a hole in each end of it.

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Put the loose ends of the tubing through the holes in the leather and tie them off. Remember that you might have to adjust the length of the pieces of tubing, depending on how long your arms are and how much power you want.

A bow can be made out of a solid branch, sapling, or a piece of PVC pipe. It’s relatively easy to construct, and it makes one of the besthomemadeweapons you can use even when on the move.

This will create the stave of the box, and it should be 5 feet in length and about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. You can also use a 2-inch diameter piece of PVC pipe, but this won’t be as strong as the sapling.

Stand the sapling or branch on one end, and find the exact middle of it. Use your knife to whittle away the wood at the middle to form the belly of the stave.

Glue feathers or pine needles to the end near the notch. Okay, you might not be Indiana Jones, but that doesn’t mean a bullwhip won’t still be useful.

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550 para cord (250 to 300 feet) 5 ½ feet of ¾-inch nylon cord ¾-inch steel rod (10 inches long) Strong electrical tape Lighter File of sanding wheel Tape measure BB's A vice Fold the nylon cord in half, not including the length of cord containing the steel rod, and mark the halfway point with electrical tape.

Open the non-handle end of the nylon cord and put BB's into it, filling it to the center mark. Tie a knot in the nylon cord where the BB's end to keep them in place.

Use one of the core strands to tightly bind the cord where the BB's end, so they will stay in place. A baton is a small Japanese weapon, like a short stick, that fits easily in the hand.

This is one of the homemade melee weapons that is easy to carry with you and conceal. You can fashion batons out of wood or metal, but you can also make one easily using a long screw and para cord.

3- to 4-inch screw (or whatever length will fit into your hand with the ends sticking out about half an inch) Electrical or duct tape Para cord Lighter Use the electrical or duct tape to cover the head of the screw and wrap the shaft.

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It will also prevent the para cord from fraying due to rubbing on the threads of the screw. Tie off the ends of the para cord and melt them in place with a lighter.

You can melt down both ends to make them harder for striking a combatant. Knives can be made from many kinds of materials, and they are one of the easiest homemade weapons to make.

Obviously, you can make a fully functional, proper knife with a wooden handle and a good blade. If you want, you can drill a hole in each end of the knife handle to make attaching the para cord easier.

Use the marker to mark where you want to cut it, and score the blade at that spot. File the blade and sharpen it, so it has a sharp edge and point.

Throwing stars are easy to make and can be very useful when you need a weapon you can easily carry and use from a distance. In fact, throwing stars can be made from any scrap metal you find lying around.

And in an emergency or apocalyptic situation, scrap metal is bound to be everywhere. In a pinch, you can take small pieces of scrap metal you find and bend them into throwing star shapes.

Hole puncher and hammer Spray paint Drill Metal saw Sandpaper Use the spray paint over the pattern to leave its outline on the metal.

Grind or file the edges of the star points to finish them nicely. So easy to make and so very effective against not only zombies, but dangerous people and animals.

The ends of the nails should be long enough to stick out the other side of the bat. Stun guns or tasers are great homemade melee weapons.

Where things don’t fit well, use the Drexel to polish the plastic. Honestly, a lighter and a can of hairspray will make a fine flamethrower.

Here is a great video that shows you how to actually make all the pieces and assemble them. A stun grenade is one of the besthomemadeweapons because it’s nonlethal and gives you a chance to get away from the bad guys in one piece.

Alternatively, use 1 tablespoon of citric acid powder and fill with water. Place the second 1 ¼-inch plug on the open end and push it in as hard as you can.

Obviously, you want to have store-bought weapons on hand or in your bug out bag for a SHF situation. But we all know that during a widespread emergency, or if society takes a vacation, we might not get keep what we have.

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