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Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
• 8 min read

This list is not sorted by my preference, so just look for things YOU might like in a headphone based on the Text and Video Descriptions. I have included tags at the beginning of all descriptions that will help you sort for specific traits you might be looking for.

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These headphones are designed to fold or have other features that make them a great choice for commuters, boy scouts and to mom. IE the low end of the audio spectrum and in mass quantities this tag indicates that proficiency.

These headphones are great starters, or you can use them forever. Their price is usually low and all you have to worry about is build quality and some, lacking in refinement, for higher end music and sources.

Review Sony MDR-1A +CLOSED +PORTABLE +BASS A very warm, bass set of comfortable cans. ReviewSennheiser Momentum 2 +CLOSED +PORTABLE +BASS Perfect highs there are no other words.

Reviews Portable +GAMING +OPEN +PORTABLE OPEN, the smallest headphone you can get before IEM's start. Decent low end and good enough sound stage for gaming.

ReviewSennheiser 500Series +GAMING +OPEN +PORTABLE Vary wild in sound so check the video to understand how they stack up against each other. ReviewRicardos +CLOSED +PORTABLE +BASS Well built and beautiful, great portable option with decent sound stage and pinpoint highs.

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ReviewHifiman Edition S +GAMING +OPEN +PORTABLE A rare Portable open back. Have plates to become closed but wow these open are incredible.

ReviewSuperlux 668 +GAMING +OPEN Extreme Sound stage on the 668, Crazy low end on the 681. ReviewATH-M40x +GAMING +CLOSED +PORTABLE +BASS Probably the most surprisingly good set of cans I have tested.

ReviewStatus CB-1 +GAMING +CLOSED +PORTABLE +BASS Default comfort, Sound quality. Review AKG K553 +CLOSED +BASS Huge almost fully comfortable pads, amazing build quality.

Annoying attached wire and even that doesn't stop me from adding these to the board. Review Beyer DT880 Chrome +OPEN +BASS Attached Cable. FFF I hate that because these sound GOOD.

ReviewMonolith M560 +GAMING +OPEN +BASS Entry Level into Planar sound has never been better. A few quirks but sound quality of these is well beyond the price tag.

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I have changed the pads on mine, but stock are good enough ReviewSennheiser HD598 +GAMING +OPEN +PORTABLE The 598 is the go-to for many, but I found the warmer brassier 558's preferable. Reviews KSC75 +OPEN +PORTABLE Hilarious to look at but some of the best sounding clip on headphones ever made.

Build quality is not REALLY an issue, so it is just a game of find your preference. Prices can still step up to nearly $1000 or barely crest $200.

Then the sound kicks in, and you can't imagine any better Portable set of cans. Planar width and bass and build quality like a rusty French car.

ReviewMonolith M1060C +GAMING +CLOSED +BASS Heavy and although closed take well to some open back modding. Reviewed 99 Classic +CLOSED +PORTABLE Neutral, warm, wide, great imaging.

Review1More Triple +GAMING +CLOSED +HARD +PORTABLE +BASS A unique dual driver design that lets the highs be pushed perfectly while keeping insane low end and sound stage. ReviewFostex T60rp +GAMING +CLOSED +HARD +PORTABLE Made of African Mahogany cut on a CNC, these are the best mod of the T50 out.

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These will deliver some of the best Bang Per Buck towards Neutrality ReviewHifiman 4XX +GAMING +OPEN +PORTABLE The cheapest open Planar. ReviewAudeze LCD-2C +OPEN +BASS A very dark, wide and relaxed sounding set of cans.

Reviewable Sadie +CLOSED +BASS They are heavy, have a built-in amplifier and the most complex sound I've heard in a while. Reviewer Speakers Eon +CLOSED +HARD Very Light, Very focused sound.

eBay Replacement Pads Reviews Sure 840 +GAMING +CLOSED +PORTABLE THE neutral king of closed cheap headphones. Pads could use a refresh but might alter that perfect sound.

ReviewBeyer-Dynamic DT770 +GAMING +CLOSED +HARD +BASS the 250  is hard, but they are the pair I used the most and I think the perfect Sub-bass and clear wide sound stage highs make up for the 1991 build and plastics. Attached cable ;(Review Sony Z7 +CLOSED +PORTABLE +BASS Huge sound.

But if you are lucky, dedicated and wealthy enough to partake you can truly find some acoustical bliss. ModelDescriptionReview Sennheiser HD660 +GAMING +OPEN My favorite cans all year.

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ReviewSennheiser HD600/650 +OPEN +HARD, Power these things right, and you finally understand what music is. And in closed form these cans sound marvelous.

ReviewAudeze LCD-X +GAMING +OPEN +BASS Take these to the bank because you are hard-pressed to hear a better headphone. Review Sony Z1r +CLOSED +BASS The ice cream truck of this hi-fi section.

ReviewFostex TH900 +CLOSED +BASS Would buy these in a heartbeat if I could have only ONE closed headphone ever again. The Hand painted Japanese red lacquer cups and the sound stage and bass... FFF ReviewBeyer-Dynamic T5p +GAMING +CLOSED +HARD +BASS Some best closed cans I have ever heard.

Truly amazing headphones with complements the T5p in sound stage and vocal clarity. Relaxed, spacious, unreal high-end reproduction.

Incredible imaging, sound stage, comfort, isolation, neutrality... FFF ReviewS tax L300+252amp +GAMING +OPEN +ELECTROSTATIC Even though this is up here. Most headphones are good to go out of the box but some pointers I can lay out are...

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Look for recommended mods for comfort or sound, read descriptions and see if it appeals to you. Pad swapping is the easiest mod but can ruin the sound if they are wrong.

Some users want a microphone attached and that can be done either with a Mod mic that uses an extra wire or a boom pro or eMusic that can replace certain headphone wires by default. I however recommend going for a USB Desk Mic to simplify all this.

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