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• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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The term hand trap” is quite possibly one of the strangest to appear in the game over recent years. To a player that left after the original series, or even in GO, it might not even make sense.

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The recent ban list has nerfed decks that didn't care for hand traps, and have put them into the meta game once again. Skull Master can discard itself from the hand to negate any card effect that's activated in the opponent's Graveyard.

This isn't limited to monsters either, meaning it can negate spell and trap cards with Graveyard effects as well. Skull Master is incredibly versatile and has been in and out of the meta for years, depending on how many Graveyard heavy decks are in it.

The Gold Sarcophagus Tin was a game-changer when it was released, with three world premiere cards coming into the game. Dimension Shifter was one of these, though overshadowed by Bird, The Primal Being and Dark Ruler No More.

If the opponent's deck relies on cards to get in the Graveyard, this can put a complete halt on their turn. The trade-off is that they can't activate any trap cards for the rest of that turn.

Fantastical Dragon Phantasmal has been in and out of the meta game since its release in 2019's Savage Strike set. Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion is a hand trap that is often forgotten, and one of the most underrated ones in the game.

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Nonetheless, this can shut down plenty of strategies that rely on summoning monsters from out the Graveyard, something that's very common in the current game. Crow has actually been around for longer than all the Extra Deck shenanigans which turned it into such a prevalent card.

In certain formats starting with the XYZ Era, there was a time when this was an absolute must-have at three copies. What made it fall out of favor was being unusable at any point other than the opponent’s main phase, meaning it couldn’t stop effects that activated during the player’s turn.

The easiest way to shut down opponents that rely on banishing to make their deck work, like Cosmos and Inferno ids. It can simply be tribute from the hand (or face-up field) to stop both players from banishing cards for the turn.

It took players a while to realize how great Droll & Lock Bird actually was. Droll & Lock Bird activates when the opponent adds a card from the main deck to the hand outside the draw phase.

By sending it to the grave, the opponent has to stop adding cards to their hand for the remainder of the turn, locking them out of any neat combos they had planned. Its special summoned itself and Psy-Frame Driver for doing so, giving the player some instantaneous board presence and access to Psy-Framelord Omega.

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Ghost Ogre does not negate, but rather sends itself from the hand or the field to the grave to destroy a monster, spell, or trap card after it activates its effect. An important distinction, though the card remains $3 despite six different reprints aside from the original version.

Yes, this is supposed to be a “real” trap, but it can be activated from the hand so it absolutely still counts. Infinite Impermanence targets one monster on the field the opponent controls and negates its effect until the end of the turn.

When set it also has a bonus effect of negating spell and trap effects of any spell/trap cards activated in the same column, essentially rendering that zone useless for the remainder of the turn. It’s no wonder that no matter how many times they reprint her, her price still won’t drop below six dollars a copy.

What about 60-card banish spam decks making an unbeatable Green Meiji the Eliza ? If you can side this in against decks that require banishing, your opponent will have no choice but to end turn and try again later, giving you a huge advantage.

Pretty much every deck needs cards in their graveyard, they help to extend combos or bring back boss monsters you’ve already destroyed. This hand -trap serves as an out to such cards, especially one's like Return of the Dragon Lords & Pantheism of the Monarchs which are crucial to their respective decks.

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Swift Scarecrow is a suitable alternative, but Battle Fader offers even more, it stays on the field to be used as tribute or Link fodder. Waiting until your opponent is half-way through their combo to drop this hand -trap is hilarious, they have no idea how to continue and usually just end their turn with all of their cards used up.

With a huge variety of potential negation capabilities, Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion will soon be a must-have staple for any duelist worth his salt. A lot of meta players are reporting Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit isn’t the greatest hand -trap right now, but it’s still a card everyone should own a play-set of.

So many archetypes have continuous spells/ traps or field spells that are integral to their strategies, this hand -trap has no problem getting rid of them. A downside is the inability to negate as Ghost Ogre only destroys the card, this can lead to some awkward situations where you don’t particularly get too much out of using it.

Droll & Lock Bird is almost completely required nowadays, stopping your opponent’s game of solitaire in its tracks, forcing them to play with what they have and pass the turn over to you. Without doubt the greatest hand -trap in Yugo is Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, arguably one of the best cards to be released in many years.

The 3 choices you get is enough to topple any strategy before it even begins to take form, while also being possible to bait out, hence fair for the opponent (likely why it isn’t banned or even limited). If you have multiples of this card, you can continually stop your opponent from pulling off any sly maneuvers to quickly summon a powerful monster or, at the very least, delay them, giving yourself time to retort.

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With this card in hand, you summon it and immediately end your opponent’s battle phase when trying to take down your life points. That makes this card perfect when you are on the ropes and drastically need something to help you turn the tides or slow your opponent’s momentum.

This is perfect when you take down a powerful monster and want to prevent the opposition from bringing them back into play. When your Blue-Eyes White Dragon is destroyed either in battle or by an effect, you summon this card into play.

So you could immediately replace your Blue-Eyes White Dragon with this card at the same attack, or possibly something even more robust. As a bonus, if your opponent defeats this card with an effect, every monster on their side of the field is instantly destroyed.

This can help stop the opponent from destroying monsters on your side or delay them from getting a particular card they want from the deck. © Provided by GamePurGhost Ogre & Snow Rabbit is used primarily for taking out a powerful effect on the field.

© Provided by GamePurGorz the Emissary of Darkness is the perfect card to have in hand when all hope seems lost. When your side of the field is entirely void of any cards, and your opponent goes to attack you directly, you special summon Gore into play without needing to tribute anything.

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Not only does this punish your opponent for putting a big hit on you, but it gets you right back into the fight with a powerful monster of its own accord. © Provided by GamePurIt is good to have Red-Eyes Retro Dragon in your hand if you have multiple Red-Eyes monsters in your graveyard.

When your opponent sends any Red-Eyes monster lower than level seven (not Red-Eyes B. Chick) on your side to the graveyard, you instantly can summon this card in defense position. Effect Paler is a wonderful Tuner monster card to keep in your deck.

Though this winged monster may seem weak, with no attack or defense points and just a single star level, its effect is undoubtedly something useful. This cute-looking Psychic Type can help you rid yourself of monsters on your opponent’s side of the field that are proving difficult to battle.

When a monster on the field activates its effect, or when a Spell or Trap card that is already face-up on the field activates its effect, you can use Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit’s quick effect to send itself to the Graveyard and destroy the card that your opponent is trying to activate. As for Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, its quick effect comes to life when a card or an effect is activated that includes any of these effects: Add a card from the deck to the hand, Special Summon from the deck, or send a card from the deck to the Graveyard.

During the Main Phase of your turn, you can return Honest from the field to your hand. Following this, during the Damage Step, when another Light monster you control battles, you can send Honest from your hand to the Graveyard.

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Look past the lack of attack and defense points and pay close attention to the paragraph of text in its effect box. When a face-up “Blue-Eyes” monster that you control is destroyed by battle or by an opponent’s card effect, and you have a Dragon Type monster in your Graveyard, you can Special Summon Deep-Eyes White Dragon from your hand.

If you complete this action, inflict 600 points of damage to your opponent for each Dragon in your Graveyard (as long as they don’t have the same name, no duplicates here! Gore, the Emissary of Darkness, could be considered an overpowered monster card.

When you take damage from a card that your opponent controls, you can Special Summon Gore the Emissary of Darkness from your hand. For battle damage, Special Summon one “Emissary of Darkness Token,” its attack and defense points are each equal to the amount of battle damage you took from your opponent’s monster.

Chronograph Sorcerer is a text-filled card that puts off a lot of new duelists, but that needn’t be the case. Pendulum Effect: During the Main Phase of your turn: Destroy this card, take one “Time gazer Magician” from your hand or deck, and place it in your Pendulum Zone or Special Summon it.

Surely a tiny level one monster can’t do much damage, especially when it has no attack or defense points? Tragedian gains 600 attack and defense points for each card still in your hand.

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