Best Guns For Zero Hour Heroic

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
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Most of you have probably watched all the different guides, but most just say vary your loadout to cover shields and just show a bit of gameplay. As soon as you do a bit of damage to the boss, he will teleport to where you drop in (Front) and spawn the first big Servitor in the back.

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First big Servitor (Back) spawns with Void Shanks. Groups of Arc Shanks will spawn a couple of times on the left and right side of the room until enough damage is done to the boss and a Spider tank will spawn on the left and right side of the back of the room.

Hide in a corner near the wall or on top of some grating(out of sight of the tank directly in front of you) shoot the tank in the opposite corner of the room. One teammate can focus on the invisible guys that will rush you if you stay on the floor (only a few of them spawn with the tanks, but they are close to the entrance and will try to rush you) Once the two Tanks are dead you can focus on the boss.

I found it easier to focus on the boss and deal with those ads after. Most guides say that middle set of ads spawn again when the boss dies, but I didn’t get them a few times.

Either way once that boss goes down shoot anything that moves until that timer stops, and you see a Skiff pull up. Whisper also makes quick work of the Big Servitors.

Just remember to shoot somewhat slow paced because they will disappear and reappear after 2-3 CRT shots and could screw your White Nail. Once you kill the Shanks that spawn with the Servitors you only need to deal with Arc shields.

zero hour nosler guns
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My loadout included top tree Nova Bomb, axiom dart grenades (I contemplated switching to scattered, but I didn’t), Skull of the Dire Shankara and strafe jump (the best decision I ever made for the jumping portion. I used Go figure (with Armor piercing rounds, hip-fire grip, and high-impact reserves), Arc Ikelos_SMG_v1.0.1, and One Thousand Voices (very helpful at the boss if you are lucky enough to have ammo).

Strategy Initially, I used Risk runner because of the Arc Shanks shields and a void Edge transit, and sniper as a primary, but I found myself running out of heavy ammo fast and that’s not good for the boss room. After I switched it up, I was still able to get rid of the arc shanks using Kilos and I had to rely on my teammates or my grenade to break the void and solar shields.

My teammate used Whisper of the Worm to post up and snipe the Walker Tanks that spawn after the servitors. We did shoot the boss periodically throughout the encounter leaving him at half health by the time the final Walker was almost down.

I used my Nova bomb and emptied One Thousand Voices into ton the boss, while the solar Titan used his hammers to clear ads/minions, and then the void Titan used shields to finish off the Walker tank. The best thing to do is split off going left and right to spread out the room and make Tr3-Vr chose which way to go.

If two people try to sit in a chubby, one will die and have to respawn because their ghost will get stuck up in the wall. Worst case scenario, you need two people in the room to make it out alive.

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Crown of Sorrow has a lot of mechanics to learn, but they recycle during each encounter in the raid. Once you get the mechanics and timing down, you should concern yourself with DPS to make sure you can handle enemy mobs and stun bosses.

My team: Solar Hunter with Celestial Nighthawk/ Eon Swift and bottom tree Golden Gun Solar Warlock with Phoenix Protocol and Well of Radiance Solar Titan with Melting Point/ Hammers Void Hunter with Orpheus Rigs and top tree tether Void Titan with Ursa Furious and shield Solar Warlock with Luna faction Boots and Well of Radiance I kept trying the exotic Eon Swift because I have a full set of ordnance mod gear to boost my grenade regeneration and any Eon gear grants specific energy to your teammates.

Also, keep in mind Ursa Furious, Phoenix Protocol, and Orpheus Rigs only fill your super energy back to 1/3 to 1/2 of your meter now. SMG’s are the best at breaking shields fast and machine guns do good damage especially with a major mod on it.

First: One member from each group should step in the green puddle at the front of the door. EVERY PLAYER should join at the Witches Vessel (purple globe) and shoot it together.

Repeat the combination blows with WB and NB players from earlier. Wait for the ‘Witches Vessel Awakes’ message at the bottom left of the screen and then EVERY PLAYER should join at the Witches Vessel purple globe and shoot it together to swap blessing again.

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You may need to swap WB a few times before you see this message because it will refresh your timers and prevent you from wiping. Look for the chest to spawn across a gaping hole in the room leading to the stairs for the jumping puzzle.

Destiny 2 players just saw the surprise debut of the Outbreak Perfected Pulse Rifle, but the quest required to get it is really tough. Once you've finished the main Destiny 2 campaign, go to the Heroic Bad Neighbors mission on Titan.

The Heroic Bad Neighbors mission starts the Outbreak Perfected quest. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTubeProgress till you get to this room with the first Shrieked. Once you have this device, you can leave the mission and begin the actual Outbreak Prime quest steps.

Grab the Fallen device from the middle of the secret room. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTube Upon opening the Fallen device in your inventory, you'll see there are six riddles tied to Nodes located close to various Lost Sectors. When the path splits, veer to the left. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTube down the cliff, and you'll see a Node on the ground next to a blue tarp.

You'll come to a room with enemies followed by an archway that leads to a small drop. The location of the third NodeBungie/Hackish @ YouTube Node 4 : Still in the Trots land, go to the Widow's Walk Lost Sector.

The location of the fifth NodeBungie/Hackish @ YouTube Node 6 : Also in Exodus Black, go to the Glade Caverns and the Carrion Pit Lost Sector. The Berthoud quest begins in the Farm basement. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTube start the mission at the old Tower.

Go through this door to begin your next encounter. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTubeOnce the room is clear head down this path, which is essentially the opposite of where you would go in the opening mission of the campaign. Head down this path, opposite the traditional route. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTubeMake your way through the crawlspaces till you reach another enemy-filled room in the Tower Hangar.

You'll have to fight a tank and lots of foes, but just keep pushing till you reach this location. Once you reach this door, it's time to switch up your gear. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTubeOnce you crawl through the vents and this ship you'll face a number of jumping puzzles.

Once you reach the door on the end, turn around and jump to your left. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTubeAfter you do that, you'll walk through a narrow path that leads outside. Normally you'd follow these hanging objects to small pillars that lead to the next stage, but there is a huge shortcut as long as you have one team member with a jump-focused Exotic.

On that strut is a device with a button that extends the platform so all of your teammates can take advantage of the shortcut you just used. On this strut is a switch with a shortcut for your teammates. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTuber the button, jump up in the direction indicated by the picture.

Jump on this box to make your way back to the vents. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTuber down to another puzzle that involves these yellow platforms. Basically all you want to do is jump to the highest vent to the right until you find one that takes you to an area with large fans.

There are lots of decoys, but, since you know the general area, finding the correct vent shouldn't take too long. Hop up these platforms and go through the vent in the top-right area of the room. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTubeOnce you reach the room with the large fans, just make sure you jump on the circular plate in the center of each fan to avoid being sliced by the blades.

Use the red cutouts next to each fan to drop to the next one. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTubeAfter a long journey down, you'll reach this wide open Whisper-like room. This long jump takes you to a new area. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTube In Ventilation is a map of the area with four red dots.

This map shows the locations of four switches players must activate. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTubeAlongside the pressures of time, you'll also have to avoid this big, electric claw. You can have one team member stay up top to call out its position, use crawlspaces around the area or jump to the middle of the room when you feel the claw getting close.

Hit all the switches and avoid the claw to advance to the next room. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTube In the next area you'll see these platforms. Jump up and down on these platforms to make them rise. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTubeNext, go down the long, dangerous slide to reach this room.

Look to the right of the staircase here for a hidden vent. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTube It opens up to this huge area that has a weapon missing from a glass case. You'll find this broken Outbreak Perfected case after exiting the vault. Bungie/Hackish @ YouTubeProgress forward to the Tower Ruins, and the rest of the quest is basically combat-focused.

To win, you need to kill the Fallen Captain boss and all surrounding enemies. The Outbreak Perfected stands to be a beast in Eve and PVP alike. Bungie/Autocross Gaming @ YouTube Parasitism : This weapon does more damage to enemies based on the number of SIVA nanites that attach to them.

Extended Barrel : Increases range, decreases handling speed and moderately controls recoil. Outlaw : Precision kills greatly decrease load time.

Not only do vanities appear during battles with high-level characters, but the weapon also leeches off the nanites of team members too.

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