Best Guns For Zero Hour

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 30 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Firewall Berthoud continues to provide the most engaging competitive first-person shooting experience on PSV thus far, offering a wide variety of tactical loadout options and a sense of progression that almost decidedly lifts its replayability factor far above many of its counterpart CVR shooters. On the other hand, assuming you’re a new player, it can be daunting to navigate the customization menus.

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Flash Emits blinding light and deafening blast that disorients enemies. Noisemaker Simulates the sound of gunfire and is used for distraction and as a decoy.

Smoke Emits thick cloud of phosphorous that obscures and obstructs visibility. You can learn more about how to play Firewall Berthoud with our list of top 7 tips for starters.

Meanwhile, you can read our review of the game if you’re still deciding whether to purchase a copy and catch up on details regarding the massive upcoming Nightfall expansion, Op Pass, and overhaul. More information about Firewall Berthoud can be found on the official PlayStation Store page.

Most of you have probably watched all the different guides, but most just say vary your loadout to cover shields and just show a bit of gameplay. As soon as you do a bit of damage to the boss, he will teleport to where you drop in (Front) and spawn the first big Servitor in the back.

First big Servitor (Back) spawns with Void Shanks. Groups of Arc Shanks will spawn a couple of times on the left and right side of the room until enough damage is done to the boss and a Spider tank will spawn on the left and right side of the back of the room.

Hide in a corner near the wall or on top of some grating(out of sight of the tank directly in front of you) shoot the tank in the opposite corner of the room. One teammate can focus on the invisible guys that will rush you if you stay on the floor (only a few of them spawn with the tanks, but they are close to the entrance and will try to rush you) Once the two Tanks are dead you can focus on the boss.

I found it easier to focus on the boss and deal with those ads after. Most guides say that middle set of ads spawn again when the boss dies, but I didn’t get them a few times.

Either way once that boss goes down shoot anything that moves until that timer stops, and you see a Skiff pull up. Whisper also makes quick work of the Big Servitors.

Just remember to shoot somewhat slow paced because they will disappear and reappear after 2-3 CRT shots and could screw your White Nail. Once you kill the Shanks that spawn with the Servitors you only need to deal with Arc shields.

I get bored too easily, so I have been trying to stay away from it, but if I'm getting my ass handed to me, I will go back to it. Fast and accurate and downs them pretty quick if you're close.

I've had good luck with the stinger on close range maps. I run it with iron sights, and it forces me to change up my play style, which I like.

I used to spend a lot of time trying to shoot little tiny groups with scoped, bolt-action deer rifles, generally at 100, but sometimes 200 yards. But mostly it was to simply anchor this group at the optimum measurement above my point of aim to give me the most forgiving trajectory arc for hunting deer or hog-size critters.

Anyway, if I could distill all the bench time into Three Things I’ve Learned, they’d read something like this: (1) scope ruggedness and repeatability trump super-duper optics; (2) more magnification seldom helped me get better groups; and (3) nothing stays zeroed forever. Our resident optics guru John Baroness has long maintained the vastly improved lenses (and coatings) of moderately priced scopes have torpedoed the old chestnut about optical quality equaling high dollars.

And since a lot of hunters today are using dial-up knobs in the field for long-yardage shots, this factor is even more critical, which is why guys still buy the super-premium scopes. I stopped going any higher ’cause I’ve shot over stuff at “mid-range” when I was in a hurry and trying to “help” the bullet.

Then shoot a group to confirm, and if it’s right where you left it before, congratulate yourself on your good fortune and get to hunting. When synthetic-stocked rifles began to take over the market, there were claims zero shifts were a thing of the past.

And if you know you’re going to check your zero when you get to where you’re going on an out-of-state hunt, don’t be obsessive about absolute perfection at the local rod and gun. Save the “I never take more than five rounds” philosophy for when you’re hunting close to home and are willing to wait for high-percentage shots.

The handle is lightweight G10 with a carbon fiber inset as drippy and grabby as you’ll find. Designed by noted knife smith Dmitry Sinkevich, this one cuts as easy as it opens.

)Compilation… Zer0 has several play styles that go from melee to sniper, passing through Cunning/B0re that makes use of several types of guns. With so much variety to him, I thought it was only fair we have our own thread dedicated to gear and what is best for him at end-game.

I take my op8 gear back to UVM so the infinity with a bee is more than enough to shred through the invincible. Sniper zer0: pimpernel, Lynda (if you want DPS and don’t care about it being automatic and the amount of ammo you spend for the damage), or just the highest damaging sniper you can find.

Melee zer0: rapier and slag evisceration Ruby paired with a love thumped shield, or maybe law paired with the order shield MOL MF (Man Of Low Moral Fiber) May 17, 2015, 7:01am #11Zer0 can be excellent with a variety of weapons.

Notably powerful weapons include- Rapier, Pimpernel, Lynda, Twister, Interface, Hide of Terr amorphous. It is only good if you have a sheriff’s badge relic and the shadow stalker com.

It is only good if you have a sheriff’s badge relic and the shadow stalker com. I... uh...) July 17, 2015, 3:19am #14I know this thread hasn’t been active of late, but I wanted to chime in for the sake of lurkers.

Pimpernel Snider's (I frequently get updated ones from Bee farming runs in the Forest, or from Butt Stallion) Vlad of pistols-- also frequently picked up from the Bee runs. I use them mostly to finish badly wounded enemies or to clean up weenies without burning ammunition.

Vladimir(including Lynda / common item) / VladofPistol(including anarchist, Stinger) / Pimpernel / Twister /CC(not powerful, but very useful for melee) And also corrosive elemental weapon and DUH are very nice for healing with swap. By the way, I don't like Nor fleet so much, but it has awesome synergy with Deception bonus and death mark.

And I went to all the trouble of compiling a list of Zer0’s best weapons and other gear… You guys should check it out. Start with a lightning or slag Ruby and pair it with a pimpernel of the opposite ability (i.e. slag Ruby = lightning pimpernel).

Then go farm a very and either a conference call, interface or get a heartbreaker. This is what I call Zer0’s run and gun loadout, you first break shields down with your lightning say pimpernel from afar, once that's done rush in and slag them before dumping a shotgun mag into them.

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