Best Granada Sherlock Holmes Episodes

Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 23 December, 2020
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Sherlock goes up against Charles Augustus Rasmussen, media tycoon and a notorious blackmailer. The show's latest episode has so much going on, but manages to have the perfect storyline for each character and editing that keeps the viewer enchanted, His Last Vow has an ending that leaves the view more than satisfied yet excited for the next season.

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Sherlock must confiscate something of importance from a mysterious woman named Irene Adler. Jim Moriarty hatches a mad scheme to turn the whole city against Sherlock.

Arguably the show's best episode; featuring intense scenes, Sherlock's skills to the brink, and a hell of an ending. War vet Dr. John Watson returns to London in need of a place to stay.

He meets Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective, and the two soon find themselves digging into a string of serial “suicides.” The show's premiere reveals its tone, characters, and pacing.

Sherlock tries to give the perfect best man speech at John's wedding when he suddenly realizes a murder is about to take place. Mycroft needs Sherlock's help, but a remorseless criminal mastermind puts Sherlock on a distracting crime-solving spree via a series of hostage human bombs through which he speaks.

Exciting, puts Sherlock's skills to the test, and reveals his archenemy. Mycroft calls Sherlock back to London to investigate an underground terrorist organization.

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A great episode that brings Sherlock 'back from the dead' but has the most forgettable and lame villain of the series. Sherlock and John investigate the ghosts of a young man who has been seeing monstrous hounds out in the woods where his father died.

Mysterious symbols and murders are showing up all over London, leading Sherlock and John to a secret Chinese crime syndicate called Black Lotus. Envisioned by Steven Moat and Mark Gates, the BBC original series, Sherlock, stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the charismatic mastermind detective Sherlock Holmes, who along with Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), solves horrifying crimes on Baker Street.

To date, four seasons of Sherlock have been released, consisting of three episodes each, and every single one of them is absolutely thrilling to watch. While the show is adapted from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books', the basic plots, seemingly, differ, and there are some new interesting twists.

During this whole fiasco, one of Sherlock's old enemies makes a surprise appearance, which leaves John and Mycroft shell shocked. In the second episode of season 2, Sherlock is visited by Henry Knight, whose father was killed by a hound almost twenty years earlier in the town of Dartmoor.

Criminal mastermind, Moriarty, plans something big for Sherlock as they lock horns for one final time. John looks after Sherlock's life as a couple of assassins move into Baker Street, with wrong motives.

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His Watson is an Afghanistan war veteran played by Martin Freeman, who just this week was announced as joining the cast of (make that a third British-cult link!) Cumberbatch’s Holmes is, like most of the Holmes es in TV and movies, an imperious fellow who sizes up people quickly, makes deductions with lightning-fast accuracy, and has a Moriarty arch-enemy.

In the literature of Western Civilization, it’d be reasonable to state that Homes’ influence pales only in comparison to the Bible and Shakespeare. Holmes is quoted in productions as diverse as Star Trek VI and the Glenn Beck program.

He was the creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and made appearances in fifty-six short stories and four novels. He solved cases from 221B Baker Street in London with the assistance of his faithful companion, Dr. Watson.

His canonical adventures may have been set in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but in the hands of a competent author, with a few modifications, Holmes could show up at a medieval castle or on a starship and still be a powerful character. Every detective story that enjoyed any success in the past century, even if written as the antithesis of Holmes (such as Shell Hammett’s Sam Spade), owes something of its success to Doyle’s great detective for getting the public interested in the genre.

Holmes has been recreated too many times to count, and each actor brings his own spin. Countless many others have featured Holmes, even after the official end of Old Time Radio in 1962.

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However, for the purpose of this series, we will focus exclusively on those renditions of Holmes believed to be in the public domain. We will add new Holmes actors to our list as the podcast begins to share episodes featuring them.

Gillette was tasked with writing the first theater adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, and then he took Holmes on the road. Gillette would perform the role of Sherlock Holmes more than 1300 times in theaters in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia among other countries.

Doyle created the greatest detective in literature, Gillette’s touches turned him into a character that would stand the test of time. Gillette gave Holmes the bent Brian pipe, a magnifying glass, the violin, and the syringe.

Welles was a pioneering star of radio and film, beginning with his role of the Shadow at age 22. His numerous credits include “The Mercury Theater on the Air” and its famous “War of the World” special.

He also hosted “The Black Museum” and starred in “The Lives of Harry Lime” which was based on the infamous character from the movie, “The Third Man” for Towers of London Productions, which was a worldwide syndicated of radio drama. For “Towers of London” he took on the role of Professor Moriarty in The Final Problem.

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Rathbone was a talented actor in stage, screen, and radio, a two-time Academy Award Nominee and Tony Award Winner, a man with three separate stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and most importantly a decorated war hero. Conway’s life while successful in showbiz was marked by personal tragedy and alcoholism that led him to losing his wife and his brother cutting off contact with him in his later years.

): Little is known of Stanley, other than that he was the child of two Americans born in England and grew up half a mile away from Baker Street. He came to America and began to work on radio in Rhode Island as a singer and later an announcer.

He also took on the role of Scotland Yard Inspector Peter Black in CBS’ Pursuit. However, Wright could do quite a few dialects as evidenced by his 2 years playing the Chinese hotel clerk Hey-Boy on Have Gun Will Travel.

Gielgud is one of only eleven people to have won an Emmy (1991), a Grammy (1979), an Oscar (1981), and a Tony (1961). In addition, twice a month, we'll post a public domain movie or TV mystery or detective show as a bonus.

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