Best Gla Generals Zero Hour

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This page lists and describes the three Generals and the units, structures, upgrades, and powers that are unique to them. Only specific information applicable to each General is listed on this page.

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Prince Assad Stealth/Camouflage General charismatic tribal leader, this GLA General has been known for his organization of spies and assassins across North Africa to do his bidding. He has been described as a “clever administrator of a serpentine organization” since there has never been direct evidence to tie him to criminal activity.

All real structures have a new Camo Netting upgrade, not just base defenses. All base defenses automatically come with the Camo Netting upgrade.

Dr. Thorax Toxin Generator the past twenty years, this GLA associate code named “Dr. Thorax” has been producing chemical and biological weapons for the Global Liberation Army's terrorist network around the globe. Dr. Thorax has scattered labs throughout the Middle East and Asia.

He specializes in the deployment of toxic, chemical, and biological weapons. Other than Carmen Well, all camouflaged units and capabilities are unavailable for this General.

Bomb Trucks and Scud Launchers can only be loaded with toxic weapons. Toxin Terrorists: $200 Dr Thorax's Toxin Terrorist is the same as a regular terrorist, except that when the unit detonates it explodes in a cloud of poison.

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Anthrax Gammas: $1500 Purchase At: Palace Even more powerful than the Anthrax Beta upgrade, this upgrade has proved to be an extremely lethal biological agent. His bold strikes have drawn many supporters to his cause, many of whom are willing to give their lives for the GLA.

The Booby Trap upgrade for Rebels is automatically available from the start. Stealth units and capabilities are unavailable, aside from Carmen Well.

Demolitions AbilityCost: $2000 Purchase At: Palace This upgrade allows all units and defensive structures to self-detonate on command. I end up choosing the Nuke general for china because I like building 20 nuclear missile silos and blowing everybody up. But I'm wondering if there is a better general out there.

Stealth > To in some people (i.e. mine)'s opinion, but really, there the top 3. I reckon GLA is the worst no matter what. My preferences are 1. Laser General(Has the best defenses)2. Nuke General3. Tank or Air Force General(I love those emperors and laser point defenses for those planes)But in the end I reckon its just personal opinion.

Two players of equal level, one playing USAF and one playing vanilla China, the USAF will win 19/20. I tink it is personal preference, because in my opinion the best general is what ever the hell I feel like at the time. If I want a rag tag army with multiple types of artillery working together I'm for toxin and regular GLA.

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Air Force is simply the best army in the game, holding a 1v1 advantage on all but Infantry on small maps, and outmatched by no one on large maps or in team games. Stealth and Toxin (Stealth is better against USA's, Toxin vs. China's, but t's very close) are just below Air Force in terms of dominance, although they are a bit easier to use.

Infantry falls just behind the three behemoths, but has favorable matchups against everyone else, and also is terrific against Air Force on small maps. The rest except for China, Nuke, and Super Weapon are all average.

Air Force?I've played hard against them nearly all the time and end up beating them alwaysWith the superhero general! ! Just deploy like 3 avengers and that's it -_-Still I like to use the Air Force general because I like king raptors.

To maximize your ability to keep pace and dominate the battlefield, here are some strategies and techniques to use in online and practice matches. Generals : Berthoud strategies tend to discourage simplicity when launching attacks, but even in this more sophisticated game there are times when a good mass of tanks is the best solution to your problems.

The Paladins and Crusaders of the USA are too expensive to waste, and the Scorpions and Marauders of the GLA need serious upgrading before they can hold their own. China has both the Battle master, which receives a bonus in hordes, and the Overlord, which while slow can mount a Gatling gun, or bunker for 5 soldiers, or a propaganda tower that can heal other tanks.

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Expanding is not necessary once you’ve enough Hackers, Supply Pads, or Generals Points in bounties on destroyed vehicles. One particularly effective tactic for China or the GLA is to invest in siege weaponry of your own, and time force-fired nuclear artillery or scud missiles to impact every couple seconds within the choke point.

Many Berthoud matches end in a giant contest to determine which player can build the most super-weapons the fastest. They’ve also got to be defended while building, and both power and defense require resources that could otherwise fund offensive forces.

Command and Conquer Generals : Berthoud strategies that emphasize expansion, raiding, and focused strikes can be incredibly effective counters. Taking over as many resource stockpiles as possible, launching harassment air strikes on prerequisite buildings and resource gatherers, and in the GLA’s case, the use of rebel ambushes and tunnel sneak attacks on the super-weapons themselves can frustrate and negate a super-weapon focused base.

Missions in this case mean going up against an optimized pre-constructed base run by an AI general that will mock you at every turn and strike your most vulnerable structures and units. These target infantry and armor equally effectively, and the Patriot Defenses smash aircraft and incoming missiles.

Attacking vehicles are disabled by the Patriots and aircraft are instantly destroyed, so this is one of the tougher Command and Conquer Generals : Berthoud missions. Use helicopters screened by other aircraft to draw fire or the GLA rebel ambush get some infantry next to a particle cannon and have them try to capture it.

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But get close, apply constant pressure, and you’ll beat one of the easiest of the Command and Conquer Generals : Berthoud missions. This General can be a tough nut to crack, because his three nuclear missile silos are more than enough to wipe many bases out in short order.

Approaches to his base are sealed by overlord tanks firing radioactive shells and nuclear artillery cannons. He blathers quite a bit about making the ground run red with blood, crushing under tanks, etc.

Defend yourself by scattering defenses that detect stealthed units liberally through your base, then counterattack with super-weapons. The Global Liberation Army, true to their modus operandi, found new ways to elude their enemies and make use of what little resources they have.

The Command Center produces Workers required to build structures. Camouflages this building, rendering it stealthed unless uncovered by detectors.

Increases the armor of all GLA production and technology buildings by surrounding them with barbed wire fencing and sandbags. Each GLA Supply Stash comes with a free Worker, and is able to train more.

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Increases the armor of all GLA production and technology buildings by surrounding them with barbed wire fencing and sandbags. The building also serves as a medical bay for healing wounded infantry units.

Enable Rebels to strap Booby Traps on friendly and neutral buildings. Increases the armor of all GLA production and technology buildings by surrounding them with barbed wire fencing and sandbags.

Damaged vehicles can return to the Arms Dealer for repairs. Refits Scorpion Tanks with rocket launchers, which give them additional firepower against ground targets.

Increases the armor of all GLA production and technology buildings by surrounding them with barbed wire fencing and sandbags. Palace Cost: $2500 | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: Arms Dealer The Palace researches many important upgrades for GLA weapons and allows higher-tier units and structures to be built.

Increases the attack damage to Angry Mobs by 25% by giving them AK-47 rifles. Increases the armor of all GLA production and technology buildings by surrounding them with barbed wire fencing and sandbags.

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Arms Scorpion and Marauder Tanks with toxin-based shells, which leave toxic fallout upon impact. Through nefarious means, the Black Market also provides its owner an income of $20 per second.

Increases the attack damage to Rebels, Angry Mobs, Carmen Well, Technical, and Quad Cannons by 25%. Increases the armor of all GLA production and technology buildings by surrounding them with barbed wire fencing and sandbags.

Fake Buildings Cost: varies | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: vary The GLA have five fake structures at their disposal: Command Center ($1250), Supply Stash ($375), Barracks ($125), Arms Dealer ($625), Black Market ($625). Friendly forces can differentiate fake structures from real ones by the surrounding rectangle.

Transforms the fake structure into the real version for the price difference between the two. If the GLA Hole is left standing, a Worker will emerge from it and rebuild the structure which used to be there, free of charge, and when he is done, he will go back inside.

Proximity Foremost: free | Cooldown: instant | Prerequisites: none Sets the selected Demo Trap to detonate when an enemy ground unit enters its vicinity.

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Manual Controls: free | Cooldown: instant | Prerequisites: none Sets the selected Demo Trap to only detonate on command.

Tunnel Network Cost: $800 | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: Barracks The Tunnel Network can put GLA fighters in the enemy camp very early in the battle by letting them move between the entrances instantly. Each entrance is guarded by a gun turret, and comes with 2 RPG Troopers free of charge.

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