Best Gifts For Zen Lovers

Danielle Fletcher
• Sunday, 08 November, 2020
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Instead of hitting the gym and drowning her sorrows in coffee, she prefers yoga and meditation. If you are in the mood to share positive vibes with that special person, these zen gifts have you covered.

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Whether you want to bring peaceful vibes into their life, help them achieve elusive balance during yoga or spark spiritual awareness, we have exactly what you need. Zen gifts for spiritual people help the recipient feel better about their existence and improve their outlook on life.

They have the capacity to bring them tranquility, insight, peace and comfort no matter their situation. To help them connect better to their inner guru, we have curated the ultimate gift guide for all the zen lovers in your life.

Read on to discover some of the unique gifts to add a little more radiance into their life. Give your zen friend a stylish visual reminder to live in the here and now with this elegant bracelet.

For personalization purposes, choose your friend’s birthstone or add their initials. Usher in matchless peace and beauty into their lives with this zen gift.

With this miniature garden, you will not only add tons of visual appeal to your friend’s life. But they will also have a chance to let go of their worries as they work on the space, raking designs and arranging the plants.

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A lotus flower makes the focal point of the design with a person in deep meditation at its front. Take their home or office decor to the next level with this meaningful and beautiful art piece.

It holds blue beach sand and a miniature tropical garden with assorted sea creatures. Impeccable craftsmanship is evident in the intricate detailing, breathing life into the woodwork.

Everyone needs a gentle reminder to stop and smell the roses, in spite of their hectic routine. It is so much more than a fashion accessory in that it carries tons of meaning in addition to its visual appeal.

At the center of the design sits the peace sign, with feathers all around to add to its beauty. Since it consists of all natural ingredients, it is certain to be a favorite for a zen -loving health nut.

For this reason, gifts for spiritual healing such as this elegant bracelet are a winning choice. It is believed to have the ability to change negative energy into positive and bring calm and peace to the wearer.

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The seven chakra symbols in vibrant colors make the focal point of this blanket. As a bonus, the hooded blanket will come in handy during colder months, a perfect choice for cozying up on movie night.

For your zen friend, a reminder to stay balanced no matter the situation would go a long way. Its focal point is the lotus flower, which is renowned for its ability to rise above its murky surroundings and shine.

A meditating Buddha figurine is the ultimate positive energy gift for the spiritual person in your life. Choose the Buddha monk that matches your friend’s character and demeanor and add some major style to their space.

These figurines come in a variety of postures and colors and are sure to give your recipient a reason to smile. A dainty double strand chain shows off major zen style thanks to its lotus flower focal point.

Besides its obvious elegance, the bracelet holds the potential to add tons of meaning to their life. Help your spiritual friend make the world a better place with this line of clothing.

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Good vibes only serve as a constant reminder that the energy we put our is what we get back. What a great combination of function and appeal for the spiritual person in your life.

Start someone special on a journey to spiritual and personal transformation with this gift. A necklace with a labyrinth pendant is one gift every spiritual person would greatly treasure.

There is no better way to showcase your affection for a zen friend than by getting them this small motivational gift. A beautiful hand-carved Buddha head with great attention to detail would make an awesome pocket stone.

For the friend who has an obsession with achieving balance in life, this bracelet would make a great gift choice. If your zen -passionate friend also has a soft spot for canines, this dog collar will render them speechless.

In addition to the warm color palette, it has the lotus flower as its focal point. Make life a lot easier for that zen friend with this funny rug.

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It will serve the double purpose of entertaining guests and reminding them to keep anxiety at bay. If you are looking to add just a little more peacefulness to a zen friend’s life, this planter is your best bet.

This unique planter takes the shape of a cat, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. If your spiritual friend seems hard to shop for or already has everything, this is the perfect zen gift.

Made using glass crystal prisms, the piece absorbs the sun’s energy. A zen lotus ear cuff is a small motivational gift that every spiritual person would love.

With a lotus flower as the focal point, these cuffs are great for bringing peace and beauty to their life. Choose from a variety of designs each of which depicts the matchless allure of the delicate yet powerful flower.

If they love bonsai and nature-inspired art, then this would make a great gift choice. If your friend has a hard time taking care of indoor plants, it makes a great gift choice.

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How about getting your friend a gift that makes them look cool and reminds them to stay zen and peaceful at all times? You could also opt to create zen gift baskets with several items from the list.

To help you find a present they’ll love, we’ve put together a list of the 18 best and most enlightening meditation gift ideas: If you’ve never experienced acupressure before, it might look uncomfortable, even painful, however it’s thought that the points stimulate your nerves to help relax your body.

It’s a good gift for a yogi who loves to meditate, as it has a handy carry handle and is reversible, so you can also use it as a floor pillow or bolster. Reviewers raved about Body Quiet’s acupressure cushion, explaining that it provides impressive stability and helps them to meditate for longer periods of time.

When wearing the Muse S during your practice, multi-sensors will monitor your heart rate, breathing, even your physical movements and brain activity to assess and improve the way you meditate. Using soothing voice guidance and real-time feedback on your responses, it will prepare your mind and body for sleep.

The book includes quotes and reflections from the world’s greatest ancient philosophers, as well as celebrities and successful business people. Readers loved how the book encouraged you to craft a good and meaningful life in whatever way works for you.

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With a hardcover and gold foil detailing, it makes a stunning gift and is filled with meditation exercises, pages for reflection as well as inspiring affirmations. Wrap up Satya SAI Baba Nag Champ Scarlatti Incense Sticks and show the person you’re shopping for, that you really understand their practice.

They’re the number one incense brand in the world, and though there are many copycats out there, Satya SAI Baba is considered to be the most authentic product. Meditators love this brand as they explain that the fragrance lasts for hours, and helps them to improve their concentration.

Take a look at this beautiful deck of empowering question cards, if you need a thoughtful gift for someone who loves to meditate. With stunning illustrations, each card also carries a question to help you understand yourself better and start inner conversations in your meditative practice.

Cards could be used during meditation to help you visualize your goals, as prompts for yourself or as part of a reflective game with friends. Purchasers of the product list numerous uses for the cards and recommend them if you’re looking for meditation gifts, with therapists finding they help clients open up.

Reviewers loved the bowl, with many recommending it for children to help them relax in today’s busy world. Select a card from this deck of 55 mindfulness games, and take part in a visualization activity or an analytical challenge.

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This beautiful Seat of Your Soul AFU Meditation Cushion is strong, supportive and built in a way that helps you stabilize your body during practice. It has a high-quality organic cover and an adjustable 100% buckwheat filling to allow the user to find their perfect position and meditate for longer.

The key to success with this pillow is selecting the right size for the person you’re shopping for, so take the time to consider which one is right. It might seem like a heavy topic that you might not want to give as a gift, however the book is defined as being about “the fundamental ideas that are found across the major Buddhist traditions”.

Alexia’s Meditation Seat is available in a number of different colors and stylish fabrics, including vegan leather. Author and entrepreneur, Sarah Proud, has created this book to show people how to find joy in all areas of their life.

Put aside meditation apps, guided sessions or relaxing music, and just listen to three minutes of pure chime tones. Working in harmony together, these two little speakers use tonal therapy to relax the mind and draw attention to the sounds.

This sweet jar from The Little Calm and Happy Company has 30 quotes about mindfulness and finding peace in the chaos, such as: Shipped in a glass jar and printed on high-quality colored paper, it’s a great way to lift their mood every day.

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Filled with simple stories and easy to follow exercises, it’s a playful way for meditators to enjoy their practice. Readers of the book simply loved how the focus was on living mindfully and spreading kindness.

Deepak Chopra is a renowned author who has published a range of bestselling books focused on happiness and wellbeing. He shows both beginners and experts how they can undergo a transformation and awaken their mind to be more present and open every moment of the day.

Sage is a powerful scent that’s thought to cleanse and clear the air of a room, so perfect for meditation. Covered in a bold leaf design and with a gold lid, it looks great and is ideal as an affordable gift for someone who loves to meditate.

A subscription to a meditation app can be a great gift as it gives the listener the ability to enjoy their practice easily wherever they are. They’ll be walked through a series of questions when they join the app, to understand what they’re hoping to achieve.

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