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Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Elmore likes the Calm app when she's feeling choosy about her meditation practice. After all, the app provides guided sessions ranging in time from 3 to 25 minutes.

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“There are new meditations every day, progress trackers, and seven-day and 21-day programs for beginners,” Elmore says. Experts across the board agree that Insight Timer is prime when it comes to choosing a meditation app.

“This app has many of the most experienced mindfulness teachers on it, and allows you the freedom to pick and choose depending on how long you have to practice, what style you'd like (e.g. body scan, loving kindness, anxiety/stress reducing, etc. Fans of Aura like it for its daily meditations, life coaching, nature sounds, stories, and music, which are all personalized based on the mood you select when you open the app.

There's also an option to track your moods and review patterns in how you feel, and set reminders to breathe and take breaks for mindfulness throughout the day. Sativa is a mindfulness app that draws its medications from ancient Vedic principles.

In addition to 6-minute-plus guided meditations, the app features “sacred sounds, chants, mantras and music by Sanskrit scholars.” Sativa is perfect for anyone looking to get more in touch with the history and origin of meditation in addition to starting their own practice.

Plus, you can customize your workout by choosing the length, teacher, and/or level you want, as well as a variety of topics and focal points that can help you zero in on specific meditation goals, Cruikshank says, adding that the app is a great option for new or experienced meditators. The main focus of the app is to help you reduce stress and anxiety and get better ZZZ.

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It's a tailored experience, and even the names of the playlists feel hyper personalized (think Tinder Troubles, Study Chill, Overcoming Your Fears). Buddhify offers over 200 meditations to help with issues like anxiety, stress, sleep, pain and tough emotions, and you can pick from multiple teachers so the voice and style resonates with you.

The big perk of Buddhist is that is has mindfulness exercises that you can do anywhere, and that ares super specific (for traveling, at work, waking up, eating, and spending time online). Smiling Mind was developed by psychologist to encourage mindfulness practice as a pillar of wellness, much like daily exercise, good sleep, and healthy eating The app has simple 10-minute daily meditations, which are broken into categories by age (7 – 9, 10 – 12, 13 – 15, 16 – 18, and adults).

Simple Habit features five-minute meditations from top mindfulness experts at Google to former monks, so there's a little of something for everyone. Based on the book by the same name (by ABC news correspondent Dan Harris) the 10% Happier app is perfect “for the skeptic who is not sure that they want to meditate,” according to Elmore.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. If you want to live a happier, healthier and more balanced emotional life, Zen is the perfect app for you.

On Apple's list of Best apps of 2016', Zen offers a diverse and ever-growing amount of content and features, such as: • Guided meditations on subjects like focus, exercise, and sleep.• Weekly new Guided Meditations for relaxation, deep sleep, mood improvement, anxiety relief, stress reduction, focus at work and much more.

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• Deep sleep music and morning music for positive energy.• Binaural beats therapy with frequencies for better sex, chakra healing, endorphin release, intelligence boost, mood elevation, among many mindfulness techniques. • ASMR audios for mental massage, relaxation and deep sleep.

• Mantras for health, love, happiness, deep sleep and anxiety relief. Mindfulness techniques • A unique mood monitoring feature allowing you to keep track on your emotional status.• Reflections and inspirational quotes, proverbs and motivation messages.• 5-10 minutes meditations for a quick mental reset and more help you calm & quiet your mind Calm breathing exercises.

Inhale peace and exhale the day with simple, guided breathing techniques that are paired with beautiful nature sounds to lull you to sleep.• Personalized meditation and mindfulness experience Your Zen subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account.

You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Dec 15, 2020We’ve been working mindfully to continuously improve Zen.

After fixing some minor bugs and improved the apps overall performance, we also simplified your choice of content, making it easier to find the perfect meditation in the “For you” tab. We've optimized the search engine, favorites and recent with our new AI based 'smart results'.

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If you have any suggestions, insights or ideas for Zen, feel free to reach out to us here: http://help. From its cool-toned welcome screen to its soothing guided meditation, Zen lives up to its title.

To help us shrug off stress, it offers inspiring affirmations and restful sounds like “Streams and Critters” and “Paris.” For those who want further relaxation (everyone, raise your hands), you can unlock achievements as you explore more in the app.

Due to some “fluke” in the app, it made me sign up for 2 trial memberships. This is an amended review as after dealing with their very responsive customer service, they were not only apologetic, but they truly showed they care and offered me a very acceptable solution.

Unlike other reviews which are critical for the fact that this app charges for memberships, I completely understand that an app developer needs to make it worth their while to pull together so much content and all the coding involved behind that process, so it is completely understandable that they would charge a fee in my opinion. Points system is also a great idea as it helps keep me accountable for my time spent meditating.

I was overwhelmed with emotion and gained amazing insight in such a short period of time. The developer, Movement, Ltd, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below.

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Purchases Contact Info Search History Identifiers Usage Data Meditation can be an effective, low-cost way to deal with stress, and you don’t need a coach or class to learn key techniques.

Aura asks, “What brings you here today?” Then it offers options like Sleep Better, Calm Anxiety, Healing, and Improve Focus to help each user better center their day. The Calm app helps listeners to build self-esteem, lean into gratitude, and sleep better while increasing happiness through guided meditations that ease panic and anxiety.

There is also a new Daily Calm meditation each day, perfect for those who are wanting to cultivate a consistent practice while switching up prompts. New offerings are often added to the app, which has recordings that range from meditations to improve focus while working, to background sounds that help enhance sex.

Life app, once known as Stop, Breathe & Think, asks you how you’re feeling and includes the ability to log your emotions. Its library of meditations include ones designed for moments like first trimester, postpartum, urgent care, and healing.

As if the delightful illustrations on the Headspace app aren’t enough of a sell, the guided courses and quick meditations should do the trick. If Simple Habit is for busy bees, Aura is for hustlers who have barely enough free time to read this blurb.

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For anyone else who maybe needs a way to help quickly calm their nerves before a date, soothe their worries during an airline takeoff, or get jolted out of a moment’s panic, Aura may be a good choice. Its collection of three-minute sessions and 30-second anxiety busters are designed to save you from such intense situations.

The point of the app is this: Chaos will reign, but with a little help from its gratitude, joy, and love meditations, you can indeed become just a bit happier. The actual Ins cape is a meditation studio in NYC with sound and smells capes designed to instantly transport its members to tranquility.

It offers the usual suspects: guided meditations, custom sleep sessions, stress reducers, and the like. Categorized by life’s moments (Tinder Troubles, Overcoming Your Fears, Study Chill), each little melodic meditation has your back.

It’s a lot harder to find a quality meditation app that is in its entirety free. A multifaceted gateway to more than 30,000 guided sessions that tap into every emotion rattling your nerves, it also offers relaxing music tracks, a section for kids, and therapeutic pep talks from the likes of Indian yogi Sadhus and psychotherapist Anthony Demerol.

Though many meditation apps require your credit card number before offering anything truly helpful, the Stop, Breathe & Think app has a fairly robust slate of meditations completely free. Every time the app is opened, it invites you to check in with your feelings; you fill out a quick survey that leads you to a choice of meditations tailored to your needs on that particular day.

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It’s a way to introduce meditation into daily circumstances: like during a work break, while you’re with a friend, when you can’t sleep, when you’re trying to keep from drunk dialing... Meditations, chants, mantras from Sanskrit scholars: This app is for serious Zen seekers only.

In addition to guided meditations led by the top experts in the industry and mental wellness high-fives like trophies and progress trackers, Sativa taps into your physical health too. It’s equipped with a heart rate monitor and a mood tracker, meaning you can see in the palm of your hand the effects of your practice on your health.

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