Best Fort Wayne Christmas Light Displays

Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
• 8 min read

1045 CHARLOTTE AVE (HOUSE LETTER = EE) Special thanks to Jerry Crosier for submitting. 7523 SCARLET CT. (HOUSE LETTER = TT) Special thanks to Joshua Sommermeyer for submitting.

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The home has over 30,000 lights and displays on and will feature some new inflatables. (HOUSE LETTER = MM) Enjoy more than 12,000 lights in this classic display that has a little of everything to remind you of the season.

5233 ROADWAY DR. (HOUSE LETTER = C) Besides displaying thousands of lights, this house has over a dozen trees that are synched to music, candy canes surrounding the yard, 4 projection lights, a family of deer, and 2 nativity scenes. Look for some fun displays such as a dog sled being pulled by flamingos, or Santa dunking a basketball.

4616 SPRING Burns DR. (HOUSE LETTER = B) Nothing says Christmas like a 15 ft. mega tree with more than 5,000 lights, more than 15 giant inflatables, and holiday music. Enjoy this house’s display from December 4 to January 3 every evening, dusk to 10 pm.

6732 ROCKINGHAM DR. (HOUSE LETTER = D) Enjoy this display with more than 32,000 lights, 60 blow molds, 10 inflatables, and a new twist this year! From 6-8 pm, Thanksgiving to the Friday night before Christmas, Santa will be out for meet and greets.

Plus, this display is collecting donations of children’s gifts for those going through Blue Jacket’s employment program. Just three blocks north of the sharp curve on State Road 1 in Leo you will find their display of over 25,000 LED lights.

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Plus, this house is raising money for Riley Children's Hospital on their Facebook page. Special thanks to Ryan, Katie, Josiah, and Ava Miller.

(HOUSE LETTER = PP) Special thanks to Zachary Jones for submitting. This Cannery Lane house is built with the timeless design of vintage lights with a 16 ft.

11614 PAINTED PEAK WAY (HOUSE LETTER = BBB)Everyone is welcome to come enjoy this display. 11314 KINGS CROSSING (HOUSE LETTER = J) Enjoy this wonderland featuring life-sized animated silhouettes.

Plus weather permitting, enjoy candle-lit luminary bags lining the street on Christmas Eve. Enjoy from 5:30 to 11:00 pm, except on Christmas Even when it runs until midnight.

Special note: On Christmas Eve, weather permitting, be sure to enjoy around 50 homes in the Pine Valley subdivision, which will be displaying approximately 900 candles lit luminaries along their sidewalks. Many will be along King's Crossing, Ransom Drive, Old Lantern, and Trails North.

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1934 W AUTUMN LN (HOUSE LETTER = BY) Discover this house's display that features 40-year-old lights and brand-new lights. Enjoy a mix of new and old featuring LED lights, incandescent lights, inflatables, blow molds, and custom-built new displays.

1211 BILLOWING TRAIL (HOUSE LETTER = XX) Special thanks to Carol and Lowell Pepper for submitting. 1618 CROOKED CREEK PARKWAY (HOUSE LETTER = I) Expect to see more than 60,000 lights and alternating displays between musically timed and solid.

15509 GOLDEN EAGLE NEST (HOUSE LETTER = IN) Welcome to the musical wonderland! Tune in to 97.7 and listen to hours of Christmas music and famous movie clips that alternate with The Story as the 60 ft nativity comes to life.

Can you find the leg lamp, flying pig, or dozens of other animals? 1312 MONTE CARLO DR. (HOUSE LETTER = Q) Expect to see a sizable wooden nativity, lights synchronized to music set to 88.1 FM.

TUNE in your radio station to 88.5 fm to listen and watch the lights: We will be taking donations for Lennox Legacy Animal Rescue (@lennoxslegacyrescue) again this year.

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Feel free to bring any animal donation and put in the bin out front. Check out this house from November 28 to January 2, and find them on Instagram Busch_Lights.

8025 CHANNEL CT. (HOUSE LETTER = O) This display touts a really awesome LED pixel show. These lights are all synced to music that you’re able to hear in your car or even on the sidewalk if you choose to walk.

Plus, tune your radio to 97.7 to enjoy the light dance set to music. If you have little ones, make sure to bring a letter to Santa with your return address.

Don’t forget to drop off your letter to Santa with a self-addressed stamped envelope. We hope all of you have a Merry Christmas Matt & Jody Ellen wood.

6103 WILLOW GREEN DR. (HOUSE LETTER = HH) Enjoy this display every evening starting at dusk. Enjoy 30,000 lights and be sure to tune your radio to 107.7 for a special show.

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Show runs from November 27 until New Year's Eve from dusk to Midnight. We have more than 1,000 LED lights that change color and dance to over a dozen Christmas songs.

(HOUSE LETTER = RR) Special thanks to Matt Bellinger for submitting. Tune into 107.1, sit back and relax, and be sure to bring a donation for Community Harvest Food Bank.

Plus, this house features inflatables, blow molds, RGB pixel lighting over the entire house, and you can drop off letters to Santa! 2227 HERRERA WAY (HOUSE LETTER = VS) Discover this display featuring a light show with 20 songs.

Special Thanks to Jonathan & Lindsey Ankeny for putting on a beautiful display every year... a very classy touch! 3104 WALNUT RUN (HOUSE LETTER = UP) Enjoy this traditionally lit display on a colorful corner lot.

Plus, there is a beautiful white Christmas tree in the backyard along with Santa’s sleigh flying off into the sky. Jim Haman spends hours each day setting up his displays for the whole neighborhood to enjoy.

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The house sits at the intersection of Weather side Run and Hound shill Place, so you get a great view of this wonderful display from all four sides! The house will also feature a 16 ft mega-tree with dancing Santa's and elves.

Be sure to find Buddy the Elf and The Grinch in the display doing his best to take down the lights. Turn your radios to their Christmas station to enjoy the music in the comfort of your car.

If you are feeling generous, bring some canned goods, boxed foods, blankets, and socks for their donation box this year that will help support the local community. This house will feature wonderful traditional colored lights that outline the roof and windows and bring you back to when Christmas lights were nostalgic.

Featuring more than 9,000 lights, inflatables, blow molds, and many animals. For those that visit this house, you’ll be treated to a FREE candy cane.

(HOUSE LETTER = DD) Special thanks to David Garden for submitting. 8715 HEREFORD DR. (HOUSE LETTER = AAA) Special thanks to Jay Vogt for submitting.

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