Best Food Washington Heights

James Smith
• Monday, 09 November, 2020
• 7 min read

A C: Great café with delicious pastries and fast Wi-Fi during the day, wonderful dinner spot with bomb pizza at night. Kendrick Cato: Great, mixed drinks.

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Jennifer Gallardo: The Amsterdam is solidly delicious and always made fresh. Highly suggest you try this place....great gourmet burgers at affordable prices.

Bruce C.: Great produce, perfect emergency shopping. Washington Heights | OpenTable Skip to Main Content Restaurants are struggling due to COVID-19.

Coach Meeting House Oyster Bay Havana Heights is a big, boisterous neighborhood restaurant and bar that opened a couple of weeks ago right in center of Washingtonians.

We provide our customers with authentic Jamaican cuisine and a relaxed space for entertainment. We have a full bar, cozy dining, and a café equipped with Wi-Fi and flat screen televisions.

Modern Italian Cuisine, with a Caribbean fusion touch, Great family environment, perfect atmosphere, excellent Woodrow crispy raviolis to Surf & Turf, our picadors are the must delicious appetizer to share on your night out with friends The interior of the restaurant closely resembles many small stores and markets travelers might have seen visiting Naples or Rome.

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Justin says: The milkshakes were good, but they forgot to add the cookie dough that I paid for Michael says: The experience would have been perfect if condiments had been added.

Dishes include: Turkey Breast, Italian B.M.T.®, Gunships® Harvest Cheddar. Dishes include: Vegetable Yoga, Yak Soda, Squid Salad.

Mr. Chen's Organic Chinese Cuisine Asian See menu Kevin says: I have been delivery from Mr. Chen's a long time, longer than when he was located on Connecticut and Calvert.

Dishes include: Fried YMCA, Ceviche, Barrios. Dishes include: Chicken Steak & Cheese Sub, Baked Zit with Beef, California Fajita Wrap.

Jeff says: Delivery was15 minutes early, driver was polite and friendly, best of all on a very cold night, dinner was hot and really terrific. Nicole says: Food was good, order was accurate, and it came on time.

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