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Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. As a kid, you may have been familiar with an anime or a toy series by the name of Voids.

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You know, that series that featured the big Mecca dinosaurs, bugs, and mythological animals? This model of the Goulash is the mightiest of the Blue Voids and was a hero of combat, an undefeated one at that.

It also is featured as the secondary protagonist's ride in two following Voids series. Due to it being one of the main Voids in the series it of course received some awesome variants in the model kit department.

As a winner's prize in one of the many Voids raffles a chrome coated Blade Liner variant was created. Due to this being the first Void model of its kind, the Fire Fox is worth a pretty penny.

This Tyranosarus-like Void model was one of the main races of the meccas in the original TOM toy run. These Voids were mass-produced by the Helix Republic in the series lore featuring many variations.

This version of the Goulash features two large canons on its back as well as many more on different areas of its body. The King Goulash is one of the Voids that take a huge spot in the actual lore of the series.

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It was designed by the Helix Republic as their trump card to turn the tide of the war. It's also one of many powerful techs that is practically unstoppable, earning its kingly prefix.

The sick build on this Void has put it in the spotlight for fans and collectors everywhere. This is not only due to its awesome design but also its light and sound features, giving it a $1500 price point.

Due to this popularity, you can also expect this poster boy to be one of the most expensive in the series as well. In the series, this Void was basically invincible and did huge damage to everyone that got in its way.

The vintage 1983 version of this awesome Void will cost you the crazy high price of $4300. The Death Saucer is one of the most popular Voids in the series as well as one of the most integral to the actual story.

This popularity and its place in the series led to Death Saucer receiving a special edition model kit that only had 1000 released. The rarity of this awesome piece has lead to it being listed on eBay at a $4400 price point.

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As a writer at Comic Book Resources, he hopes to put his skills to the test to bring the best content possible. Ray nos RZ-039/RHI-10 Pteranodon Hyperemic Republic Crew1 Weight30 tons Depth17.3 m Height7.3 m Maximum Speeder: Mach 3.3 WeaponsStorm Claw (2) , Spike Claw (2) , 3-Barrel Beam Cannon , 72 mm Vulcan Cannon (2) Equipment3D Electronic Radar , Anti-Aircraft Missile Bay Hard Point The Ray nos () is a Pteranodon -type of Void, a race of mechanical lifeforms from the fictional Voids universe.

Unlike other Voids of the day, which used Magnesium Wings to produce lift and control, the Ray nos relied purely on aerodynamics. This ability came at a cost; the Ray nos is a very difficult Void to fly, and unforgiving to an inexperienced pilot.

The Ray nos was developed during the ZAC 2040s by the Republic's forces, as a part of their plan to counteract the seemingly unstoppable Death Saucer. In order to defend its few weaknesses, the Death Saucers always traveled with their own “bodyguard” units of Refers and LIDARs, making them harder to attack.

The Ray nos was developed to counter the Refers in the air, being capable of equaling or outmatching it in all aspects. In ZAC 2048, the Ray nos was deployed alongside the Treasurer and Di bison to act as the Madthunder's escorts, and to clear a path to the Death Saucer.

The Ray nos formed a part of the Helix Army for the remainder of the war, but later became outmatched by heavy Guys aerial Voids, notably the Invader and Gungyarados. Many Ray nos were destroyed by the Guys forces, with the majority of those remaining wiped out by the meteor shower in ZAC 2056.

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During the massing of Republican forces after the Guys Empire was driven from Europa, it was determined that the Republic's current aerial combat Void, the Storm Sword er, would be too difficult to maintain during the campaign due to its Organic System. To bolster the Republican Air Force, in the lead-up to the invasion of the Dark Continent of NYX, the military leaders of the Republic ordered the resurrection and mass-production of the Ray nos design.

Not only was the Torch able to consistently outperform the Ray nos, they would often use swarms of Fly scissors Box to overwhelm their opponents. Initially, this seemed to be a mismatch for Jamie, as he was reluctant to utilize the Void's high speed, having never broken the sound barrier, even in his Pt eras.

Although he initially seemed nigh on unbeatable, he managed to crash the Ray nos through his overconfident actions in almost every battle he was a part of. The most notable example was one piloted by Sally Storm, one of the top ZI Fighters, who used it in a five-man Battle Royale.

Mach Storm briefly used a (standard) Ray nos to help RD adapt to aerial combat (as his Liner Zero has flight capabilities while in Furor mode). The Ray nos kit comes on four frames, along with a wind-up motor, eight rubber caps, a clear canopy, a small chromed gold pilot, and label sheets.

The Void uses a wind-up motor for its motion; once wound, the Ray nos will walk forward and flap its wings, while opening and closing its beak. It was light gray with teal armor and wings, black caps, silver weapons, and an orange canopy.

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A limited edition version of the Ray nos was released in 2005 as an exclusive to the Reno Museum's 'Dinosaur Expo 2005. This version of the Ray nos was primarily bone-white, with dark coffee colored parts, gunmetal weapons, and orange canopies.

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