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Paul Gonzalez
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
• 9 min read

FirewallZeroHour continues to provide the most engaging competitive first-person shooting experience on PSV thus far, offering a wide variety of tactical loadout options and a sense of progression that almost decidedly lifts its replayability factor far above many of its counterpart CVR shooters. On the other hand, assuming you’re a new player, it can be daunting to navigate the customization menus.

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Flash Emits blinding light and deafening blast that disorients enemies. Noisemaker Simulates the sound of gunfire and is used for distraction and as a decoy.

Smoke Emits thick cloud of phosphorous that obscures and obstructs visibility. You can learn more about how to play FirewallZeroHour with our list of top 7 tips for starters.

Meanwhile, you can read our review of the game if you’re still deciding whether to purchase a copy and catch up on details regarding the massive upcoming Nightfall expansion, Op Pass, and overhaul. More information about FirewallZeroHour can be found on the official PlayStation Store page.

Play Videodisc up, we’ve been so excited to see the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the FirewallZeroHour community since launch last week! We wanted to reconvene, and get a tip sheet ready for those who are just now learning about the game.

Firewall Zero Hour is also currently available as a game bundle with the Aim Controller, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get both, if you don’t have them yet. In Solo Training* you’ll go up against AI, and get a feel for what it’s like to be an Attacker or Defender.

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You’ll experience what it’s like to play as an Attacker, and a Defender, as your role switches after every round. As a Defender, try the Support loadout, and lay your mines strategically around the laptop.

Backs of chairs, tops of tables, and all around doors are fair game when it comes to mine placement locations. So you’ve been playing lots of Contracts, gaining XP and Crypto along the way.

Weapon and equipment challenges are another great way to improve your skills and earn XP. Every time you activate an Access Point, revive a teammate, or take out an enemy with C4, you are earning XP and leveling up.

Just equip a Revive Pistol as a secondary weapon, unlocked at level 26. Once you’ve reached level 4, you can start experimenting with customizing your loadout in the menu.

There are a vast number of things you can do to personalize the way you want to play in Firewall Zero Hour. We wanted to reiterate that we’ve been reading and listening to all the community feedback.

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We wanted to acknowledge some early questions and concerns from the community, and let you know we are working on various bug fixes and improvements to the game. Every patch has to undergo rigorous testing to make sure we don’t add to a problem, or create new bugs.

We are aware that players who join as squads are having issues with their lobbies, and we are working hard on a fix that addresses this. Host performance: We currently use a peer-to-peer format, so please be aware that it is possible that quitting early may affect everyone else’s game.

We are working on improved in-game messaging and a way to protect the loss of progression (Crypto and XP) for players when this happens. Lastly, we wanted you to know we are reading all the feedback we can, and our goal is to continue to improve the game so that it’s a great experience for everyone.

Operation Heartland is the Third major expansion, and it adds even more goodness to an already great game. Following the release of Operation: Dark Web (the second expansion), Heartland adds even more missions with tons of cosmetic rewards for your Arsenal and for your preferred Contractor.

Two completely new Contractors “Bear” and “DOM” are now ready to fight (DOM is being released a bit later on), and they bring new weapons such as the Z1 Reaper and (finally) the Concussion Mine, which really adds to the overall strategy of game play. One exclusive freebie is the Blood & Truth trinket, available for free when you download the new expansion.

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Sony London Studio partnered with First Contact to bring a cool cosmetic extra for your guns. The Second new map is called “Gauntlet” but sadly was not available at the time of review as it is scheduled to be released later this month.

According to the developers, “Gauntlet is a training ground located in the state of Virginia, and will be an instant favorite for fans of FirewallZeroHour’s Shoot house map.” Hack Keys are a great option for players who don’t have as much time to play and the can get rewards faster.

That may seem like a strange way to start a review, but if you are a PlayStation VR owner, that is a very powerful statement. Drive Club, Starboard Arena, Korea; all of these are full-fledged multiplayer games that could have (and should have) gained massive followings.

And yet, for each of those games, I have ended up buying multiple copies for friends and family, establishing my own player base, just so I have someone to play with. It’s pretty incredible that some folks outside of PS VR circles still haven’t heard of Firewall.

Each character has their own “perk”; quiet movement, faster reloads, less bullet damage, that sort of thing. Defensive teams can immediately start coordinating their strategy to protect the laptop.

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There is generally about a minute to make a plan, as offensive teams need to reach a waypoint to hack a firewall access point, which then reveals the location of the laptop to all players. There are tons of great touches that make these arenas feel like real world spaces.

Frankly, Firewall is one of the best looking games I’ve played in VR, and the map design is a huge part of that. There are warehouses, office buildings, hotels, shipyards, all the usual boilerplate shooter locations.

But these locations are special, because as you wander through them in first person VR, they look and feel like real places. Like all other shooters, after a few rounds you start learning the maps, picking up on where choke points and blind spots are.

The sense of Emerson is simply stunning, and it makes the stakes feel so much higher than in a traditional, “flat” shooter. Even the “sprint” looks pretty glacial compared to some of the more mercurial shooters on the market.

Running around corners will gain you a lead sandwich pretty quickly, so slower and more cautious creeping is definitely the way to go. On offense, you don’t need to kill all the defense folks, you just need to locate the laptop and have enough time with it undisturbed to download the necessary data.

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Additionally, defenders can place carefully hidden “signal blocker” devices, which must be found and destroyed before on offensive win can be obtained. I have won matches on defense after my entire team has been killed on numerous occasions, which is always a crowd-pleasing moment.

If killed, players are kept in the match, and given access to a number of security cameras that are scattered around the maps. One guy down in the foyer!” It is this dynamic of constant communication that evens the playing field for new players.

Even when you first start the game, and you are getting killed very quickly, you can still be an enormous support to your team by helping post-death. This keeps players engaged in the match, and really helps pick-up teams get to know each other, strengthening overall teamwork and making strangers feel like friends.

While the development team at First Contact Entertainment have announced that they will be working on new modes for the game, everyone I spoke with in-game was more than pleased with the amount of content upon release. With the Duel Shock, you can move around with the analog sticks, while physically “aiming” by pointing the actual controller at where you want to shoot.

The sense of Emerson increases exponentially when you are actually holding a gun-shaped object in your hands, and the aiming is much, much more precise. I can heft the Aim Controller to my left shoulder, and flip the analog sticks so that the movement still feels natural to me.

As someone that has gone through life repeatedly getting excited about new toys only to learn that I can’t really use them, this level of configuration is deeply appreciated. With each match, players earn some amount of experience points and in-game coinage (obviously gaining a lot more for a win than a loss).

It is fun to dip out of matches when you have leveled up to see what new items are available to modify your favorite character; it just doesn’t happen nearly often enough. This leads to quite a bit of downtime, with the four team members staring at each other in the virtual space, flipping their guns around and doing funny poses.

Firewall : Berthoud is a game that will bring a large segment of gamers to the PlayStation VR that might have otherwise never considered the device worth their time or money. This might be a lot of weight to put on the shoulders of a military shooter, but Firewall is up to the task.

Though I have a few minor quibbles with the progression and the flow of matches, I still wholeheartedly recommend this amazing multiplayer experience. I was a manager at a toy store for the release of PS1, PS2, N64 and Dream cast, so my nostalgia that era of gaming runs pretty deep.

While I lean towards Sony products, I don’t have any brand loyalty, and am perfectly willing to play game on other systems. When I’m not playing games or wrangling my gaggle of children, I enjoy watching horror movies and doing all the other geeky activities one might expect.

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