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Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
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Having large, defined arms is one of the most popular goals among young and old gym goers alike. The bicep curl immediately comes to mind as a common answer.

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Although dumbbells and barbells come in handy for building large arms, one tool you may be unfamiliar with is the EZ curl bar. The EZ curl bar is similar to the straight bar, but contains a zigzag shaped area where your hands are placed.

The small difference allows you to activate unique muscle groups compared to the traditional bar. The EZ curl bar also places significantly less tension on the wrists decreasing the likelihood of injuries or tendonitis.

The EZ curl bar can be a useful tool in any person’s gym arsenal when utilized properly. The EZ curl bar may appear to be similar to a straight bar but with an added twist (pun intended).

Since the hand placement portion of the bar is Z shaped, there are some added benefits you may be unaware of. The straight bar is versatile and can be used for exercises ranging from bench presses to deadlifts.

However, straight bars can put the hands in a compromised position leading to injury. If you are lifting a fairly heavy weight, this can place unnecessary tension on the wrists.

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Over time, this potentially may lead to wrist tendonitis, sprains, or even bone fractures. It may not seem like a tremendous difference, but simply performing curls with an EZ bar will provide a never before seen stimuli to your body.

The benefits of the EZ curl bar make it a great piece of equipment for any gym goer. Both pieces of equipment have their proper place in our workouts, but each have a specific focus.

The straight bar can be used for almost any exercise including: squats, deadlifts, bench press, bicep curls, skull-crushers, and more. The EZ curl bar is generally lighter and best reserved for bicep curls, skull-crushers, and other arm exercises.

So now you’ve decided the EZ curl might be the next big addition to your home gym. The sleeve is the end portion of the bar that holds the weight plates.

One of the main reasons people buy the EZ curl bar is due to the angles and positioning of the hand portion. A small change in the positioning of the bar can give you a completely different workout.

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If you plan on doing heavier movements, this will help keep a tight grip throughout the entire exercise. More knurling also means less forearm activation and more direct tension placed on the biceps or triceps.

Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal, the finish of the bar is important to many people. However, some companies are starting to make EZ bars in black or other colors.

Coming in at 22 lbs with a 400 lb weight capacity, this bad boy is beastly. The solid chrome finish and black manganese phosphate on the shaft protect the bar from corrosion and abrasions.

Based on all these factors, it’s clear to see why Mark’s the spot (pun not intended). If you’re searching for a sharp looking bar at a reasonable price, the Mark Olympic EZ curl bar is for you.

Coming in at six feet long, it is one of the longer EZ curl bars on the market. Customer reviews on this bar are generally favorable as it has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon.

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If you are looking for a dynamic, versatile bar you should consider the Mark Trackable EZ curl bar. With a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon among nearly 250 reviewers, it’s safe to say this bar is perfect for those on a budget.

The main advantage of an EZ curl bar over a straight bar is that it will allow you to experiment with different grip positions. All while taking away the tension a straight bar puts on your wrists or elbows and shifting that towards your muscles.

Lastly but not the least regular size EZ curl bars are significantly cheaper than the Olympic ones, so definitely add that to your decision-making list. This is particularly important if you are using heavy weights and also plan on using the bar on pulling type of movements.

The amount of bent (or the angles) of an EZ curl bar will determine the effectiveness of the bar in this regard. Speaking of the ends, these are rotating, so you would get any additional discomfort from the plates turning the bar as you do your curls or skull crushers.

Great ergonomics Feels comfortable on the joints Good knurling Long bar If you are looking for a cheap regular 1 inch sized EZ curl bar, the Champion Barbell is one of the products to consider.

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Even if the seller doesn’t specifically mention this, the package might contain a pair of spring collars. The angles on this EZ curl bar are more mellow than you would see in other similar products, so it might be a good choice if you are after that kind of bent.

The Titan 47” is one heavy duty EZ curl bar which will hold your 2-inch Olympic plates nicely. It’s quite a little longer than most bars which makes it great for taller users or for performing exercises such as upright rows or close grip bench press.

Just by looking at how this bar was put together you can tell it’s a premium quality product made to last. The coating looks and feels really nice and the sleeves are firmly attached to the bar.

The sleeves are rotating which will give you extra comfort once those bigger plates start spinning. It’s an EZ curl bar which will accommodate 1-inch plates so make sure that matches the weights you’ll be using.

Even though the manufacturer didn’t include this information (that’s odd), the bar weighs around 10 pounds. The amount of bent used in this bar is not as dramatic as in other similar products, but the angles definitely do their job and will protect your wrists and elbows.

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This EZ curl bar doesn’t look anything near premium quality, and you may even notice small pieces of chrome coating coming of the bar as you screw and unscrew the collars. Lastly but not least we’ve added to the list another Olympic sized EZ curl bar which comes in black and chrome.

Many users have reported rusting issues after a short period of using the bar or even for brand-new products. The knurling is good enough for a solid grip and the sizing of the bar will fit most users and allow you to perform a variety of exercises without any issues.

The black version issues Missing parts Misleading product images But it will take care of your joints and allow you to focus more on isolating smaller muscle groups during your workouts.

Shaped with a zigzag design, it has a great focus on the necessary upper body muscle group. Unfortunately the quality of some bars on the market are not great, but we have managed to sort through the rubbish and bring you our top 5.

Add the EZ Curler to your arsenal of workout equipment, and you’ll be sure to have a competitive advantage over your gym counterparts. The sole reason that the Mark fitness bar is lauded as the best EZ curl bar on the market is due to its tough double chrome plated steel structure.

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The shaft is made of black manganese phosphate which means over the long run, the product is corrosion and abrasion free. The Mark uses the Olympic weight plates which make it ideal for heavy lifts.

The initial bar weight is heavier than most, which allows for more stability with the grip. The bend in the Mark EZ Curl Bar accommodates all users palm grip.

You know it won’t be a waste of money if you purchase the Mark Fitness EZ Curler. The CAP Barbell EZ Curler is one of the most popular curl bars out there.

This is based on the fact of its reliability and also it being able to cater for beginners and more advanced lifters. Great value for money The CAP Barbell EZ Curl Bar is a tried and tested product, and highly recommended if you want something quick and easy to use.

The angled dual grip ensures that there is minimum damage to your elbows and wrists, and reduces any possible wear and tear to your body. The angled dual grips also targets both inner and outer bicep muscles, so it’s really a great piece of equipment.

It is a bit more expensive than some of its counterparts, because it normally comes in a set with some dumbbell bars. Whilst doing some preacher curls on this bar feels solid enough in the hand, I don't think you can beat the mark for looks and durability.

Made of High quality material and lasts long Comfortable grip If you currently have Olympic plates opt for Mark EZ Curler or the Marcy bar.

Those with regular plates should choose the CAP Barbell EZ Curler. In my own experience I have found that the majority of the bars are adequate for most people, those that do have to shop around are those that are particularly broad or those that have had wrist injuries.

The knurling is the way the metal on the bar has been milled on a lathe to create the grip pattern. Most bars are just stand chrome finish, but you can get the option of powder coated.

The first thing to note is you can have the best EZ bar in the world but unless you have the correct form you are not going to see the maximum gains and there is a chance you can injure yourself. Continue this until you’ve gone through the full motion of the bar, which should now be at the height of your shoulders.

There are many other arm workouts you can do with the EZ bar but the most polar are bicep curls and tricep extensions. If you’ve used normal barbells, expect the same benefits with just a bit extra from the EZ Curl Bars.

You’ll notice the EZ Bar from anywhere in the gym by its distinctive curve and bend, but did you know that this shape has many unseen benefits you may not know of? Secondly the EZ is easier to grip, which reduces the stress placed on the wrist and elbow.

The benefit of this is in the consistency in which you’ll work out your relevant muscle group because of the correct placement of your palms on the bar. Sports therapists recommend the use of this bar if you have had any previous writs or elbow injuries.

Pick the bar on the outside portion of the curve, and bring it up towards your chest, as you would with a standard barbell curl. Do the curl as mentioned with the bands on either end, but be sure to place your one foot in the middle of the bar, to ensure stability of your position.

Your body should be in a 45 degrees slant, ensuring that it is firmly placed against the preacher bench for stability. Place your palms facing upwards and lift the EZ bar and hold the position for a while.

If you’re serious about gaining some serious muscle, get yourself the best EZ curl bar which is without doubt the Mark Fitness bar. An EZ bar can be used for a variety of different exercises but is most commonly used for bicep curls and triceps extensions.

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