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It’s the last every episode of Hollander tomorrow night (Saturday 21st June) and we couldn’t really mark the occasion without doffing our cap and doing something list. The disappearance of a policeman’s daughter is connected to a grisly murder, and it seems the killer has very close knowledge of Wallander’s investigation.

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(Series One, Episode 13) The 11-year-old son of Stefan’s friend is sexually abused and killed, but Lineman is unable to assist Wallander’s investigation because he is facing suspension pending disciplinary proceedings. Hollander has finally achieved his dream of an idyllic life by the sea, but his peace and quiet is shattered when an explosion destroys the town’s power station.

When more acts of sabotage follow, the detective is forced to work in darkness as he tries to track down the culprits. (Series Two, Episode Four) A Polish builder is reported missing by his wife, and a spate of burglaries prompts a group of neighbors to form a private guard for the streets of Star.

Though neither case is treated as a priority, it does not take long for Hollander and the team to uncover much more than they expected. Kitten(Series Two, Episode Eight) The detective and his team investigate when a petty crook is killed by a sniper, who turns out to be a 16-year-old boy who may or may not be trying to impress a gang leader.

This suddenly opens the list of suspects to a cast of dozens rather than one or two, and the episode becomes a classic whodunit. The cops are following up on a particularly sadistic killer when Kurt finds himself working with his estranged daughter Linda, a new member of the force in Star.

Kurt is at Linda’s home and goes into Clara’s bedroom to watch her sleeping for a while before going out to investigate more death and mayhem. Mordbrännaren (Series Three, Episode Five) The heart-rending scene where Hollander and his colleagues realize that deranged arsonist Tommy (Christ offer Norbert) has finally snapped under the pressure brought to bear by the village’s opprobrium and is now going for broke.

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Kurt interviews undocumented migrants enrolled in a program funded by Gustav Munch, and soon finds a link between a pregnant refugee and the killer. Suspicious of Gustav's ties to the case, Kurt jeopardizes his romance with Mona by confronting the billionaire at a black-tie, Munch family affair.

Hem berg orders Kurt to take some time off after the assassination of their chief suspect. The public considers the case closed, but Kurt keeps probing.

Rookie cop Kurt Hollander stumbles into a hate crime in his own neighborhood. The character of Hollander is rather like that of James Bond, Olivia Benson, or Sherlock Holmes: their entire story is inextricably tied to where they’re from.

You can’t take the Swedish out of Hollander any more than you can take the British out of James Bond, or the New York out of Olivia Benson. Young Wallander‘s biggest and perhaps most insurmountable flaw is that it is nearly entirely detached from its Swedish identity.

Even Wallander’s apartment, which we get to see close up occasionally, doesn’t deliver any indication of place. But, on Young Hollander, we don’t focus on grounded daily lives of the characters long enough to get any sense of the place, authentic or not.

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Instead of utilizing that as an opportunity to educate audiences about issues specific to Sweden, we learn nothing new. Netflix/Andrew VasilenkoFor example, Charles Men, who plays gang leader Bash, is an absolute powerhouse performer.

Adam Passion plays Wallander’s desire for Mona in a really sumptuous way. Sitting at home we can feel the relief he experiences when he realizes that he can fall apart in her arms, and then join her in bed too.

Another strength of the series that alone warrants a second season is the bond between Hollander and the Al-Rahman family. Jasmine’s anger at Hollander, which keeps her on the still functioning side of her grief, is the most emotionally resonant piece of the first season.

But, the hug Jasmine gives Kurt when she gets that phone call is a huge moment for the show. Netflix It is refreshing to see a bit of the recovery process after a life-threatening injury like Reza sustains.

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While many true Mandell fans prefer the older Swedish adaptions with Kristen Henriksen in the title role, the British version is entertaining and even, at times, compellingly so, as Kenneth Branagh's Detective Kurt Hollander dives into work as an alternative to not dealing with his personal life. Sure, life has dealt Kurt more than a few bum hands: His wife left him, his daughter thinks he's an inattentive jerk most of the time, and his elderly father (David Warner in a predictably stellar performance), who is steadily disappearing into Alzheimer's disease, is profoundly disappointed in his son, regardless of whether he recognizes him or not.

Nonetheless, it gets to the point where you just want to shake Kurt by his pudgy shoulders and scream “snap out of it” as he sits paralyzed with angst in his sad little apartment. The scene has very little credibility, but it makes you think of other films in which a detective can't even do the dishes at home, but manages to nail the culprit every time.

The mysteries are set in the Swedish coastal town of Star where, in Sunday's episode, “Faceless Killers,” Hollander is trying to keep racism out of the headlines as his team goes about solving the murders of an elderly couple whose farm is near a camp for migrant workers from the Middle East. The inevitable solution feels a bit unearned, although Hollander is forced to kill one of the suspects, which sends him into an even deeper mental tailspin and prompts a leave of absence.

The best of the new episodes, however, is “The Fifth Woman” (Oct. 17) about seemingly unrelated but very brutal murders of a number of older men who were not well liked when they were alive. Not only is the plot elaborately complicated, but the episode belatedly finds exactly the right balance between Wallander's work and personal lives.

While some will tell you Kristen Eriksson delivers the definitive portrayal of the haggard detective in Sweden’s own TV adaptation, Branch is, frankly, superb. Each episode from all four series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, and if you’re not already aware of Wallander’s fate, don’t spoil the reveal by watching out of order.

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Probably not, seeing as it stars a largely British cast headed by Kenneth Branch and a preface Tom Huddleston (above) Ahead of the eight-part spy thriller’s original broadcast in 2014, many critics concentrated on the fact that Hollywood star Maggie Gyllenhaal would be playing the lead.

The relentlessly chaotic Spanish thriller (Casey De Papel) hurtles back for a fourth series of outlandish crime capers. To date, the mysterious El Profesor (Alvaro More) has pulled off the most daring robbery in Spain’s history, helping himself to 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint, alongside eight wacky crimes.

Having dispersed around the globe, the wacky crimes are now back in town and plotting a raid on the Bank of Spain. Sty is played by Israeli actress Shira Haas and the four-episode, German-made series is based on a bestselling memoir by Deborah Feldman and produced by the Deutschland 83 creator.

This chilling documentary reveals how two 12-year-old girls became obsessed with the avatar and the reams of internet folklore that sprung up around it, leading ultimately to them luring their best friend to a remote location and almost stabbing her to death. Including interviews with the two attackers, this is a fascinating study in how easy it is for some to lose themselves online with devastating consequences.

Daytime TV was once much maligned, but there are gems to be found these days, including this light-hearted mystery series. Mark Benton and Jo Joyner head the cast as mismatched private detectives Frank Hathaway and Luella Shakespeare, who solve various crimes around Stratford-upon-Avon, with help from actor and undercover specialist Sebastian (Patrick Walsh McBride).

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The second drops onto Briton this week and sees the titular duo search for a dog that’s inherited a fortune, solve the murder of two members of a re-enactment group and discover who is targeting a psychic, among other baffling cases. Suzanne Jones wore weights around her ankles to perfect the ever-so-slightly macho strut in this terrific BBC period drama.

Jones plays Anne Lister, a woman running rings around the menfolk as she battles to restore her uncle’s estate, which she has inherited. Sophie Bundle plays the alluring Ann Walker, who soon falls under Lister’s spell.

If you like the kinetic pace of much of modern TV, this will take a bit of adjusting to, but it’s oddly beautiful, and you’ll find yourself still thinking about it long after it has finished. Twenty-one years ago, Jill Dandy, one of the BBC’s most popular TV presenters, was shot dead on her doorstep in the middle of the day.

This sensitively handled film tells the story of one of Britain’s most high-profile unsolved killings, hearing from Dandy’s friends and family. There’s nothing ordinary about the performances here from Lesley Danville and Liam Neeson, who bring emotional depth and humanity to a tale of a middle-aged couple facing up to a cancer diagnosis.

Lesley Danville (above) and Liam Neeson bring emotional depth and humanity to a tale of a middle-aged couple facing up to a cancer diagnosis Much praise was lavished on the period detail in Ed Norton’s homage to film noir, set in New York in the Fifties.

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But it’s a film very much of today: Norton plays Lionel Escrow, a private detective with Tourette’s, whose primary weapon is not a Colt 45 but his incredible memory. And the case he’s working on involves an urban renewal project that would evict the city’s poor black communities.

While it doesn’t have the surprise factor of the first, The Next Level pushes its ‘people trapped in a computer game’ antics even further to deliver just as many laughs.

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