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Envisioned by Steven Moat and Mark Gates, the BBC original series, Sherlock, stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the charismatic mastermind detective Sherlock Holmes, who along with Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), solves horrifying crimes on Baker Street. To date, four seasons of Sherlock have been released, consisting of three episodes each, and every single one of them is absolutely thrilling to watch.

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While the show is adapted from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books', the basic plots, seemingly, differ, and there are some new interesting twists. During this whole fiasco, one of Sherlock's old enemies makes a surprise appearance, which leaves John and Mycroft shell shocked.

But all is not smooth sailing in the big wedding as there's a killer lurking around, and we all know how much Sherlock loves these mysteries. Furthermore, he meets Dr. John Watson through a friend, and they decide to move in together to a flat in Baker Street.

In other news, Mycroft warns Sherlock against going after Rasmussen as this cat and mouse chase might not end well for the charismatic detective. In the first episode of season 2, Sherlock and John are able to escape from a precarious situation involving Jim Moriarty.

No episode of Sherlock is entirely without merit and there's a lot of fun to be had in the early scenes of Holmes and Watson getting trolled on the latter's stag night, waking up in the morning with a sore head and an indignant Lestrade to deal with. But there's precious little meat on the bones of this 90-minute romp, with the limp and obvious mystery weaved into John and Mary's wedding ceremony landing it firmly bottom of our pile.

It gets lost in straying a little too far from the source material, though does feature one of Benedict Cumberbatch's best performances as a rather less brazen, more agitated Sherlock. Short but sweet, this mini- episode bridged the gap between the second and third series, exploring the period where Sherlock was believed dead (by everyone except conspiracy theorist Anderson).

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Martin Freeman does particularly strong work, with John having overcome his initial rush of grief but still struggling to entirely move on from his old life. Sure, the whole thing's a bit self-indulgent, but seeing Cumberbatch and Freeman give us a “classic” Victorian Holmes and Watson, subtly but significantly modifying their performances, is undeniably charming.

Defying the rule that every middle episode had to be a bit of a duffer, this was a marked improvement on 'The Six Thatchers', with Cumberbatch and Freeman on particularly strong form as a haunted Holmes and heartbroken Watson. The second act, with Sherlock, John and Mycroft (Mark Gates, delivering a series- the best performance) locked in a maze and forced to undertake a series of grueling Saw rescue challenges was the show at its most nail-biting.

'A Scandal in Belgrade' gave us a thoroughly modern Irene Adler (Lara Puller) who was every bit a match for our now-beloved male leads. 'The Reichenbach Fall' It was a tough call, but series two's finale just about pips its premiere, just for its sheer emotional impact.

Sherlock would rise again after his fall, but could never quite hit the heights that he managed up on the roof of St Barts. Just hit 'Like' on our Digital Spy Facebook page and 'Follow' on our digitally Twitter account, and you're all set.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Sherlock goes up against Charles Augustus Rasmussen, media tycoon and a notorious blackmailer.

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The show's latest episode has so much going on, but manages to have the perfect storyline for each character and editing that keeps the viewer enchanted, His Last Vow has an ending that leaves the view more than satisfied yet excited for the next season. Sherlock must confiscate something of importance from a mysterious woman named Irene Adler.

Jim Moriarty hatches a mad scheme to turn the whole city against Sherlock. Arguably the show's best episode ; featuring intense scenes, Sherlock's skills to the brink, and a hell of an ending.

The show's premiere reveals its tone, characters, and pacing. Sherlock tries to give the perfect best man speech at John's wedding when he suddenly realizes a murder is about to take place.

Mycroft needs Sherlock's help, but a remorseless criminal mastermind puts Sherlock on a distracting crime-solving spree via a series of hostage human bombs through which he speaks. Exciting, puts Sherlock's skills to the test, and reveals his archenemy.

Mycroft calls Sherlock back to London to investigate an underground terrorist organization. A great episode that brings Sherlock 'back from the dead' but has the most forgettable and lame villain of the series.

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Sherlock and John investigate the ghosts of a young man who has been seeing monstrous hounds out in the woods where his father died. Mysterious symbols and murders are showing up all over London, leading Sherlock and John to a secret Chinese crime syndicate called Black Lotus.

Sherlock Holmes is one of the world’s most popular fictional detectives, famed for his legendary powers of observation and deduction. Adapted from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original novels, this classic series by Granada Television starred Jeremy Brett as the definitive Holmes, with David Burke and later Edward Hardwick as his able assistant Dr. Watson.

A man dies suddenly of a mysterious fever, and Holmes suspects murder. Concluding the case of Charles Augustus Silverton, king of blackmailers, who has given Holmes a good run for his money.

The Duke of Wilderness needs Holmes's help when his son, Lord Arthur Satire, is kidnapped from the Priory School. Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead on Dartmoor, with his face contorted in terror and the footprints of a huge dog near his body.

Neville St Clair works in the City of London and is a man of very regular and respectable habits. One day, his wife goes into town for lunch and is shocked to see her husband in the window of an opium den.

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That evening, he fails to return home, and Mrs St Clair decides to consult Holmes. When Susan Cushing first consults Holmes about the disappearance of her sister Mary, he shows little interest in the case.

When the league is suddenly dissolved, Holmes is asked to find out what has been going on, and he quickly suspects crime. Alice Turner sends for Holmes when her lifelong friend farmer William McCarthy is killed and police suspicion falls on his son, James.

American heiress Henrietta Moran (known as Fatty) marries Lord St Simon, but she vanishes without trace on her wedding day, leaving London agog. The police are baffled by the murder of Willougbhy Smith, and Inspector Hopkins looks to Holmes to solve the case.

Holmes is curious about a series of attacks on figures of the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte around London. Maria Gibson, the wife of a gold-mining millionaire, is found shot dead at their country house.

Gibson asks Holmes to find his wife's killer and thus to clear the name of his children's governess, Miss Dunbar, who has been charged with the crime. A dazzling young lady is about to be married, and Charles Augustus Silverton, the slithery king of all blackmailers, has letters she wrote to another man.

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Watson is astonished when Silverton calls at Baker Street at the invitation of Holmes, who has a plan to thwart him. When, finally, an invitation arrives to meet the mysterious pearl-giver, Mary Morgan seeks Holmes's advice, and he begins to unravel some remarkable clues, including a poison dart and a man with a wooden leg.

What Holmes finds is an old soldier who is determined to punish those who betrayed him and his friends by stealing their oriental treasure. Dr Trevelyan calls on Holmes on behalf of his friend Blessing ton, after a Russian father and son vanish during a consultation.

The body of one Ladoga West is found in an underground tunnel near Algae Station, with his skull smashed, and Holmes is puzzled by the interest his brother Mycroft is showing in the case. Mycroft explains that the top secret plans for a new submarine were in the dead man's pocket, but three of the ten pages were missing when the body was found.

Mycroft, on behalf of the British Government, asks his brother to find the missing pages. Holmes returns home and explains how he escaped death at Reichenbach, while Moriarty lost his life.

Holmes and Watson are staying with Reginald Mus grave, the head of an ancient Sussex family, when his butler, Brenton, suddenly disappears. Brenton (something of a ladykiller and a highly educated man) had been taking an interest in an ancient family tradition called 'the Mus grave Ritual', which centers on a Carolingian riddle.

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Colonel James Camera calls on Holmes when the rich and beautiful Miss Violet Melville announces her engagement to Baron Pruner, a dangerous Austrian. Pruner has persuaded Violet that he is not a killer, and Holmes has to establish the truth and foil the powerful baron.

Mrs Warren, a London lodging-house keeper, comes to Holmes with a curious story of a reclusive and eccentric tenant. Mrs Warren's husband has been abducted and then quickly released again, perhaps a case of mistaken identity.

Watson, on holiday in the Lake District, meets the enigmatic Lady Frances CARFAX, who is being haunted by the ghost of a horseman. Holmes decides to come up to join Watson, but by the time he arrives Lady Frances has vanished without trace.

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