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Starting off at Deep Space Nine before stranding Captain Jane way and her motley crew of Marquis deserters in the Delta Quadrant, “Caretaker” has a riveting first half, peppered with exceptional character interplay. Then the pacing and tension slow in the second hour when we spend way too much time with an alien race that seems to have modeled itself after the citizens of Mayberry and The Walton's.

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While the episode could take place on any of Trek's ship-based shows, the stakes feel higher and for Jane way and her crew as they must work with those belonging to an alternate version of Voyager to get out of trouble. How Jane way handles the idea of this sacrifice results in the Ensign Harry Kim (Garret Wang) the show started with being replaced by his doppelgänger.

After he suffers a fitting but tragic end, “Hope and Fear” wraps up with a crew overcoming the letdown of still being stuck light years from home by focusing on a renewed purpose to keep going. This fast-paced mix of action and comedy is a solid Zweihänder between Voyager’s EMT and a more advanced version (Andy Dick) aboard a sophisticated new starship that’s been hijacked (naturally) by Romans.

Star Trek is hit-and-miss when it comes to comedy, but “Message In a Bottle” finds a near-perfect balance between laughs and sci-fi action while providing further proof that actor Robert Ricardo is the series' MVP. “Timeless” opens in a future where Voyager crashed on an ice planet while on its way home, and centers on Ensign Harry Kim's efforts to save his crew in a very “time Lima” fashion.

Voyager finds a solution to combat the invader of Borg space. All Captain Jane way asks is free passage through their territory and Voyager will share their knowledge.

Aboard the Delta Flyer, Jane way leads Took, Paris and the Doctor on a rescue mission to retrieve Seven from the Borg Queen. After Voyager is captured by the Halogens, the ship is turned into a massive helideck so that the Halogens can hunt members of the crew who have been fitted with new identities in various scenarios based upon Federation history.

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Jane way seeks to retake her ship and crew from the Halogens. A miscalculation by Ensign Kim causes a fatal crash during Voyager's first test with slipstream travel.

Fifteen years in the future, survivors Charity, Kim and The Doctor attempt to send a message back in time to prevent the tragedy. Free from their pursuers, the leader of the holograms decides to continue the crusade against the organics in order to liberate all holograms, everywhere.

The Doctor finally realizes what he had done and comes up with a plan to redeem himself. The Voyager crew discovers what seems to be a wormhole leading to the Alpha Quadrant and home.

Images of Earth and letters from home elates the crew of Voyager. The Doctor awakens in the museum of an alien culture seven hundred years in the future, where Voyager is thought to have been a passing warship full of cold-blooded killers.

As the Voyager crew pit their 24th century technology against Starling's stolen 29th century technology, Charity and Torres fall into the hands of paranoid white supremacists. A year after Voyager encounters the Denim time ship, a badly damaged Voyager with a skeleton crew leads an armada of interplanetary ships against them.

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Voyager crosses paths with a rare spatial anomaly that swallowed an Earth ship orbiting Mars in 2032 (a discovery that calls for an away mission). A slight respite seems to be in order, but some mysterious force is affecting the very fabric of Voyager itself.

To solve the mystery this crew must retrace their steps to see what went wrong. Captain Braxton of the Federation Time ship Relativity pulls Seven out of her time to help identify and diffuse a temporal bomb planted aboard Voyager.

An alien race, sizing up Voyager for a raid, taps into The Doctor's cognitive subroutines to make him their spy, unaware they're watching The Doctor's new daydreaming program. On Earth, Barclay uses holograms to formulate a plan to open communications with Voyager.

Modifying her alcove to process several months of gathered data at a time turns Seven into a rampant conspiracy theorist. Meanwhile, Jane way deals with an alien scientist developing catapult technology.

His time ship is found in the 1960s and Voyager finds a company that has benefited from its technology exists in 1996. Having long since made it home, an aged Admiral Jane way breaks Star fleet directives and temporal laws to take a last stab at an old enemy and shorten Voyager's journey home.

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The Hydrogen send Voyager a distress call when their holographic prey becomes too cunning and cannot be defeated. SESA knows Voyager, and her Kazan cohorts want it, so the Voyager crew wonders what to make of her distress call announcing the birth of Chatty's son.

As a relentless bounty hunter race closes in on Voyager, a sly alien think tank offers to devise a solution in exchange for a particular member of Voyager's crew joining them. Voyager finds a multi-generational Klingon ship that left the Alpha Quadrant more than 100 years before.

List of the best Star Trek : Voyager episodes, as determined by voters like you. Fans of Star Trek: Voyager are very passionate about the show, and there are often debates over which episodes are the greatest.

Star date: 50312.5 While trying to rescue Paris and Took, Torres and Charity are captured by... 14 Season 3, Episode 8: The crew visits 20th century Los Angeles to prevent a time ship from destroying the Earth's solar system. 15 Season 4, Episode 8: A disruption in the space-time continuum forces the crew to evacuate Voyager.

16 Season 4, Episode 14: The Voyager crew makes contact with a Star fleet ship in the Alpha Quadrant. 17 Season 3, Episode 26: Faced with a more dangerous enemy than the Borg, Captain Jane way prepares to make a deal with the Devil.

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“Endgame” is the title of the series finale of the American science fiction television series, ... more on Wikipedia 21 Season: Star Trek: Voyager Season 5 23 Season 4, Episode 7: The Voyager crew is invaded by an alien race conducting dangerous experiments.

25 Season 6, Episode 4: The Doctor's overactive imagination leads Voyager into real trouble. Kate Outgrew (Jane way), Robert Beltrán (Charity), Roxanne Dawson (Torres), Jennifer Lien (KES), Robert Duncan McCall (Paris), Ethan Phillips (Nee lix), Robert Ricardo (The Doctor), Tim Russ (Took), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) and Garrett Wang (Kim) helped keep Trek alive for seven seasons from 1995-2001, breaking ground as the first show top lined by a female captain.

The stories waver between brilliant and outright silly, and it's true that the plot and storylines took some crazy chances that seemed to reflect the unusual circumstances of the lost ship itself. There's a lot to like in the very first episode of Voyager, especially if you're a fan of other Star Trek shows.

The plot follows Tuna's mission to infiltrate Charity's crew into eventually meeting the Caretaker, the entity responsible for bringing the ship to the Delta Quadrant. One of the best things about Star Trek: The Next Generation was the Helideck, but the practicality of the system was always in question, as it seemed to give the crew no end of trouble.

The setting of a quaint Irish town is a nice start, but the stereotypes that inhabit it would make anyone cringe. Anyone who appreciates writing that asks the tough questions about human nature will like this episode.

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He not only discovers that the killer was telling the truth but begins to experience the same uncontrolled, violent rage that led to the murder. In this show, he claimed to have psychic powers and made another famously logical character, Dana Sculls, question her own perspective about the unknown.

As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, the fawning women are shallow, sexist stereotypes that would alienate any female viewer. It turns out that Kim is actually from this planet and isn't human but Na sari, a race native to the Delta Quadrant.

“Flashback” was Voyager's contribution to several shows that were made to celebrate the franchise turning 30 years old, so we've got some satisfying fan service and cameos to enjoy as well. George Take makes an appearance as Captain Hikaru Lulu of the USS Excelsior, and the setting is the same time frame as the last Star Trek film to feature the original cast, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Grace Lee Whitney, who played Kirk's yeoman Janice Rand in the original series, is also an Excelsior crew member. Moriarty of The Next Generation and the projection of the Doctor are compelling examples, but the extremes this episode goes to is beyond silly.

Not only is this an exciting episode, as it allows Voyager to contact Star fleet after four years of being completely out of touch, but it also has some amazing humor and features the Doctor, one of our favorite characters. The setting is gritty, with the malevolent Romans lurking in the background, and the comedy of the dueling Doctors is welcome levity.

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The character of Charity never really had a place to be in the show, except to be constantly fooled by SESA or Tuna's schemes, and “The Fight” doesn't do him any more favors. Skills, attributes, and technobabble are tossed into the mix just to make a pre-determined plot work and are never brought up again.

As much fun as cameos are, the appearance of the Groundskeeper who also mentored Picard back in the day falls flat. It was even directed by Lava Burton, who makes a cameo appearance as George La Forge from The Next Generation.

The special effects are stellar and the story is visceral; at one point they find Seven of Nine's frozen body and salvage her for parts, and Kim has some serious survivor's guilt. We start with Torres, Kim, and Paris trying to break the trans-warp barrier to get the ship back to the Alpha Quadrant faster.

Sounds like a compelling plot, but by the time we get to the end, Paris devolves into a lizard, kidnaps Jane way as his reptile bride, and they make a few amphibian babies on a planet that looks like Dago bah from Star Wars.

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