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• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
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No other anime has had as big a ripple in the world of gaming as Akira Oriya's Dragonball. With the recent resurgence in Dragonball popularity stemming from the anticipation of Dragonball : Apart, let's take a long look back at the absolutely massive amount of Dragonball games and pick out the modern successes, fan-favorite classics, and some hidden gems.

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Updated by Michael Connor Smith on February 7, 2021: With Dragonball being such an enormously important franchise in the entertainment industry, it only makes sense for there to be a lengthy list of games to accompany the series. We thought it's best to update this list with a few fan-favorite games that didn't make the cut on the original, and most importantly, include the addition of the recent Dragonball : Apart to create a more accurate list of the Dragonball games we all know and love.

Raging Blast attempted to take the formula for 3D, action-packed fights to the next level with more cinematic elements and big, flashy, fitting attacks. For the time, and even now, the game is a graphical beauty that does well to capture the feeling of the manga and anime.

It's a perfectly suitable arena fighter with RPG gameplay elements. It is a crazy RPG game that focuses primarily on fan service, full of references throughout the universe.

It serves as a unique RPG experience, offering fans the sort of stuff they have never seen before. The fast-paced gameplay of the Buddha and Buddha Tenkaichi series left fans hoping Super Dragonball would be a fun, exciting action game ...but what they got was a far slower-paced, technical fighter...with FAR fewer characters than expected or wanted.

Which is why many fans made a huge mistake overlooking Dragonball : Advanced Adventure, a Game Boy Advance beat-em-up game where you play from the start of the series to the final fight with King Piccolo. It offered variety to remember that, yes, Roku's adventure didn't just start with Rad ditz and end with BUU.

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Which is why many didn't play BUU's Fury, Legacy of Roku II's sequel. Plus, it has digital renditions of Bruce Falconer's Dragonball music, which, for many growing up with the series, is a huge dose of nostalgia.

Dragonball : Attack of the Siemens for the DS is often forgotten by fans of the series. As the PlayStation 2 neared its demise in 2008, one last Dragonball game was released to add to the already fantastic lineup the PS2 was known for.

The exclusion of the Dragon Rush” feature from Buddha is entirely left out here, which is seen as a huge plus. To many modern players, it may seem borderline blasphemy to place some ancient, 2D fighting game above the like of Buddha Tenkaichi or Genovese.

Other people who might've been on the old school internet might recognize the sprites as being omnipresent on forum signatures since the early '00s. It features stages so massive with so many environments the game needed a split-screen.

While it features far fewer characters than modern Dragonball games, none of them feel like model swaps. It also features a unique story that leads to some strange plot threads involving Back.

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The newest entry in the long list of Dragon Ball games is the highly anticipated Dragonball : Apart. Apart is a fantastic single-player experience that really appeals to die-hard fans, and one of the few downsides is the lack of content for players who haven't grown up with this anime titan.

The RPG elements are fun and intuitive, but get extremely repetitive and stale pretty quickly. It featured a terrific balance of characters, gameplay mechanics, fast-paced action, story mode, and just plain fun of any Dragonball game around.

No other game (save for the final one) has featured a cast of well-balanced Dragonball fighters like Buddha 3 has. It offered fans a way to compete against one another (in a sense) in the preconize heavy days of video games.

It had been years since the last intense, gameplay focused fighting game for the series came out. About The Author Anthony Ganglia (10 Articles Published) Earned my MFA from Farmland Dickinson University.

The gameplay is precise and incredibly fun, while its art style makes one feel as though they're controlling the anime itself. Unlike many other media tie-in fighting games, the combat in Fighter is complex enough to appeal to casual fans and pro gamers alike.

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Unlike the more recent Jump Force, which had a heavily derided story mode, Dragonball Fighter has received praise for its fun campaign. The storyline includes characters from all over the Dragonball and Dragonball Super canon, bringing them together in a fight against the deadly Android 21.

Dragonball Fighter has raised the standard for Dragonball games, even without the presence of Shaggy as a playable character. Dragonball : Battle of Z certainly has a few positives in its corner: it doesn't look half-bad, and it managed to introduce the characters of Beers and Whigs to video games.

A team-based DBZ game is a pretty neat idea, considering how many colorful characters populate the series mythology. Unfortunately, ideas were the only thing that Battle of Z really had; the execution is underwhelming at best and embarrassing at worst. The story missions were repetitive punch-ups that made little sense when compared to the source material.

While some battles may run on the repertoire side, Genovese 2 otherwise improves upon every little mechanic that worked in the previous installment. The combat system, while relatively simple and nowhere near as complex as the combo-wacky mechanics of Fighter, rewards experimentation with its vast array of special moves and augmentable abilities.

Original titles like Fighters Uncased flopped hard due to unresponsive controls and bland graphics, but there were hopes that Dragonball for Kine ct would give gamers the chance to feel like they were in the boots and armor of their favorite characters. Players had to uncomfortably crouch to power up their attacks, and any attempts at dodging incoming blasts were more or less futile.

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User reviews on Meta critic complained that the Kine ct seemed to barely register their movements, resulting in a ton of flailing and not a lot of reward. With there being well over 9000 video games based on Akira Oriya's Dragonball manga and subsequent anime, narrowing down the list to the best 10 titles of all time is far from an easy feat.

Admittedly, this is less about being spoiled for choice and more a case of there just being a ton of mediocre Dragonball games that barely try to stick out from the crowd. In 1986, Epoch published Dragonball : Dragon Dashiki for the Super Cassette Vision, marking the iconic series' first foray into gaming.

While the West needed around another decade to truly catch Roku fever, nowadays, a year can barely pass without a Saiyan-themed fighting game or RPG hitting shelves. 2020 was defined by the massive RPG Dragonball : Apart, which was largely received positively by fans for showcasing the story of the series as better than any other title before it.

Although it was the first DBZ title for the Xbox 360 generation and received a ton of hype at the time it isn't looked back fondly too much nowadays. While the Raging Blast series always felt like lesser versions of the beloved Buddha Tenkaichi, this doesn't necessarily mean that they were bad games.

Unlike many fighters with massive rosters, this game actually introduces at least one unique technique per character which makes them stand out much more. Instead of retelling the story of the anime, the game has “Galactic Missions” which are isolated fights that focus on a path for characters from Roku to Table.

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The Dragon Rush system from Buddha 3 is removed and the Ultimate come out much fast, so the fighting isn't hampered by the need to appear cinematic. Putting aside the occasional insane clip of a Super Taiwan 4 Golan or Brolly hitting YouTube, Western players had to wait until 2019 to get a proper taste of the spin-off series.

World Mission takes place in a universe where Dragonball exists as an anime that spawned a popular card game. Once the virtual and real worlds begin to collide, the protagonist must collect cards of their favorite Z -fighters to battle a wild plethora of villains.

Based on Dragonball Online, Genovese 2 shines through its deep customization system and quantity (if not quality) of content. Developed by BEC and Those Software, The Legend runs through the entirety of DragonBallZ's main arcs and features a respectful roster of over 30 fighters.

While still technically a fighter, The Legend injects an element of strategy into proceedings, as there is no point in winning your fight if the rest of the team is on the receiving end of a demolition. The Game Boy Color may not possess the power of a PlayStation 2 or a Gamete, but the system's limitations meant Ban presto had to think outside the box when creating Legendary Super Warriors.

Characters are leveled up by assigning attack, support, and defense cards; however, each fighter is limited to only a few upgrades per play through. Super Burden is the only one that comes close, but Hyper Dimension improves on so many aspects of the experience that 1996's release completely overshadows everything that came before and most of what was published after.

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Covering all of DragonBallZ's main Sagas, Hyper Dimension has only ten playable fighters; that said, all the characters play distinctively enough to require each to be individually mastered. With tight combat mechanics, gorgeous cel-shaded graphics, and an expansive “Story Mode” boasting campaigns for eleven different characters, Buddha 3 is everything a fan of the series could possibly desire.

In the end, the former receives the nod due to truly feeling like the ultimate love letter to the series, even if the 3D combat is less refined than Buddha 3's mechanics. Buddha Tenkaichi 3 boasts one of the biggest rosters in a fighting game of all time, while the Dragon History” mode covers the original Dragonball, Z, GT, the movies, and even includes some “What If” scenarios.

While the combat is not particularly complex and the roster share most of the combo attacks, Buddha Tenkaichi 3 adapts the license's trademark visual spectacle better than most other titles. Action-RPGs with multiple playable characters, side quests, unlockable attacks, and temporary transformations, The Legacy of Roku series should be considered a must-play for not only fans of the franchise, but also anyone searching for a fun handheld experience.

BUU's Fury introduces elements like assignable stat points and equipment but also requires more grinding than The Legacy of Roku 2. Boasting a visual style that often threatens to surpass Dragonball Super's animation, the extremely fluid combat system is accessible and a totally accurate representation of the source material.

Fighter allowed Dragonball to finally be accepted into the competitive scene, something that none of the previous releases ever came close to accomplishing.

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