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Paul Gonzalez
• Monday, 30 November, 2020
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Hey all, I'm looking for a restaurant with tropical Caribbean decor for a wedding in January 2017. The Amsterdam Avenue location of this WashingtonHeightsDominican spot serves dishes like empanadas, moving DE Cimarron, and our personal favorite, rotisserie chicken.

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ASCII BS El Macon Restaurant, number 1 en Ne Los Germans DominicanRestaurant in DC and Line Café, a Puerto Rican restaurant, in Stafford.

A C: Great café with delicious pastries and fast Wi-Fi during the day, wonderful dinner spot with bomb pizza at night. Kendrick Cato: Great, mixed drinks.

JP: A delightful date spot with great brunch, try the eggs Jennifer Gallardo: The Amsterdam is solidly delicious and always made fresh.

Highly suggest you try this place....great gourmet burgers at affordable prices. Jared Trotsky: Grab a slice, soda and some knots.

Bruce C.: Great produce, perfect emergency shopping. Elsa Mejía's fried pork rinds are so famous that some loyal customers make a bee-line for her restaurant the moment they arrive in the city.

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For two decades, Mejía's restaurant has been a fixture in Washingtonians and a symbol of the neighborhood’s prominence as the center of the city's Dominican community. Dominicans began leaving the country in large numbers in the 1960s, seeking political and economic stability after the death of dictator Rafael Trujillo.

They began settling in Washingtonians because of its large but inexpensive apartments and its access to subway lines that brought them to jobs in the Garment District. Let’s head to the Dominican Republic for a cocktail called Morin Rolando, a signature drink from this region of the globe.

In New York, some establishments have made it their signature drink and boast that they serve the best Morin Rolando in the city. It is a cocktail prepared with orange juice, cane sugar syrup (or cane sugar), milk (or evaporated milk) and crushed ice.

A citrus liquor found in the Caribbean is generally added. In New York, the Dominican neighborhood is located north of Manhattan in Washingtonians since 1980.

Urban renovations initiated in the early 2000s to improve the quality of life in this district has given way, little by little, to Ecuadorians. In Spanish, Morin Rolando literally means “to die while dreaming”.

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You can let yourselves be lulled by the sweet and creamy combination formed by these two enemy ingredients, so much so that you could indeed die while dreaming. As mentioned earlier, this drink consists of four key ingredients: freshly squeezed orange juice, milk, crushed ice and cane syrup.

When the milk is acidified, the negative charge that separates the casein components from each other is neutralized. This process is used in cheese technology (fermentation) or in certain culinary preparations.

Nothing is more unpleasant than ending up with pieces of curdled milk floating on the surface. There are several recipes of Morin Rolando and everyone prides themselves to have the best preparation technique.

There are several variants of Morin Rolando with citrus fruits typical of the region. This recipe is validated by our Dominican culinary expert, Chef Carlos Estévez.

Chef Carlos is the Caribbean Director for the Professional Gastronomic Council of the Americas, as well as the President for the Because D’Or Academy of the Dominican Republic. Print Recipe Morin Rolando is a traditional Dominican beverage prepared with fresh orange juice, cane sugar, milk and crushed ice.

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With 81 restaurants in Washingtonians on Uber Eats, including Wendy's (9843 S. WESTERN), McDonald's® (95th St & Charles), and Don Child, you’ll have your pick of places from which to order food online. Enter an address to browse Washingtonians restaurants and cafés offering food delivery.

Sometimes the best food is just what you’re craving so if you know what you’d like to eat, browse Washingtonians restaurants that deliver by cuisine or dish. The original La Islam Restaurant at 104 Washington Street has been an institution in downtown Hoboken since 1970.

Taken over by the Luis and Liner families in 1996 it has attained local cult status, serving “incredible Cuban food morning, day and night” with Sunday brunch “being a divine reason to skip church” according to Height. With Chef Omar Liner at the helm, we are committed to serving traditional Cuban food made from the freshest and most genuine ingredients, served in generous portions at affordable prices in a friendly and unpretentious neighborhood atmosphere.

Washington DC was once known for overcooked steaks and wilted salads. Rose’s menu is a blend of Southern, Jewish, French, Japanese, Thai, and grandmother’s home cooking.

The cocktail made with apple cider and brisket is very special. Other special menus include lichen salad, Silverman’s pork, Southern-style fried chicken with honey, etc.

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The chef uses unusual ingredients to make some awesome dishes. The restaurant is very small; only a group of four people can sit at a time.

Menus of this restaurant include Italian pastas, pappardelle with bolognese ragù, seafood. The restaurant’s ambience and sophisticated food is appreciated by politicians, diplomats and people of all walks of life.

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