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• Monday, 11 January, 2021
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As a dog walker, you only have a short time amount to win over a potential customer. To answer that we examined thousands of bios that Barely dog walkers had written about their services and profiles.

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A good dogwalkerbio is key to convincing a customer that you are the best person to care for their beloved pet. Dog walkers are an incredibly diverse group, but the qualities they have in common will provide insights into what makes a great bio.

A word cloud created from each Barely Pets dogwalkerbio The quality that dog walkers most often highlighted is their experience. They will feel more comfortable with someone knowing that they’ve been walking for years or have cared for dogs their whole life.

Telling customers how much experience you have can go a long way to building trust. There are steps you can take to gain experience before you start walking like becoming Pet First Aid and CPR certified.

Demonstrating your love of pets helps reassure a potential customer that you are truly passionate about what you do. Knowing that the walker will fulfill their commitments makes all the difference for a pet owner.

Walkers often also used words like north, south, east, and west, which are common in suburbs. Furthermore, customers want the money they spend to stay in the community, instead of going back to some big company.

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The best bios highlight your experience, demonstrate your passion for pets, build trust, and let them know you’re local. Getting the About page on your website right can make the difference between getting a phone call, text, or email from a potential client or having them move on without reaching out.

For example, a final sentence like “Having finally realized her dream of spending her days with her dog, Judy loves providing the same peace of mind to her clients by providing their dogs with daily companionship and exercise.” Further, when your website shouts your adoration for them too often or too loudly you risk appearing as a hobbyist or enthusiast rather than a professional.

Give them an easier, calmer dog to come home to at the end of a busy day? As an example of potential clients’ attention spans, consider that the average time spent on a website is 3.2 minutes.

There really isn’t a lot of time for other material, and we don’t want the message to get lost. A Pro Dog Walker, Not an App Consider adding a section on your About page helping to educate potential clients about the difference between hiring an educated, certified professional dog walker versus using an online dog walking app.

“Jan grew up on a farm surrounded by animals, but she loved dogs the most. As it turned out, she got her degree in Economics from the University of Ohio in 1994 and spent the first decade of her adult work life in corporate America.

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Ralph was a super lovable guy who needed a lot of attention due to a rough start in life. This definitely helped Ralph and improved his behavior, but Jan found herself jealous of her dog walker, and started dreaming about working with dogs again.

She still loves what she does all these years later, and is grateful to work outdoors every day with the dogs. Committed to providing her clients with full peace of mind, Jan keeps her canine first aid certification up-to-date and regularly seeks ongoing continuing education and professional development opportunities.

Jan prides herself on running a business that is committed to taking the best care of both human and canine clients. Jan is proud to be referred to by Bestow Training and Town Veterinary Clinic.

When not wearing out her clients’ dogs, Jan can be found taking agility classes with her hyper Lab Rondo, reading mystery novels, and practicing TAE Won Do. Jan’s target clientele are busy professionals and families who love their dogs but don’t necessarily have enough time for them, and thus the emphasis on assuaging guilt and reducing to-do lists.

Ask a friend with strong writing skills or a background in communications or marketing to help. Eager to join Barking Lot to take its furry clientele on long stress-relieving walks regardless of weather conditions.

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Ensured dogs’ physical safety at all times and made sure that they do not endanger any other animal or human in the vicinity. Picked up dogs from their homes and took them for engaged and attentive walks.

Followed any special instructions or limitations that dog owners provided. Ensured that any waste on the road or sidewalk was cleaned immediately.

Handled up to 10 dogs attached to the hip with a belt on long walks. Walked multiple dogs 3 times a day in a variety of weather conditions, incl.

Walked all entrusted dogs in a safe and timely manner. Reported all relevant information to the owners in a timely manner.

Reported to client care or general manager after every dog pick-up and drop off. Filled in report cards for every dog walked.

(Source: bestbuddiespetcare.precisepetcare.com)

Groomed dogs (e.g. clipped nails, brushed teeth, untangled matted fur, bathed). Stayed in owners’ house to dog sit and keep the environment safe for the animal.

Dispensed medications and helped the dogs when seizures kicked in. Time management Flexible schedule Teamwork Enthusiastic Detail-oriented Experience with dogs Owns a car Driving license Physically fit Owns a cellphone with an unlimited Internet plan Comfortable with all breeds and sizes of dogs.

Follow the tips below, and let your dog walker resume put a smile on the recruiter’s face: It introduces you to the recruiter and serves as an elevator speech of a sort.

A summary for a resume is ideal for candidates that have more than 2 years of relevant experience. A resume summary draws attention to your experience and accomplishments.

So, get your entire resume done first and write the opening paragraph at the very end. Make sure each entry lists your job titles, dates, company names, and locations.

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Use strong resume words, such as ensured, provided, handled, etc. Put them in a dedicated key achievements' subsection to make them stand out.

List your highest education level, and limit the information to your degree, school name and location, and graduation year. Pro Tip: Consult the job offer to see if the employer has specific expectations as to your minimum education level.

If your resume for a dog walker proves you’ve got the required skill, getting a job will be child’s play. Whittling is a great skill, but rather useless when it comes to dog walking.

Head straight to our guide to learn everything about resume dos and don'ts. When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff.

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