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Paul Gonzalez
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
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Dog walking rates vary based on location, experience and type of pet. Our pros and cons reflect feedback we’ve received on each overall company, not the online pet sitters you can find on their sites.

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A love for pets is what brought them to work in this business, but a lack of knowledge, experience, CPR and First Aid training may lead to complex and heart-wrenching circumstances. Many companies claim that they run background checks on the contracted walkers you can find on their sites.

For this reason, we strongly urge you to take these same steps for the care of your dogs, no matter what service you use. Be sure to choose dog walkers who have a long history of positive reviews and discuss in detail your expectations and make sure they are taking note.

We also recommend that you always meet the walker before allowing them to care for your pet to make sure you are comfortable with the person, their schedule, etc. If you have any concerns about your pet being cared for by an unlicensed and unbounded individual, search your local listings to find someone who better meets your needs.

Rover.com, the popular pet sitting portal, can help connect you with independent dog walkers near you, regardless of where you live. Each pet caregiver also has a profile page, including customer reviews and other services they offer that are easily accessible.

Usage is not as widespread as Rover (but good in medium and large urban areas) On-demand bookings not available in all areas Can’t always pick your walker of choice (especially with on-demand feature) Some users complain about the company’s poor customer service The major difference between Barely and other dog walking services is that they are commission-free, so walkers keep 100% of their earnings.

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Barely Pets lets you review and choose walkers that meet your preferences. Another unique feature is you can create a customized checklist for each walk if your dog needs medicine, food or a favorite toy.

Productivity is a trading name of Sportscaster Direct Limited which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under Firm Registration Number 309959. Registered office: Dovetail House, Wycombe Road, Stokenchurch, HP14 3RQ.

Dog walking apps are worth it if you are a student or looking for a part-time job. But if you’re trying to make a living by walking dogs, you would have to build your own pet sitting business.

With the gig economy’s growth, it’s no surprise that so many freelance dogs walking apps exist. If you’re looking to connect easily with a local dog walker, there are currently two apps dominating the dog -walking market at the moment: Rover and Wag.

Each app provides a simple and easy way to find a trustworthy dog walker in you are, so it can be tough to know which one to go with (unless you live in the UK, in which case, only Rover is currently available) As you know, taffies are a very energetic breed that needs a substantial walk or play session daily.

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Lack of exercise is probably the reason many owners come home to shreds of cushions all across the floor. Unfortunately, a lot of us are too busy with work to provide the necessary exercise for a staff every single day, but we still want our dogs to be healthy and given a chance to expend their energy.

If you have a staff puppy, a dog walker could help you avoid bathroom accidents inside your home. There’s nothing worse than coming home and finding a bathroom accident you have to clean up(If that is your situation, we have an article on staff house training to help).

Now, that we have covered the benefits of getting a dog walker, you might be wondering how these dog walking apps work and why they are any better than opening up the local classifieds. Wag and Rover are dog walking services that you can access online and through your smartphone.

Once you've installed one of these apps, you simply place a request that features the location, time and length of the walk for your staff. The dog walkers can sign up through the app and can provide your staff some well-needed exercise.

Leaving your staff alone with a stranger can be scary to some owners, and it should only be done if your dog is comfortable meeting new people. Besides ensuring the safety of your staff, both these organizations have an extensive database of walkers working for them.

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If you fancy trying out one of these dog walker apps, I have reviewed the top ones in a bit more detail below, so you can choose the one that sounds best to you (as mentioned earlier, UK owners will have to go with Rover as Wag isn't currently available there). Its feature of setting up a regular time and walker allows your staff to get a sense of familiarity with this process.

If you’re one of these owners, Rover’s ability to set up a meeting with the walker beforehand could give you some piece of mind. Founded in 2014, Wag is a newer app that has recently become very popular among dog owners.

It has earned the nickname “Uber for Dogs” with its ability to provide immediate results. So, if your staff has a specific behavior problem or is terrible on a leash, Wag would be the correct choice in these situations.

A simple and effective solution is asking friends or family to help you out. We're the dog walking company that gives you TWO WEEKS FREE during your first two months of service.

SNIFF is fully insured, locally-owned and staffed with employees, no independent contractors. We do private walks in Orlando, Winter Garden, Winder mere, Ocoee and Doctor Phillips.

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100% waterproof and adventure-proof Long-lasting battery that goes for up to 5 days Choose a plan starting from $5.39 per month after checkout It combines the latest network technology with our most popular features for even more peace of mind.

Check out Activity Monitoring by Tr active Location History & Heatmap See where your dog's been, and find out your furry friend's favorite places to hang out. Light & sound Find your GPS tracker in case you drop it somewhere where it’s hard to see, like a forest.

The tracker is designed to fit most dog collar sizes, but works for most feline friends as well. It offers you more information about the activity and movement levels of your pet.

With that data, it can inform you about the health and fitness levels of your four-legged pal. But to keep a closer eye on your dog, go into LIVE mode and get updates every 2-3 seconds.

History See where your dog has been, and find out about their favorite spots. The Pack, a new reality competition series from Prime Video, celebrates the unrivaled bond between dogs and their human companions.

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The Pack will premiere on November 20 in more than 240 countries and territories, exclusively on Prime Video. Tr active GPS trackers provide an accurate, reliable location anywhere in the world, whether your dog's in the backyard or on the other side of the globe.

Find out how to adopt a dog and what makes you the best pet parent possible! You may opt out of sale of your personal information by clicking Decline button.

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