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To meet the demands of the players and help them proliferate in their core competencies, the equipment manufacturing companies experiment, research and test their products to ensure they are flawless for their customers. Remain is one of the little equipment manufacturing companies, who have been known to offer unparalleled quality consistently and is widely preferred by the players.

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The company is revered in the world of baseball for its bats that come packed with performance-enhancing innovative features and impeccable durability. A company that started in a barn and sold bats out of car trunks; quickly became a highly coveted brand that players wanted to get their hands on.

The newly founded technology went on to shatter records and enabled players to pocket stunning home runs. By the year 1998, Remain amassed nationwide recognition and the company was mentioned in the major newspapers and magazines which included the People, Men’s Fitness, and even Playboy.

Over the years, Remain has created many bats that cover different product categories and have qualities that make them unique. When it comes to rating the bestDeMarini bats for baseball, there is hardly any option that can surpass the performance offered by the Voodoo.

This system gives you the benefit of enhanced weight control and lowers the vibration during the game. To ensure equal distribution of weight during swings, the Voodoo has been designed with the advanced Para flex+ composite handle.

The Goods have a strong single-piece aluminum body that focuses on providing stiffer feel while reducing the vibration sting that can be felt in other bats while hitting a powerful shot. This barrel is designed to take on innumerable pitches and deliver powerful hits that can send the ball across the field effortlessly.

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Since it is a single body bat, the company has added its Direct Connection feature, which transfers the energy to the barrel ensuring the best use of your power. The company has added a seismic cap for maximum power generation and energy transfer.

This cap is built from the strongest material in the entire Remain lineup and works extremely with the 2 5/8 Inches alloy barrel of the bat. Not only this, The Goods also comes with great design and color scheme that can boost the batter’s confidence before the game.

Pros:Cons: The Remain CF Zen is regarded as one of the best and most durable bats ever created by the company. It consists of features that make it a perfect match for the elite players but can be used by beginners too.

Defining unpredictability with exemplary performance, the Remain CF Zen is a great fast pitch softball bat in the 11-ounce length to weight ratio. Para flex composite has an advanced version named ‘Para flex Plus Composite’ that adds a dual advantage to the bat which includes a massive sweet spot and excellent control on the swing when you are in the hitting zone.

The company has incorporated its signature 3Fusion Connection to the bat for ultimate balance and swing speed. Cons: A true masterpiece from DeMarini’s lineup, a bat that is built to offer exceptional performance along with game-changing abilities.

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The biggest part of the bat i.e. the barrel has been constructed using the multi-wall technology which offers great pop and lets you generate an insane amount of power. It has been designed to make swings comfortable and efficient, to which, the bat comes with the Zn Aluminum Alloy handle.

Every variant of the Remain Uprising has been designed with the best quality alloy created by the company and offers easy swing and balance. The unconventional design of the core makes it highly durable and enables it to offer unmatched performance.

The bat has been designed according to the league rules and can be used in US SSA, ASA, ISA, ISF, and NSA matches. Remain Uprising has been designed to endure innumerable hits and can be used for both practice sessions and tournament matches.

Cons: Remain is an exceptional company, that dominates the market easily owing to its superior quality products that cater to the needs and requirements of different players. My name is David Farnum, and I’ve been a Little League Coach in my community for the past 7 years.

Introducing the 2020 CF Zen (-10) US SSA Baseball Bat, the preferred bat of elite travel ball players who crave the perfect blend of bat speed, barrel control and power. We paired our Para flex Plus Composite Barrel and 3Fusion System with an Reaction End Cap, designed to increase swing speed and improve barrel performance.

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We break down walls and topple barriers every single day. That's what drove us to create our most innovative, high-performing CF Series ever.

The Remain brand has earned a reputation for excellence over the years, and the right one can really help you get on base and hit homers more often. Basically, it promises the ultimate combination of power, speed, and bat control.

Click here for First, this composite barrel is made from a material that Remain calls Para flex Plus. Take a few swings, and you’ll also realize that you have great control over the bat.

This also helps with the bat control as it spreads the weight nicely. It also boosts the energy transfer, meaning you can impart a lot of force on the baseball as you make contact.

At the same time, the connection system minimizes the hand sting you feel when you make contact with the baseball. This mixes strong and lightweight materials to give you that oomph you want, while you’re also able to swing the bat quickly.

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Lots of online reviews from players tend to mention that this feels great right out of the box. Plenty has told stories about the homes they’ve hit in the first few games of using this.

Remain calls this the best performing bat in the business, and they’re not kidding. This is seriously responsive, and it’s great for those who want a nicely balanced bat for the game.

Remain took two distinct walls to work together in this bat, and what you get is a huge sweet spot. It offers a terrific feel (and a nice distinctive sound) that you can use for a wide variety of pitches.

Whether you get a zinger or a slow pitch, this bat gives you the performance you need. This sheet makes the bat extremely strong while maintaining a lighter weight.

This end cap design allows you to swing the bat with greater speed, and that’s crucial for your hitting performance. You’re able to catch up to fastballs, and the greater speed increases the chances of extra-base hits.

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Remain made its mark in the industry by offering a 2-piece design that combines an alloy barrel with a composite handle. This bat continues this legacy, as it combines alloy power with composite swing speed.

What makes this material special is that it offers a lighter swing weight for kids. It blends lighter and stronger materials that maintain the swing speed, yet enhances the performance of the barrel.

Yes, it’s true that this isn’t the latest Voodoo bat from Remain. At the same time, the fact that it’s an older version may give you a significant cost discount.

In the barrel, you get the X14 alloy that offers great bat control while boosting your swing speed. It offers a nice weight distribution that gives you better bat control.

This system distributes the weight nicely and sends back the impact energy through the barrel. That means you’re to send that force back to the ball, instead of through the handle to sting your hands.

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-10 drop 2-inch barrel Lightweight X14 alloy barrel offers fast swing speed with terrific bat control Para flex+ composite handle enhances the feel on contact while ensuring optimal weight distribution 3Fusion connection system also helps with weight distribution, while redirecting the impact energy back to the barrel and away from the batter’s hands The RCK knob’s ergonomic design offers a great feel in the batter’s hands After all, a bat may have a terrific color scheme that looks great, but that may mask a terrible performance.

But in this case, the CF Zen combines great looks with terrific performance. The gold and black color scheme look fantastic, and it performs as good as it looks.

After all, this is the Remain bat representing its Senior League CF Series. This end cap design also enhances the feel of the bat, and it sounds great as well.

You also get the 3Fusion handle which helps with the feel and enhances the weight control for the bat. This makes the bat feel even better in the batter’s hands, due to the ergonomic design.

-10, -8, -5 drops available Length ranges from 28 to 32 inches Meant for US SSA leagues The Para flex composite material offers excellent weight distribution for great bat control The 3Fusion end cap improves the sweet spot, while also boosting the feel and sound The 3Fusion handle also boosts the weight distribution and improves the feel The X-Lite knob ergonomics makes every batter feel like the bat was made for their hands alone We’ve already listed the 2019 CF Zen, but now it’s time for the newer 2020 version.

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It is extremely responsive and offers exquisite bat control. This connection system distributes the weight of the bat properly, so in the batter’s hands, it feels perfectly balanced.

That leads to terrific bat control, so you’re able to swing this where you want the barrel to go. Instead, the force is redirected through the barrel, so it puts more pop when you make contact.

The lightweight lets you swing the bat quickly, and at the same time, you’re able to really whack the ball. All in all, Remain wasn’t kidding when they regard this as their “king” in their bat lineup.

-8 drop Length ranges from 29 to 32 inches 2-piece bat Balanced weight due to 3Fusion connection system Para flex+ composite material enlarges the sweet spot 3Fusion connection system also redirects the impact shock back to the barrel (and to the ball) and away from the handle and the batter’s hands Reaction end cap offers faster swing with greater power This system distributes the weight nicely, and it also reduces the vibration for the hands when the bat makes contact with the ball.

The Reaction end cap design also improves the bat’s performance and power. All in all, these features combine to give batters the terrific bat that they can really use for the fast pitch game.

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For the barrel, you get the excellent X14 alloy, which gives you great bat control even as it enhances the swing speed. This material gives you both the swing speed and the bat control you want.

The RCK knob also makes the bat feel like it was designed for the batter’s hands exclusively. 1-piece aluminum bat -10 drop Length ranges from 28 to 32 inches X14 aluminum alloy enhances both bat control and swing speed 3Fusion end cap design gives you a huge sweet spot while keeping the stinging vibration away from the hands The RCK knob ergonomics offer a great feel when holding the handle.

It offers terrific performance, a fantastic feel, and an easy swing. This material gives you a huge sweet spot, and it also distributes the weight nicely for a lightweight swing.

The ironed end cap design minimizes the swing weight for better bat control. The performance of the bat should encourage a young player to really love the game.

In addition, you better make sure that the bat is legal for the league you’re playing in. With composite bats, the sweet spot is huge and the hand sting is generally less.

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The sweet spot is bigger than in the alloy, but it’s not big as in the composite bat. That’s relatively recent, compared to other brands that were in existence for almost a hundred years now.

But he became obsessed with the game, and he really wanted to compete against the bigger and stronger players. Remain resorted to a scientific approach to the game, and he was able to achieve a batting speed of 96 mph.

This became known as Ray DeMarini’s Reflex Hitting System, and it is the most successful home video in the history of ESPN. In 1996, Remain manufactured the Ultimate Distance, which many experts regard as the “greatest bat ever made”.

As the years passed, their bats were used by the best players and by championship teams. Remain still continues putting in new tech in their bats to this day.

Remain bats are used by experienced pros and championship teams, and they’re great for baseball and softball players. This brand has earned recognition through its technological advances, which can make your kids better at the game.

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