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Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing Write a short note about what you liked, what to order, or other helpful advice for visitors.

Venue Health and Safety Rules Books values authentic reviews and only verifies them if we know the reviewer has visited this business.

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When it comes to the best available, our smoked hams and bacon are top-notch. Restaurants in this area are known for British, Italian, Japanese, International and Modern European cuisines.

Some popular local menu items include Pork Schnitzel, Macaroni Cheese, Fish Cakes, Oysters and Lamb Cutlets. Taking flavorsome food, award-winning beers, live music and blending them all perfectly to create a memorable experience every visit.

WaterlooRoad is a British television drama series set in a Scottish comprehensive school of the same name that was first broadcast on BBC One on 9 March 2006. Done Charles, who had been driving the car involved, blamed himself for Dear don's death and was remanded into custody for three months.

Done's girlfriend Chloe Grainger also blamed herself for the death of Adam and putting her best friend Holly Tatters all in a deep coma, from which she later regained consciousness. The series also focused upon the behavior of troubled pupil Lewis Season, culminating in him sexually harassing Kim Campbell.

Jack Rimmed was furious when he learned about Lewis's behavior and expelled him, only for the governors to overrule him and reduce his expulsion to a 15-day suspension, but Lewis's mother then withdrew him from the school after Jack threatened to report her for benefit fraud unless she removed him. Lewis later attacked Jack in his office after school and tried to set him on fire, only for French teacher Steph Haddock (Denise Welch) to foil him.

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Another important theme of the series was the break-up of Tom and Lorna Clarkson's short-lived marriage, due to Tom's love for another member of staff and Lorna's best friend, Lizzie Red path, who was already having family problems with her former partner and two teenage daughters, Chloe and Mikey Grainger. The audience learns that Lorna has survived what was portrayed as an attempted suicide at the end of series 1, when she jumped into a canal following the collapse of her marriage.

Other notable storylines in series 2 included the arrival and departure of prospective sponsor governors Jerry Preston and Roger Spinal, drug-dealing by Gemma Season and Jed Season, the alcoholism of trainee teacher Russell Miller, the perversion of canteen assistant Kevin Hurst, the bullying of Mikey Grainger by fellow-pupil Leigh-Ann Galloway, the return of former pupil Maxine Barlow, and the arrival of a new sixth former named Brett Spinal (son of governor Roger), who starts an affair with the new school secretary and breaks a lot of the teenage girls hearts during the series. She rushes into the fight, and just as she shouts Jack's name, Jed turns around in surprise and Lizzie fatally runs into the knife, stabbing her right through the stomach.

The series began with headmaster Jack Rimmed recording a radio documentary featuring the death of his colleague Lizzie Red path (played by Jill Halfpenny). With Andrew Freeman gone, having accepted a teaching post in Rwanda, Eddie (played by Neil Morris) became the deputy head.

Rimmed resigned as head teacher in episode 6 due to misuse of the school budget. With Kim Campbell travelling to Rwanda with Andrew, she was replaced by Steph Haddock as Head of Pastoral Care.

Other storylines in the second half of the series include Jasmine Qureshi being accused by new pupil Michaela White (played by Zara ah Abrahams) for assault, the perversion of supply teacher Wilson Bingham, the restored chemistry of Mikey Grainger and Brett Spinal, who together start to fight for environmental rights (like not allowing a tree in the school fields to be felled), the deportation of pupil Sateen Aziz, plus a plagiarism scam which catches the exam board's attention. For example, the Kelly Family seems to be the epitome of the “Family from Hell” and consists of an alcoholic mother Rose Kelly and her five children: eldest son Marley, borderline psychopath Earl, daughter Samba, 11-year-old Denzel, and baby Prince.

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New Head of PE Rob Cleaver begins a relationship with English teacher Jasmine Qureshi and becomes the boxing mentor of pupil Bolton Smile. He is later sacked by Rachel and Eddie Lawson when it transpires he is giving Bolton pills in order to help him win an important match, ultimately ending his and Jasmine's relationship.

Maxine Barlow is tragically killed when her relationship with psychotic Earl Kelly comes to an explosive end, and she is fatally shot. Realizing she had made a huge mistake in ever trusting him, she dies in the arms of those who loved her most, Steph and Janice.

Former teacher Kim Campbell (played by Angela Griffin) returns from Rwanda in episode 11 and brings with her a baby girl, Grace, who she claims is her daughter. However, after immigration officers investigate, it transpires that Kim has in fact smuggled Grace into the UK illegally.

Former Deputy Head Andrew Freeman (played by Jamie Glover) makes a brief return in episodes 19 and 20 during a Rwandan fundraising day being held at the school, and is reunited with Kim. In the final episode Ralph Mellor went mad and knocked the front of the school down with a digger.

The series also marked the exit of long-term characters Davina Shackleton (who eventually qualifies as a teacher but later leaves Rockdale following Tom's new-found relationship with Rose), Done Charles, Chloe Grainger and Janice Bryant. Marley Kelly, Eddie Lawson (Neil Morris), Matt Wilding (Chris Gear), Flick Mellor (Sadie Pickering), Jasmine Qureshi (Havana Baths) and Andrew Freeman (Jamie Glover) also made their final appearances in episode 20.

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The current Head Teacher, Rachel Mason, and newly appointed executive Head Teacher, Max Tyler (played by Tom Chambers), immediately clash, causing a lot of tension, especially when Max takes the liberty of using Rachel's office. Episode 8 marks the departure of hopeless English teacher Helen Hopewell, who takes it upon herself to leave after realizing that her bribery of the students to ensure their good behavior during her teaching inspection will result in her sacking.

Before she took her undignified leave from WaterlooRoad, Helen left Rachel a computer disc, proving that Max had taken her on not just “for being a good student”, but also because they had had a fling. Max Tyler's increasingly desperate attempts to control the school eventually result in the end of his teaching career.

Shocked by Philip's bruise, Ruby Fry mentions it to Kim Campbell (who incidentally is having an affair with Max). When WaterlooRoad came back on air 3 months later, in Episode 11 Kim Campbell announces that she is pregnant with Max's baby.

Adam Fleet arrives, an old friend of Rachel, and he later proposes to her, whilst Steph starts dating Chris' father, Oliver. The main storyline throughout the second half of Series 5 is Finn Sharia, an unruly pupil who causes havoc.

He graffiti the staff room, does drugs and forces Amy to deface a valuable painting in Episode 18. In Episode 17, Jo Lip sett is suspended for acting inappropriately when student ROS McCain reveals she loves her, whilst Ruby Fry is on medication for the majority for the series.

Also from episode 11, Scott Gaining played Nate Gurney, a love interest for the newly homosexual Josh Stevenson, Spandau Ballet member and former Fasteners actor Martin Kemp guest starred as Mr. Burley, new character Roman Burley (Ben-Ryan Davies)'s father, and Karen David portrayed new Head of Spanish, Francesca Montoya. Will Johnson portrayed new Geography teacher, Marcus Kirby, Jonah's father, and the family was further expanded by the addition of Anna Hobart, who played his daughter and new pupil, Ruth.

Other notable storylines include Tom's son, Josh Stevenson, revealing his homosexuality. Josh embarks on a relationship with Lauren Andrews, but realizes he is unhappy and unwittingly embarrasses her in front of the whole school.

Episode 10 featured Grandly placing Fleur in a nursing home after realizing that he cannot continue to provide for his wife's high level of need. The episode also revealed that due to Grandly's issues with Fleur, he had been teaching his A-level English class the wrong syllabus, leading to angry parents phoning up the school and Karen having to bear the brunt of all the anger.

WaterlooRoad returned with Karen introducing a separate sex classes policy, which was very unpopular with the new Head of Pastoral Care, Adana Laval (Sharlene White). Episode 12 saw Janice become involved with a pupil Billie Taylor, who claimed her mother was trying to steal her baby, which introduces the second mental health storyline in series 6.

In episode 20 she was released on bail, so she and Jonah drove to Greta Green to get married; she was arrested after the ceremony. Robson Green and Mark Benton join the cast as site manager Rob Scotched and Math teacher Daniel Chalk respectively.

Oliver Lee appears as Rob's son Aiden, and Debra Stephenson as his estranged wife Naomi for four episodes. Poppy Chakra also appears in the first ten episodes as English teacher Eleanor Chandra.

Other new regular pupils include twin actresses Millie and Hope Katina as Rhoda and Shone Mansfield, and Katie McGlynn as Scout from episode 7. Furthermore, a student attends WaterlooRoad, after being released from a Youth Detention Center as a result of being convicted of the murder of a young child.

These events lead to Director of Education Richard Whitman (Nicholas Leaves), aided by inside information from Eleanor, to recommend the school's closure. Other plot elements include the death of Samba Kelly from cancer, Vicki and Jess both becoming pregnant by Aiden, and the relationship between Karen and Rob.

Eventually the staff and pupils' loyalty saves the school from closure, but Karen's future remains in doubt. Chris also decides to leave the teaching profession after his determination to help Scout causes further trouble for Karen, and Rob resigns as site manager after becoming a qualified teacher.

Alec Newman portrays the new headmaster Michael Byrne, from the second block of episodes, with Alex Walkinshaw and Jane Jacobs as newly married teachers Jet and San Diamond, the latter of whom is appointed deputy headteacher with Tom. Paul Nicholls was initially cast as Jet, but was released from his contract after three days of filming due to personal problems affecting shooting.

Chris Gear also rejoins the cast, his character Matt Wilding returning to WaterlooRoad on Michael's request to reinvigorate the music and drama departments, and Sarah Headland plays Head of English Linda Raleigh from episodes 13 to 21. New pupils include Phoenix and Harley Taylor (Kaya Moore and Kane Tomlinson-Weaver), Tariq and Trudy Siddiqui (Naveen Choudhury and Aryan Ramkhalawon), and Jet's children Madeline and Zack Diamond (Georgia Henshaw and Lee Abate) from episodes 11 and 12.

Daniela Denby-Ashe joins as Lorraine Donovan, a former pupil of Michael's, who prompts the relocation of the school from Rockdale to Scotland. His problems heighten after a confrontation with his attacker Wayne, culminating in the latter being run over and left in a coma.

Michael eventually makes his peace with Wayne and apologizes to both staff and students to finally earn their respect; however, Linda runs him over with her car after her deception is uncovered, leading to the latter's arrest at the beginning of the next term. Other storylines include Tom's struggles with the pressure of his promotion to deputy head, Emily's deteriorating behavior causing trouble for Scout, Vicki and Roman's relationship difficulties in their final term at the school and Tariq's issue with Finn and Trudy starting a relationship.

The third block of episodes begins with the arrival of a new local gang, the Dale Seen Crew (DSC). Tariq ends up in trouble again when he is infiltrated by the DSC after the gang forms a powerful hold over him when they set him up with a knife wanted in connection with a robbery.

He manages to put on a brave front, but it later transpires that he feels quite vulnerable in respect of his situation and does not have a desire to engage in behavior which could lead him into trouble with the police. Devastated and out of his love for Trudy, Finn officially joins the Murray gang to get revenge on Tariq.

However, he later bows out of the gang when they force him to set Na seem's hideout on fire and eventually gets back together with Trudy. Kyle is expelled from school after he is caught selling illegal vodka shots and swears revenge on Finn.

Initially, the prime suspect is Jet out of suspicions of his alleged jealousy of Michael's relationship with San. Luckily, an astute Chalky manages to correctly attribute the crime to Linda, who is arrested and dismissed.

Chalky thus emerges as a more heroic and stern figure, compared to his performance in the previous blocks of episodes. Tom eventually takes a shine to former soldier, Nicki Boston, who is instrumental in getting Josh to open up to her about his use of cannabis.

When alerted, Tom makes the difficult decision to take his son to see a GP, who submits him to a psychiatrist. Matt reaches fatherhood sooner than planned after Rosie, following a clumsy accident made by Na seem, goes into premature labor and gives birth to a baby girl, Martha.

Grandly starts a business selling domestics with canteen assistant, Maggie Croft, in order to save money to keep his wife in a care home. The aftermath of Fleur's death brings Grandly and Maggie closer and eventually, the two admit their true feeling for one another and begin a relationship.

But on the day of the wedding, Janice's whirlwind romance turns into heartbreak when Craig stands her up at the registry office. Chalky discovers that the reason for Craig's absence is that he has drained Janice's bank account and stolen all of her possessions.

Janice is too embarrassed and humiliated to let everyone know what happened, so she decides to attend her reception at the school and tells everyone that it was her decision to dump the groom at the altar. At the end of the series, despite his best efforts, Michael receives devastating news when the Education Authority announces that WaterlooRoad has not improved its standards and will therefore be closed.

Joining him are: San, Tom, Grandly, Maggie, Chalky, Scout, Phoenix, Denzel, Harley and Tariq and Josh. Alec Newman returned as Headmaster Michael Byrne, and Chelsea Healey reprised her role as Secretary, Janice Bryant.

Jason Done, Jane Jacobs, Mark Benton, Phillip-Martin-Brown and Melanie Hill reprised their roles as teaching staff. Laurie Brett joined the cast to portray English teacher Christine Outgrew, and Georgie Glen portrays history teacher Audrey McCall, who previously taught at rival school, Havelock High, and was brought from retirement after being impressed by Michael's vision for the school.

The series begins with the shocking news that Denzel Kelly died in the tragic crash over the summer. Scout, Phoenix, Harley and other new students have taken residence with Granola and Maggie, who are working as housemaster and housemistress in order to raise enough money to get married.

They ran away from their care home after Drew stabbed a member of staff because he believed the victim tried to break him and Jade up. He is very controlling, possessive and overprotective of Jade and believes that anyone who attempts separate them from each other is immediately a threat to their relationship.

The police are called, Drew is exposed and arrested, leaving Jade to live in the school house and carry on with the academic year. New student Connor Outgrew tries to control his alcoholic mother, Christine's drinking habit, which causes problems when he begins a relationship with Imogene Stewart.

Christine's erratic behavior takes a step forward when she forms a grudge against Audrey McCall. Audrey apologizes when Connor is revealed as the culprit, but Christine refuses to withdraw her complained.

Connor and Imogene try to spend the summer holidays in the school house together; however, Christine ruins their plans, causing Connor to go into a violent rampage, exposing Christine's alcoholic ism and sets the art room on fire, with the devastating result in Imogene being seriously injured. In wake of this, Christine finally sees the error of her ways and decides to get help for her drinking problem.

San gets a surprise when Made shows up to visit, claiming that her reasons for travelling to Scotland were because she needed space from her mother, Sarah, who was constantly bothering her. Nikki Boston was re-introduced as head of the new pupil referral unit, and has a feud with student Jodie Allen until mid-series.

Although there is initial doubt in Michael's leadership in his actions with his father, this dispersed, and he started a relationship with Christine. After admitting he was responsible for the fire that devastated Imogene, Connor reunited with her, and they got married in the final episode of the series.

Bolton Smile briefly returned, losing his cool and taking a classroom full of students hostage, including a pregnant Jade Fleming. Barry's behavior became more and more dangerous, and came to a head when he stalked San Diamond when she stands against his treatment of his sister Kacey, who is going through an identity crisis.

San slaps Barry in a heated argument, leading to her resignation and departure from Greenback. The following cast members left WaterlooRoad between episodes 11 and 20 of Series 8: Kaya Moore (Phoenix Taylor), Mark Benton (Daniel 'Chalky' Chalk), Jane Jacobs (San Diamond), Katie McGlynn (Jodi 'Scout' Allen) and Paige Meade (Jade Fleming).

It has also been confirmed that Will Rush (Josh Stevenson) has already finished filming his character's final scenes and has returned for a one-off guest appearance in episode 24. Alongside Jason, Alec Newman (Michael Byrne) decided to quit his role as the headmaster and Daniela Denby-Ashe (Lorraine Finnegan) was also announced to be leaving.

Former Have I Got News For You host Angus Dayton joined the cast as Modern Foreign Languages' teacher George Windsor towards the end of the season. Christine later has a turn of heart when in the ninth episode she sees Simon jump into a river to save kidnapped pupil Lenny, who was abducted by someone impersonating a supply teacher.

Christine's alcoholism continues to be a recurring storyline in this series as she struggles with being in the demanding role of Head Teacher. In the last episode, Christine struggles at Simon and Sue's wedding reception with the alcoholic drinks that surround her.

The storyline begins with Audrey digging for evidence of neglect, to which she finds that their older brother has been bringing them up in a sparsely equipped dingy flat that doubles up as a cocaine making business. Audrey reports the conditions to the police and social services, leading Lenny and Lisa's brother to be imprisoned.

As the series goes on, the tension lessens between them all, yet Lisa takes a little longer to settle into life at WaterlooRoad. This comes to the forefront during the ninth episode of the series, when a lonely Lenny is preyed upon by a supply teacher who turns out to be someone using a falsified identity.

Newly qualified science teacher Sue Spark finds teaching tougher than she thought it would be. Fellow NOT Helen Hopewell accepted a similar offer in order to control her classes for an inspection in the fifth series.

Later, Sue decides to end the offer and go it alone after boyfriend Simon realizes what is going on, but her troubles return leading her to turn to powerful tranquilizers. In the ninth episode, when Sue notices that the supply teacher has no idea about the subject he is meant to be teaching, she chooses to say nothing, instead focusing on her plans for her and Simon's upcoming wedding.

They decide to keep this under wraps, in a deal paved out by Christine that sees George having to attend Mandarin classes several times a week. Grandly Budget, the longest serving teacher of WaterlooRoad, dies during a school assembly where pupil Harley Taylor is reading him a poem about how he has helped him in recent years.

But, she is prepared to continue and signs on to go to a specialist boxing academy in Miami, paid for by the school's sponsored clean. Eve learns following her arrival that her mother abandoned her as a child, but they depart on so-so terms after Kacey plumps up the courage to solve the rift.

This involves the staff and pupils turning the school into a World War Two style community with realistic settings, costumes and food. However, a series of mishaps almost put the scheme in jeopardy; Maggie struggles to cope with delivering students rations, whilst foraging Barry and Darren eat several poisonous mushrooms, and this all leads to tensions between Simon and Christine growing further.

Due to the 2014 World Cup and Commonwealth Games, a summer term installment has not been produced as per previous years. On 19 September 2013, the BBC announced that a tenth series had been commissioned, with Neil Pearson and Nicola Stephenson joining the cast as teaching duo Vaughan Fitzgerald and Allie Westbrook.

Vaughan Fitzgerald will also be the new Head Teacher of the school from the start of this series, but it is unknown what might happen to Christine Outgrew when the new headteacher will make his first appearance. BBC Entertainment Series 1 has been aired in Armenia, Austria, Azores, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine.

Template:Flag ETV (Estonia) Series 1–7 have aired under the name Waterloo Road pool (The School of WaterlooRoad). Template:Flagyl TV1 Series 1–4 have aired under the name Waterloo Roadie would (The School of WaterlooRoad).

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