Best Control Warrior Deck 2019

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
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Your goal is to maintain control of the board in every stage of a match through many of the efficient removal cards available to the class, while also steadily moving towards powerful late game threats that can overwhelm your opponent. Do be warned if you’re considering playing it though as the cost is extremely high due to all the epic and legendary cards you’ll need.

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Nevertheless, it can be well worth the investment as it does a great job of holding off all the aggro decks in the early days of an expansion release, while remaining a solid meta pick at all times. In our ControlWarrior guide, we'll start with a look at the most commonly played deck list right now and offer some insight into how you should be piloting the archetype.

Warrior Neutral2 x Eternity Rover1 x Iron beak Owl2 x Omega Assembly1 x SN1P-SN4P2 x Shield Slam1 x Armegedillo2 x Town Crier1 x Zilliax2 x Warpath1 x Archivist Elysiana2 x Weapons Project1 x Frightened Flunky1 x Shield Block2 x Restless Mummy2 x Omega Devastator2 x Brawl2 x Dyn-o-matic1 x Plague of Wrath1 x Supercollider1 x Dr. Boom, Mad Genius Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game. When you’re ready to play more aggressively in the late game the deck has some absurdly powerful options.

Mid-game: Stick with the reactive approach to each of your opponent’s plays, and they’ll find it impossible to get a foothold in the match. Late game: Now is your time to assert full control of the match as you drop continual threats that your opponent will struggle to remove.

For starters, you can combine Dr. Boom, Mad Genius with Omega Assembly to generate an electrifying army of Much minions with Rush. Or, you can make use of Archivist Elysian as a way to fill your deck with more copies of your most powerful cards.

Make sure you save Omega Devastator for turn 10 as well, just in case your opponent has one last surprise ready to go You have so much control packed into this deck that you should be more than capable of keeping them in check in the early game.

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Once they realize you’re a control deck they may decide to play more aggressively to try and finish you quickly. If you think the match is heading the way of Fatigue you should be happy as this Control Warrior list has a much better chance of surviving it thanks to Archivist Elysian.

You can generate a lot of extra value way into the late game with Dr. Boom, Mad Genius and Omega Assembly. Town Crier : An immediate minion to contest the board, and you'll also draw into either Militia Commander or William.

Eternity Rover : Another solid early game minion that will also help beef up your defenses. Dr. Boom, Mad Genius : Despite his high cost for the purposes of Mulligan, the amount of value generated by this card justifies the early keep.

ControlWarrior has a pretty obvious game plan but there are some cards combos in the deck that are especially powerful. That way you'll receive all three Techs that were selected as part of the Discovery process, and they will synergize perfectly with Dr. Boom, Mad Genius.

Omega Assembly : Never cast this until you have ten Manas as it’s necessary to grab all three minions for some immense late game value. Omega Devastator : The card reads 10 damage but that basically equates to instantly killing another minion.

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Immediately impactful on the board while also providing some healing and a roadblock for aggro decks. Dr. Boom, Mad Genius : One of the best ways to keep you going into the late game thanks to a rotating hero power that offers extra damage, the option to generate you more minions and so much more.

Our ControlWarriordeck list guide goes through the ins-and-outs of this evergreen Warrior build for the Rise of Shadows expansion! ControlWarrior is as old as Hearthstone: a Hero Power that provides armor and a number of excellent removal cards in the Classic set have kept the archetype relevant throughout the history of the game.

The win condition has changed along the way a few times, as sometimes the deck has included big late-game minions, and sometimes it has been all about removal and running the opponent out of resources. Rise of Shadows ControlWarrior is quite far at the removal end of the spectrum: Archivist Elysian ensures that fatigue is not an issue and Dr. Boom, Mad Genius provides a near-endless capability to remove threats.

Whether it’s an aggro deck that you can simply run out of resources or a control deck that you are ready to take all the way to the turn limit if needed, you are the unmovable object, the pillar of strength that withstands all attempts to topple you. Try to use the appropriate removal piece for each threat, and you generally have enough of them so that the opponent will have no way to deal the necessary damage.

Rogue comes at you with Waggle Pick s, Deadly Poison s, and Captain Green skin. When you remove Waggle Pick, Rogue still benefits from the Shadow step effect, if they have any minions on the board.

It’s an elaborate dance of who controls where the Shadow step effect lands and how big of a weapon the Rogue can make. Sometimes you can deal with it with a Shield Slam, but often you need Iron beak Owl or Execute, depending on which one you have included in the deck.

Dyn-o-matic is especially good if you have had time to switch over to Dr. Boom, Mad Genius, because then it will have Rush, and it can hit something after the Battle cry effect. Mech-based Hunter decks are difficult opponents, because they completely neutralize Dyn-o-matic‘s Battle cry effect and force you to rely on your Rush minions and general removal tools.

With a list that includes silence, plenty of Rush minions, and Super collider, you still stand a decent chance. You are generally looking for opportunities to switch over to Dr. Boom, Mad Genius even against aggro decks, especially board-based ones.

The enhanced Hero Power provides several ways to respond to minion threats, and is only weaker than your regular Hero Power against decks that run a lot of burn spells. Dr. Boom, Mad Genius also provides you with a spike of seven armor, which can be important in enabling Shield Slam, which can otherwise be difficult to use at times in the post-Baku world.

With Archivist Elysian and a bounce effect from either Youthful Brew master or Baleful Banker, you can comfortably reach the turn limit. It’s either the cards you get from Archivist Elysian or pressure from your never-ending value generator, Dr. Boom, Mad Genius.

If you play an early Boom, you will be able to use its Hero Power more than 30 times during a game that goes close to the turn limit. You want to switch to that hero as soon as possible in control matchups, because it generates tons of value and a constant stream of minions for you.

Decks such as Freeze Mage and Holy Wrath Paladin try to kill you with direct damage, and they have plenty, but their supply is not endless. Two big Holy Wrath s with Shirvallah, the Tiger is 50 damage, and they can also have Alexstrasza to put you down to 15 health.

Note that against the main Mecca’Thun Warrior OK combo, you may need to Shield Slam your own Unseen Saboteur if you pull Inner Rage, as otherwise Mecca’Thun Warrior can use your minion to kill off their rushing Mecca'Thun. Even if you succeed in disrupting the full combo, you still need a silence effect to deal with Mecca'Thun, if it is the last minion and the last card.

All varieties of ControlWarrior are expensive to build, because there are several mandatory Epic and Legendary cards. Brawl and Dr. Boom, Mad Genius are core Warrior cards that cannot be replaced.

They are not absolutely mandatory, and can be replaced with another Eternity Rover and a draw tool, such as Acolyte of Pain. Darius Crowley is a decent Rush minion, although it is only the fourth in importance in the deck.

It can nonetheless be replaced, either with an Acidic Swamp Ooze if you really need weapon removal, or with another card draw tool, such as Acolyte of Pain or Slam. It can be replaced with an Execute or with the classic Epic cards Big Game Hunter or Gore howl.

The deck’s general game plan is to remove everything opponent plays while gaining a lot of Armor through Hero Power and other cards, and then win the game by dropping some high value minions. More recently, Dr. Boom, Mad Genius has become an alternative (or rather the main) win condition, giving the deck basically everything in a single card (removal, Armor, value, tempo).

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