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Cheng Du 23 offers delicious dining and takeout to Wayne, NJ. Cheng Du 23 is a cornerstone in the Wayne community and has been recognized for its outstanding Chinese cuisine, ...

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This restaurant serves rainbow roll, home Kong shrimp dumpling, smoked salmon, Asian style glazed breast of duck, scallion pancake, sushi rice, and green salad. They also serve shrimp & vegetable tempura, Chinese fried rice, crab stick, salmon teriyaki, general chicken or sesame chicken, king crab, and uni....

Double AI is a restaurant located in Wayne, New Jersey at 107 Bethune Drive. Resting on the banks of the Compton Lake, Double AI offers you scenic views in a casual dining atmosphere.

Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet is a restaurant located in Wayne, New Jersey at 862 Hamburg Turnpike. Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet provides a healthy alternative to the other restaurant offerings in Wayne, New Jersey.

Dinner Box Specially of Following Special Include Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura, Fried Human, California... This restaurant serves wonton egg drop soup, shrimp lobster sauce, chicken w. mixed veges, shrimp egg foo young, chicken or pork chow man, shrimp w. mixed veges, and moo SHU chicken (w. 4 pancakes).

They also serve mixed veges, fried wonton, moo SHU shrimp (w. 4 pancakes), spring roll, chicken or pork... Happy Panda is a restaurant located in Wayne, New Jersey at 209 Berman Avenue.

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Learn more about Happy Panda Chinese Restaurant located in Wayne, NJ. China Kitchen is a restaurant located in Wayne, New Jersey at 1204 Preakness Avenue.

This restaurant serves shrimp lo man, bean curd w. mixed vegetable, shrimp egg foo young, pork chow Mai fun, shrimp mixed vegetable w. garlic sauce, fried or steamed dumpling, and beef w. baby corn. Kevin Lin's is a restaurant located in Wayne, New Jersey at 163 Hamburg Turnpike.

(Dining room closed until further notice.) This is a really nice little place to drop in for a quick bite or take-out for a cozy dinner at home.

It is sew Tasty and the aroma was also nice. Great food, quick delivery, and it has never changed taste over many years of service.

Order online, by phone, or from the front desk. Patrons are required to wear face coverings while inside to order or pickup.

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Please keep the front door area clear to allow wait staff sufficient space. To ensure your safety, we continue to offer Online Ordering and Contactless Pickup if you prefer.

Order securely online using your desktop computer or mobile device. You will receive a text message when your order is ready for pickup in about 15* minutes.

If you don’t receive a text message in 20 minutes, please call 973.812.2800. * The wait time can be longer on Holidays and weekend nights.

When you receive your “order is ready” text, you can come inside for pickup. Please respect social distancing during pickup and observe parking restrictions.

The Wayne Police Department will enforce all regulations. Now you can get Chengdu 23 App on your mobile device home screen.

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Tim Every order I've placed gets delivered superfast. Tommy Chen gs Asian Cuisine knows how to keep its hungry diners satisfied.

It's Monday night and Cheng Du 23, a Sichuan Chinese restaurant in a strip mall in Wayne, is hopping. Almost everyone is Asian, including my dining companion, a Chinese -American food lover who resides in Wayne.

After two recent meals at Cheng Du 23, I too will be making frequent visits. But if you're here to eat the real deal, ignore those dishes and go for the “authentic Sichuan” grub (you'll find the real Chinese eats on the menu under “Authentic Sichuan Cuisine and Chef's Specials”).

Consider starting your meal with ciao long bad ($8), aka soup dumplings or juice buns. One more tip: after your first gentle bite, pour a bit of soy sauce into the pouch.

Take the evocatively named dish Ants Climbing a Tree ($13), a scrumptious glass noodles dish with teeny specks of ground pork (“ants”) that are given a nice boost by chili oil and chili peppers. Perfectly cooked and wonderfully flaky, the fish, served on a large platter, can easily feed a family of four (it's market priced), or taken home and enjoyed the next day.

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The only dish we had that missed the mark was sautéed snow pea leaves (market priced). When young, the leaves are wonderfully sweet, with a slight snow pea flavor.

“We count our miseries carefully, and accept our blessings without much thought,” one Chinese proverb notes. When dining on such good Chinese food, focus on the delicious blessings.

We have taken the time to taste and review Chinese restaurants in NJ and after careful consideration, we have come up with a list of our favorite picks. Let’s quickly cut to the chase and give the top dog in NJ Chinese Cuisine.

From their amazing modern decor, to their always consistent delicacies of Grand Mariner Prawns, Bell & Evans Organic Peking Chicken and Whole Crispy Fish, we guarantee that visitors will not be disappointed. This fusion started in San Francisco, California, after small restaurants tried to emulate the traditional dishes served in larger scaled eateries operated by the Chinese.

Within the New Jersey region, Chinese cuisine is highly popular and is offered in many styles. Below is a list of common types of regional Chinese cuisine and their general properties.

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Cantonese cuisine originated from the South China Sea province, Guangdong. Culinary experts mastered this type of cooking by learning the methods to steaming and frying savory bite size portions and dim sum.

Both dim sum, a dumpling filled with various ingredients, and these smaller dishes emphasize flavors such as soy sauce, spring onions, and rice wine. The Oriental Pan Asian Restaurant is a great place to get delicious affordable Chinese cuisine ranging from lo mien to boneless spare ribs.

Elena Wu is cooking up traditional Chinese dishes with a French flare. For dine in and take out options head to 184 Columbia Turnpike, Flora Park, NJ, where you will find China Chalet.

Serving up favorites any time of the week, China Chalet provides fast services and a great atmosphere. Having quality go-to dishes that taste fresh and homemade for the locals can make a good reputation for a restaurant.

Their small cozy sit down dining room and their to-go counter consistently delivers quality affordable dishes. People have raved about the amazing dim sum and Cantonese cuisine at Wonder Seafood Restaurant over the years.

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Head out to 1984 State Rt 27 Edison, NJ to experience Wonder Seafood Restaurant. In Harrison there is a great little Chinese restaurant, 5 Grain Rice, where you can get quality Cantonese cuisine.

Elegant decor is just as beautiful as the colorful, mouth-watering dishes served up at Dim Sum Dynasty. For the culinary adventurer, Dim Sum Dynasty cooks up some exotic dishes.

Drive to 75 Franklin Ave, Ridge wood, NJ to try Dim Sum Dynasty. If you are looking for a mouth-watering explosion of flavor drive to 1105 US Highway 46 in Clifton, NJ to experience Chengdu 46 for yourself.

Szechuan Ace uses fresh ingredients and cholesterol free vegetable oil. Next time you are in Somerset, NJ make sure to go to 1721 State High Way 27, to try Szechuan Ace’s tasteful food.

Szechuan House is offering a variety of meals from jellyfish to simple diced chicken. Sichuan Spring was just recently added by us to this list in October 2017 thanks to a comment by one of our visitors (Peter Talbot).

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After a flood of Chinese immigrants came to America in the 19th century, many Americans feared their jobs. A network of buses was then created in New York to transport these Chinese immigrants to restaurants all around the country.

This simple cultural dispersal had a major effect on the infatuation with Chinese cuisine in America today. It was because of this cultural mix in American restaurants, we are able to enjoy a part of Chinese cuisine in New Jersey.

Whether you live in northern, central or southern NJ, you will be able to find the best Chinese cuisine in your area. Being so close to a cultural mega spot, New York City, northern Jersey offers some best Chinese cuisine.

Hunan Taste located at 67 Bloomfield Ave in Danville, NJ has had the locals hooked and coming back for more for over ten years. The architecture of this divine building will take your breath away as you taste exquisite savory dishes that are created by their experienced chefs straight from China.

When in Parsimony, make sure to drive to 857 Highway 46, to taste Qin Dynasty’s truly amazing food. Cathay 22 is an upscale Chinese restaurant with a friendly staff. The menu consists of favorites such as three pepper chicken and Dan- Dan mien noodle.

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Cheng Du 23 has been rated one of the top one hundred restaurants in the United States. Chef John’s Authentic Chinese Cuisine in Whipping features a prize-winning chef from Shanghai, who creates savory dishes originated from Guiyang and Shanghai. You can try the crystal shrimp which won the gold medal in an International Chinese culinary competition.

Check out Chef John’s Authentic Chinese Cuisine located at 831 State. Golden East Garden offers reasonable prices for great food.

If you are in East Brunswick go to 50 W. Prospect Street, (right off of US State Hwy 18) for a taste of this wonderful authentic Chinese food. Take a trip to 8 South Main Street Marlboro, NJ for the ultimate dining experience.

Sunny Palace uses steam carts and serves all the traditional Cantonese dishes. Ma- Ma Chinese Take Out offers awesome food from handmade dumplings to tasty black bean sauce.

West Lake Chinese Restaurant serves fresh seafood and excellent Peking duck. While using the highest quality ingredients Nina creates wonderful dishes from scratch. This restaurant is definitely worth the trip to 3430 Route 37 E, in Toms River, New Jersey.

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Asian Palace is a beautifully renovated space that surrounds you as you indulge in savory Chinese entrées. When dining at this local hot spot ask for Chef Allen’s specialty of the day.

Mandarin Oriental in Harrison, NJ, is a buffet style restaurant. They will accommodate special requests. TRE An Wu is located at 3131 New Jersey 38, Mount Laurel, NJ.

After discovering new locations for tasty Chinese restaurants you may have noticed a variety of cuisines. Aside from these popular cuisines, you have Anhui, Fujian Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Zhejiang.

Anhui cuisine focuses on incorporating local herbs and vegetables into meals. In Fujian cuisine, slicing is essential to bring out aromas and textures within the seafood dishes.

The Hunan cuisine focuses on bringing out the spices and deep colors in food. Please offer your opinion and leave a comment below of some of your favorite Chinese Restaurants in NJ.

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