Best Cheap Xenon Bulbs

Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
• 13 min read

When your xenon headlights start to dim, turn purple, or just burn out, it’s hard to tell what product to replace them with. Luckily, we have tested nearly every product on the market including Philips and SRAM, in order to determine the best replacement you should go with, and if the higher cost is worth the money.

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We tested the lumens, and more importantly the peak lux in 3 unique OE projectors at 25 feet. Remember that you can always jump over to the top recommended products page by clicking here.

We keep that page up to date as we test, so you’ll always find the best products long after this article was written. Other benefits include an increase in the color temperature, to get a whiter output to replace the yellowish OEM bulbs.

First up is the SRAM Night Breaker Unlimited (NBL) set. Keep in mind the prices we are mentioning here are based on the D2S size, and the D1S, D3S, and so on will typically cost a bit more.

The Unlimited’s offer 5% more lumens total over stock, but an incredible 26% more light when running in the low-beam setting, and about 7% when you turn on the high-beams. It’s tough to get such high marks with a higher kelvin bulb, but SRAM nailed it with this one.

Now knowing they are a great upgrade in terms of brightness, the color is really where the shine at 5450k, a nice pure white color with no yellow, and a small hint of blue. Just be sure if you do pick up a set of the major or premium brands, be sure to use the links from our website as you’ll ensure a genuine product.

(Source: carnesmechanical.com)

There aren’t many companies out there that actually sell a genuine product, and everything you find online including Amazon and eBay are over 80% faked. The real deals will have rare salts included for the best brightness and efficiency, precision alignment, and quality glass.

Philips and SRAM offer genuine validation, so be sure to check the pages if you picked up one of their models. Once we perform bench testing though, we’ll be sure to post the results on our website.

We purchased the 5 most popular premium models from what we researched, and one stuck out far from the rest. We don’t normally recommend buying HID bulbs from Amazon, but there were some great contenders, once in particular that stood out on top of anything we tested.

Just keep in mind again that the Amazon bulbs will not be nearly as high of quality like the others we mentioned, but if you’re on a strict budget, they are a great option to get you by for a while. We went through 14 products from Amazon, and the MRS ranked #1 at 5% more lumens, and a crazy 37% more low-beam brightness, and 4% more high-beam light.

They have the correct alignment tabs as well, which some Amazon models were lacking, and it showed during out tests. Well we have only tested one LED replacement product, and it didn’t fair well.

bulbs xenon headlight oem hid
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It’ll net you about half the brightness of a proper HID bulb, at a cost of over $100. Be sure to bookmark this page, so you can refer back to it in the future if you’re not yet ready for the upgrade, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you don’t miss any of our upcoming videos.

Original equipment quality seal for the most reliable performance DOT compliant. You can verify the authenticity through the QR code on the COA or through our website.

Compatible replacement for all HID/ Xenon headlights accepting “D1S” bulbs. 2000 hour lifespan lasts 6-10 years under average daily use.

SRAM Xe narc Cool Blue Intense D1S Xenon HID Car Bulb COOL BLUE effect through even higher color temperature (up to 6,000 Kelvin), clearer outer bulb.

Extra blue light through a special filling system used instead of conventional coatings. Improved visibility and response times compared to standard xenon lamps.

bulb lights bulbs dzt1968 t10 10pcs
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Produces light up to 3 times than halogen bulb, lumen of HID is up to 3200LM while lumen of halogen lamp is 800LM and lower watts. Waterproof, dustproof, oil-resistant, heat-resistant and wear-resistant can reduce the chance of rain leakage and short circuit.

CAR ROVER D1S/D1C 8000K 35W Xenon HID Headlight Replacement Bulb Ultimate white effect to match other LEDs on your car.

Up to 120% more vision in comparison with legal minimum standard. Greater contrast for improved visibility and safer driving.

A Xenon D1R socket is suitable for Xenon bulbs for headlights with reflector system. In contrast to the paraboloid headlamp, there is no diffusing lens.

The entire illumination is based on a special design of the reflector, which allows cover lenses of clear glass or scratch-resistant plastic. The whole reflector is divided into partial segments by a computer control.

bulbs osram philips xenon e46 headlight halogen notice removal ll ve recommended only
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This allows an optimal alignment and illumination of the roadway, because the light is always reflected downwards. Check the user manual, the part number of your original lamps or search online for “auto lamp search”.

Select your car model in the filter system on the product detail page to check the fit. For example: “Notes: Dipped beam (with halogen capsule headlights)” means that our bulb is only suitable as a low beam for your car if your car is equipped with halogen capsule headlights.

High beam or fog light as long as the lamp size is the same. Every driver depends on their vehicle’s headlights to light their way in the dark and during rainy, foggy, bad weather.

While it’s obvious you need to change a broken headlight, you can save yourself a ton of trouble (including a potential ticket!) But with a plethora of options available, both online and in brick and mortar stores, shopping for a headlight replacement can be confusing.

To help you find the right product for your needs easily and quickly, we’ve outlined some of the best headlight bulbs currently on the market. If you want a bright, long-lasting headlight bulb from a reliable brand, definitely check out Philips H CrystalVision.

2825 bright super astar bulbs led t10 px 10pcs jdm chipsets lights xenon automotive canbus tundra bulb cornerbunny auxito 10x
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This DOT compliant bulb provides bright whitefish light in the nighttime, and a blue effect during day time, elevating the style of any vehicle. In fact, according to the manufacturer, the bulb provides so much bright light that it’s comparable to xenon.

That said, based on hundreds of satisfied reviews, it should still last for a very long time (an average seems to be around a year and a half to two). The Original Equipment (OE) quality seal speaks to its durability and longevity.

Produces bright light, allowing the driver to see farther at night The Sylvia 9004 SilverS tar bulb shines brightly and clearly, improving contrast and object visibility when driving during nighttime and inclement weather, making the whole night-driving process much less stressful.

According to the manufacturer, the 9004 halogen model offers a fantastic combination of more side road and farther download clarity, resulting in safer driving. Importantly, the product is DOT compliant and comes with two bulbs for symmetrical lighting.

Provides clear, bright light, allowing the driver to see farther down the road Using aerospace alloy filaments for durability and Pisa’s EXTRA technology for increased light output, this headlight bulb gives more contrast and brightness, allowing you to see farther down the road more clearly.

equipment lighting started
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Besides alloy filaments and PISA’s EXTRA technology, this product also utilizes the properties of heat-resistant quarts for increased lifespan and durability. Needless to say, it’s DOT compliant and perfectly safe as it provides more light output than regular bulbs, giving the driver better color recognition, improved contrast and depth perception.

For one, the Extreme Vision has a high precision coating and quality UV-Quartz glass which offers bright whitefish light, plus longevity and durability. The bulb also has a color temperature of 3700K which helps your eyes focus better, resulting in a safer, more comfortable night driving experience.

In fact, the Extreme Vision provides such clear light that many drivers compare it to Lead. For safe and balanced lighting, the pack comes with 2 bulbs that are easy to install.

Generates up to 147 feet longer light beam (compared to similar bulbs) Compared to standard halogen bulbs, the GE Nighthawk Platinum provides much more light.

This is possible thanks to the model’s innovative design with a platinum colored tip, plus blue skirted coat for improved contrast, as well as personalized style. The DOT compliant bulb comes in many sizes, so it should be easy to find the right one for your vehicle.

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Bright and sleek, with a decent lifespan, the Sylvia’s SilverS tar Zoe headlight bulb is the perfect combo of halogen and xenon technology. Cobalt blue coating gives the bulb optimal light transmission and that desirable cool blue effect, while the xenon halogen gas tech provides ultra-bright light that blows most competitive products out of the water.

The SilverS tar Zoe model stands out thanks to its xenon fueled halogen bulb which produces crisp white light that looks like HID. The result is a jewel-like shine that in look, feel and attitude resembles more expensive HID lights.

Standard priced, intensely bright, plus long-lasting, this product is perfect for folks on a budget. It should be mentioned, however, that the Hello H is sold in a single package, so to ensure symmetrical lighting and therefore safe driving, it’s wise to purchase two.

This H headlight bulb provides bright light that is ideal for off-road conditions, but is not suitable for high oncoming traffic. Integrating German auto lighting technology along with Hello’s strict testing requirements, this high wattage bulb guarantees functionality and long-lasting satisfaction.

For folks on a budget who need a simple headlight replacement, Philips Visions model is a solid choice. Even though this is one of the cheapest headlights on our list, it provides up to 60% more vision on the road, at least when compared to stock halogen bulbs.

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The Visions may not be the brightest bulb on the market, but it still produces very clear long beam, allowing the driver to see farther down the road. Importantly, the headlight has an OE quality seal, guaranteeing reliable performance for a long time.

As usual, Philips headlight bulbs are sold in a package of two, so symmetrical bright light is a given. The SRAM’s Night Breaker headlight bulb provides an amazingly bright, clear light that is bound to make any kind of nighttime driving safer and less stressful.

This headlight has a coiled tungsten filament which helps reduce the temperature while igniting the halogen gas for superior brightness. Another great headlight replacement bulb from Philips, the H11 Standard model offers excellent value for money.

Bright, whitefish and clear, this headlight is the perfect choice for drivers who often drive at night or in inclement weather. The Standard model produces a wide, bright beam and ensures excellent road illumination no matter where you’re going.

Luckily, the market is packed with affordable, durable headlight bulbs nowadays, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find the right model for your needs. To purchase the right headlight for your vehicle, all you have to do is inform yourself about different types of bulbs and consider your needs; then, decide what is most important to you.

led 220v e27 smd 110v 12w bulb speaker bluetooth rgb wireless lamp playing power dhgate
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When you get the right sized headlight bulb, you need to check whether it will plug into your wiring perfectly. If you’re after that bright white light, you need to pay attention to the color temperature.

Bear in mind that although 5000K will produce a very strong, bright white light, it may not be what you need as some models will actually have an output nearer to a purple color than white (this depends on the brand and model). It should be noted that some bulbs do not have the color temperature labeled, so if you need the exact numbers, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer to find out.

It’s no wonder why: it’s inexpensive, easy to replace, universal and generally bright enough to light up any dark road ahead. The drawback of halogen headlight bulbs is the heat they generate, and as a result, the increased energy consumption.

LED lights offer more brightness than halogen bulbs do, although they’re more expensive as a result. They are a perfect choice for people who more often than not drive at night, as they offer that instantaneous and powerful beam that lights up any and all dark areas with no issues.

This is because they trigger heat in surrounding wiring which needs to be kept cool in order to function properly. HID, or high-intensity discharge bulbs, are slowly but surely gaining in popularity thanks to their exceptionally bright, white and luxurious light output.

Overall, HID bulbs provide the brightest and whitest light of all headlights, so if ultimate brightness is what you want, they’re what you need. On the downside, many HID headlights produce intense amounts of glare toward oncoming cars, which is why they’re illegal in some countries and states.

Turn off all lights, locate the bulb holder and remove the wiring harness. If you have a plastic catch, press down the tiny lever at the top of the plug with your thumb while pulling it; if you have a metal clip, pull the lever up and away; if you have a screw cap, unscrew the plug by turning it anti-clockwise.

Remove the old bulb by holding onto the base (you may have to rotate or wiggle to loosen it). Get the new bulb (be careful not to touch it with your bare hands; instead use a tissue or a clean rag) and plug it into the back of the headlight.

While all headlight bulbs on our Top List are quality, DOT compliant and durable products, when it comes to the best value for money, we believe that Philips H CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade takes the crown. Here’s why: it produces bright light that is definitely more on the white than warm yellow side, allowing the driver to see farther down the road more clearly.

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