Best Cards For Zen Idle

James Smith
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Usually, those offering direct and instant bonuses (like extra value or multipliers) are better than those increasing spawn rate or decreasing costs. If you do, you will receive a massive chunk of money (and you can also double its value by watching an ad).

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More often than not, especially in the stages where you didn’t get a chance to buy many upgrades, the balls will get stuck big time. Apart from the premium currency itself, you will also get some random boosts for your balls, permanently increasing their value in all future games.

I say this because I always forget to: there’s a bar at the top of the screen, one that fills up as the value of your world increases. It’s extremely important to level up as soon as you have the chance, because each time when you do, you get to select one of three random perks that will make your life a lot easier.

For the others, I prefer getting ball value and spawn rates first, with gate bonuses coming second and price reductions only if there’s nothing else to choose. Either way, I recommend Presiding only when you get a bonus that’s big enough to make a difference when you start over again: at least a 50% increase should be aimed for.

Every monster card shares the same upgrade tier costs, even the ones that start with better bonuses than previous ones. Along with Construction, various cards are now upgradable to Adolescent tier, further boosting their effectiveness by a factor of 2.7x (or 6x total for those increasing linearly).

Requirement Android 4.1+ RatingReviews 1317 App Version 1.1.38 Language English Downloads 50,000+ Developer Tech Tree Games Update Feb 15, 2021 Genre Simulation Latest updated Description How to install Zen Idle APK / MOD file? Senile (MOD, Unlimited Money) Play passively or actively.

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Sit back, relax, and watch as the balls cascade, bounce, and land in endless, satisfying patterns. Or, take control and tap the balls to get a sharp boost in income.

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