Best Buy Z Flip

David Lawrence
• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
• 10 min read

NO Iris recognition but a hard-to-use fingerprint reader. It only works after many tries, glad it has a four-digit code when the reader does not detect a programmed fingerprint.

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The software program for my Yahoo Mail is different on this flip phone. The Z flip phone is very slippery when wet, and it loves fingerprints on screen.

I bought a phone protector from RARE and also a holster with a belt clip from BELTON. I use the RARE protector that has a place to put a lanyard on, and it also has a movable plastic cover over the swivel hinge.

The keyboard splits up when rotating the phone to make the screen larger. It is a nice paper weight that I can keep in my shirt pocket.

It is a nice conversation piece when you flip it open in front of any I_phone users. Report Brand response from Samsung Hello TIGER7388, we would like to thank you for providing this detailed feedback.

It was not an easy decision for someone who has a Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch to give up on my iPhone 11 Pro, and Apple Watch as a result. The mechanism is solid, and it gives me confidence that the phone will last.

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You won't scratch it unless you have very long nails because the phone is always closed in your pocket. You won't be able to go back to the typical form factor never ever again.

They didn’t take time in the store to show me any for the functions (COVID-19) so I don’t know how to use it yet. My son had to set it to answer when I open the phone.

When I set down to view a tutorial online, maybe it will rate 5 stars. Honestly, this phone feels nostalgic and brand new at the same time.

I work in an industrial environment and not having to worry about the screen breaking in my pocket is a huge plus. The gesture controls can be a little wonky but overall I'm in love with the flip.

Overall quality and polish on the flip 2 feels better than the fold. My only complaint would be the screen protector included is cheap and requires replacement after a few months.

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This isn't much of an issue though as replacement aftermarket screen protectors are cheap. The durability is also excellent for a foldable, but definitely treat it nicely as you can get scratches more easily.

I got to say I love the phone it is definitely different I am coming over from the Galaxy fold, so it is a little on the different side I do got to admit the flip to open to answer is cool and to close the phone to hang up is also pretty radical. The price does reflect a bit on the steep side, but I promise you every time that you look at your phone day after day the price will not matter you will be happy with the purchase.

It has a wow factor that the regular smartphones don't have anymore as they all kinda look the same. I can tell the engineers spent a lot of time on this phone.

I thought the crease would bother me, but it's only noticeable when there's light reflecting directly on it, and it's very minor. The mono speaker is loud and maybe slightly below the S series I had but not bad at all.

Battery life is good, it lasts all day even though it's smaller than others. The matte finish is beautiful and doesn't get fingerprint smudges.

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I didn't even put a case on it since it comes with that Samsung premium screen replacement for a lower fee. The fact that I have a normal phone when I want it, but then can fold it and leave it in my front shirt pocket works wonders.

A: Answer This device is usable on sub 6 bands of 5g (ATT, T-Mobile and sprint). It will still work on Verizon 4g LTE but will not make use of the mm 5g they offer.

A: Answer It's the same glass composite covered with a layer of plastic and on top of that it has the screen protector pre-installed from factory. A: Answer Yes it does, but I purchase this phone December 14, 2020 and asked the rep that sold it to me about return policy since it was a birthday gift for my daughter which her birthday is December 28th rep said as long as you keep your receipts and have the box for the phone you have 30 days from date of purchase.

Sort most RelevantMost Helpfulness RecentOldestHighest RatingLowest Rating Don't believe all the professional reviews and their off the wall extreme abuse tests.

The phone is extremely well-made, great build quality, feels heavier & more substantial than it actually looks. The screen is folding glass laminated with some type of thin plastic that does not scratch with normal use.

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I still don't have even one scratch on mine, but I do keep my nails trimmed short. My finger glides very smoothly over the screen, much more than any slab phone I've owned.

You can also see a slight indentation at the fold ONLY if the light hits it at a certain angle, but it's invisible with the display on. Zoom works flawlessly as well as the normal/wide angle modes and special effect filters.

Plenty of battery power and system performance. I'm a higher than normal user, and I've yet to kill the battery on an average day of use... I don't play games or watch movies, just an occasional YouTube video or FB.

Phone is extremely slippery, and I do recommend a “Case Mate” cover. It's semi rubberized feel makes this phone much easier to handle while protecting it somewhat against drops or falls...it also fills the gap between the halves when folded.

The cutout needs to be slightly trimmed in order to get your thumbprint completely on it, works flawlessly after that. I bought the 2yr extended warranty only because the technology is so new, but after a month I have no issues whatsoever, and I don't think I will have any in the future.

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Samsung has always produced top quality phones in the past, and it's the only brand I buy. Report Brand response from Samsung Hello MadeInBklyn, thank you for taking the time out of your day to write this amazing review.

This phone is so easy to carry and because it's a bit narrower than my Note 10+ and iPhone 11 Pro Max the Z Flip is easier to hold. I would love for this phone to have Ex and I think they can add with a firmware update if they choose to.

I saw some complain about the split in the middle of the screen, but it did not bother me and I really don't notice it. I had just about every Samsung phone (including iPhones) and this one is the smallest and best looking by far (if you are an Android fan).

You can control just about everything, but it comes at a price as far as ease of use compared to IOS. Report Brand response from Samsung Hello Nader, we are glad that this phone has been such a great fit for you.

I have always been a Samsung fan so when they came out with this foldable phone I had to run right out and buy it I couldn't wait I love everything about it fast powerful Innovative works as it should my only complaint and gripe and I knew this when I bought the phone, and it's what caused me to take it back is because of the field of work I am in this phone is not water resistant or dust resistant and I couldn't deal with the fact that I would destroy this phone at work so with much despair I returned it hopefully the next one that comes out is water-resistant and dust-resistant great product love Samsung Screen might not be the conventional gorilla glass, but it's very vibrant and bright.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review: temper your expectations Samsung has made the best folding phone, but that is a low bar right now.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review: Admire it, don't buy it Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip isn't just the latest foldable phone to hit store shelves -- it's also the least expensive, and the one we enjoy using the most.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review in progress: What we like (and don't) so far The Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung's second swing at creating a foldable phone, and based on our hands on time with the phone, it looks pretty promising.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review: Love for all the wrong reasons The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip may be the best foldable smartphone made to date.

A: Answer A quote from an article by Daniel Petrov, phoneArena.com: “Verizon's prolific PR champion George Coroners confirmed during the Galaxy Z Flip unveiling ceremony that the carrier will support Samsung's first horizontal foldable as a BYOD (bring your own device) handset when you get the unlocked version directly from Samsung.” Shouldn't be a problem bringing a Best Buy sourced unlocked Z Flip.

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