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• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
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Commander : Trauma of the Dead Tide Price: $25Goal: Self mill, recur strong creatures with encore. Comments: Main win conditions are drain effects like Gary, Austria Healer, Grim Guardian, or even Gulfport cutthroat. There is a lot of self-mill for gas to get to your win cons, as well as ways to discard cards that are stuck in your hand.

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A suggested budget -friendly version will be listed below, but this is customizable for each player based on their wishes and their collection, as long as each card is of colorless identity. If we want to adopt an official r/BudgetBrews one to base our designs off of, I’m absolutely open to it, but people should feel free to manage their own support board as they see fit.

(Because Jump Start Partners is focused on two-color pairs, some cards like Exotic Orchard or Rupture Spire may be less attractive.) Hi Guys, In my playgroup my friends have many combo decks (very long Turns).

“ Vol tron deck strategies are not uncommon in Magic: The Gathering's Commander format. Costing a single white MANA, Samar will almost always be cast of the very first turn, kicking off your Vol tron strategy from the word go.

Wuhan also comes alongside a clause stating that he must attack a randomly selected player each turn, but as a more aggressive strategy, this isn't a awful downside. Radio of the Many is one of the commanders of this list that most visibly choreographs what you want to be doing with your Vol tron strategy.

Most importantly however, is the instant speed nature of this ability, which allows for various equipment-centric shenanigans to be pulled on your opponents turns. One would be hard-pressed to find a voltroncommander that fulfills this strength more effectively than SYR Gwyn, Hero of Ash vale.

As if this wasn't enough, SYR Gwyn also accelerates your strategy by drawing you a card each time an equipped creature you control attacks. The most recent commander on this list, the merfolk Lakes, Crater of Wonders is sure to make a big splash in the world of Vol tron decks.

With SRAM, Senior Edifice at the helm of your Vol tron deck, such a fate is never a possibility. SRAM's ability is very simple: whenever you cast an equipment, aura, or vehicle, draw a card.

Possessing both hex proof and a versatile ability that allows for Market's controller to cast noncreature spells from the top of their library for without paying their costs, East is one of the most popular commander choices in the entire format. While she can be utilized in numerous ways, building a Market deck around a Vol tron strategy is a viable option, allowing for massive and impactful auras to be cast for free and placed on your already difficult to remove Market.

Firstly, he gets +2/+2 for each aura attached to him, creating additional advantages and incentives to build up URL as a threat. URL, the Mist stalker may be a bit MANA intensive for some, as he possesses a converted MANA cost of five, but his flexible NASA color identity and his ability to grow and protect himself makes him the benchmark of what we want to see from Vol tron commanders.

About The Author Paul Salvo (119 Articles Published) Staff Writer, Paul Salvo is a writer, comic creator, animation lover, and game design enthusiast currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. Likewise, mono blue is a surprisingly effective color for an equipment Vol tron strategy with Kernel the Mindful as the Commander.

Vol tron, one of the more popular casual Commander archetypes, draws its namesake from the animated television series by the same name. A Vol tron deck will seek to play its Commander and/or a creature with some form of evasion, then assemble Vol tron with a collection of equipment or auras in order to increase the creature’s size, give it an added level of evasion, and swing for big damage.

Kernel the Mindful weighs in at just 3 MANA (2 generic and 1 blue) and comes with a whopping 5/5 stat line. The drawback with Kernel is that, in order to attack or block with the beefy flying god, we need 7 or more cards in hand.

This deck focuses on doing 2 things: putting equipment onto Kernel and having 7 cards in your hand at all times. One thing to keep in mind when playing a Vol tron strategy is to be smart about how you distribute your attacks.

I had just pulled a foil Ursa from a pack of Modern Horizons, and I was desperate to build a deck around him. I quickly learned that Ursa will get hated off any table, even if it’s a casual (no star, no combo) build.

This version of the deck is running some creative ways to keep our hand full; Thwart lets us put 3 islands back into our hand rather than pay the converted MANA cost; Deprive lets us put 1 land back into our hand in addition to the cost; Dream Fracture and Arcane Denial both draw us (and our opponent) a card; MANA Breach is widely regarded as a “star piece” because it slows down the game, but it also serves the benefit of putting a card into our hand whenever we cast a spell. In the “pure draw” department, we have Minds Aglow, which lets everyone pay into its cost for a big draw spell; Prosperity achieves the same result, but we pay the full cost; Game Plan behaves similar to Time twister (shuffle your hand and graveyard into your library, then draw 7 cards), but it hits the entire table, and we can enlist someone else to help us pay its 6 converted MANA cost; the Memory half of Commit // Memory is also a Time twister effect for the entire table; and when the clock strikes midnight on Midnight Clock, we get our own personal Time twister.

These Time twister effects are some of the best cards in the whole deck because we immediately meet Kernel’s combat restriction. Tome of Legends is repeatable and lets you draw a card every turn for 2 manas as long as you keep swinging with Kernel.

Adventuring Gear, Bonesplitter, O-Naginata, Black blade Reforged, Imperial Plate, Hero’s Blade, Assault Suit, Argent um Armor, Strata Scythe, Colossus Hammer, and London War hammer will each give Kernel at least 2 more power to hit with. One of the main reasons is the Swords of X and Y. We’ve only added 3 to this deck, but at more than $10 a pop, those cards alone account for an extra $40 of our budget.

There are some unique ways to ramp, including Sword of the Animist, which fetches a land from your library whenever the equipped creature attacks. Sword of the Animist and Explorer’s Scope both pair well with Strata Scythe and Black blade Reforged, which will make the equipped creature larger depending on the number of lands (or islands) you have in play.

Sapphire Medallion could be helpful, as well, by reducing the cost of your blue spells by 1 generic MANA, but at 34 blue spells, Sapphire Medallion would reduce the cost of barely more than half of the non-land cards in the deck. Even one of the newest equipment, Shadow spear, is a bit on the pricier side; but by giving Kernel trample and lifeline, he becomes a 6/6 threat that is loaded with keywords and already nearly impossible to stop.

I have built this deck from its original budget build to its upgraded state, but I have not taken the time to optimize. That is mainly because Vol tron strategies are casual due to the win condition being difficult to meet.

If we play too many cards out of our hand too quickly, we have to wait a turn cycle or two before we can swing with Kernel. On the flip side, we suffer from a lack of manas at times if we have to wait until the second main phase to play a land in order to keep our hand at 7 cards.

If you want to build a fast, aggressive and damage based commander deck in Magic the Gathering, look no further than mono-red. It's full of cards that deal direct damage to players or creatures, and is the most aggressive color in the format.

If you're a first time player and want a simple, but fun color to build around, red is great bet. At the beginning of your combat phase, you create a 3/1 elemental creature token with trample and haste for each aura and equipment attached to Value, then exile those tokens at the beginning of your end step.

Play equipment cards like Hero's Blade to power Value up the second he enters the battlefield or Dark steel Plate to make him indestructible. Dart, Scrap Servant is a four MANA Planes walker that is all about keeping your side of the field stocked with artifacts.

You can use these abilities in tandem to discard big artifact creatures like MYR Battlesphere and Combustible Gear hulk and then bring them back to the battlefield for no MANA. Its ability allows you to pay one mountain and two generic MANA and tap to create a token that's a copy of a target creature card in your graveyard that is an artifact in addition to its other types.

This card synergizes well with creatures that have powerful enter the battlefield abilities like Goblin Engineer or Spawn of Thoraxes. Tali works well with sorcery cards such as Seize the Day and World at War that give you extra combat phases.

This includes you as well, so an integral part of this deck's strategy is filling up your MANA pool with as few land cards as possible. If you want to make a goblin tribal deck, look no further than Reno, Mob Boss.

It's a straightforward and consistent strategy that will overwhelm your opponents with a swarm of pesky goblins. You won't see too many decks built around IB Half heart, Goblin Tactician, which is a shame.

Your opponent can't let you do direct damage forever, so they'll have to block your goblins eventually. If you want to leverage this to its full extent, then Heartless Hidetsugu is a perfect commander.

Pair it with enchantments that cause sources to deal double the damage they usually would, like Curse of Bloodletting. If a player is at full life, enchanted with Curse of Bloodletting and Heartless Hidetsugu is tapped, they would lose the game.

This version of Chandra transforms from a human shaman into a Planes walker and is a great commander if you want to build a burn type deck. If Chandra deals three or more damage in a turn you exile her, then return her to the battlefield transformed.

Incredibly cheap creature cards like Thermo-Alchemist and Firebrand Archer become vastly more powerful while Tor bran is in play. If you want an easy to build and consistent deck, Tor bran should be one of your top choices for a commander.

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