Best Breakfast In Waco Tx

James Smith
• Thursday, 07 January, 2021
• 4 min read

608 Dry Creek Rd, Waco, TX “Too many amazing tacos to mention but today I got the hatch chili Mac n cheese taco, and the hippie.” In 67 reviews.

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“We got 3 items : the mad burger, sic 'me chicken & the egg, cheese and sausage sandwich (the “true American”) with truffle fries !” In 10 reviews. “It was difficult to choose from the menu as everything sounded great, but I had the avocado toast and cup of coffee from Pinewood Coffee Roasters.” In 7 reviews.

4600 Franklin Ave, Ste 100, Waco, TX “Our smiling waitress was gracious as was the young man who resupplied us with salsas, cleared our table and brought me a to go cup.” In 4 reviews.

1201 Hewitt Dr, Ste 100, Waco, TX “We had chips and salsa for the table, plenty of Big O's, a CFS for my husband and a Crybaby Burger for me.” In 15 reviews.

2816 Marketplace Dr, Ste 101, Waco, TX “With a couple of bumps in this specific experience, this gentleman made it a wonderful one.” In 2 reviews.

“I had two once over easy eggs and their chicken fried steak with hash browns, hubby had built your own 4 once over eggs and hash browns.” In 2 reviews. “Although they are building these restaurants a bit smaller now, it's still got plenty of seating and the shopping area if you like that sort of thing.” In 2 reviews.

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Map updates are paused. You find yourself going to the same restaurant over and over-- not necessarily because you know it has the best food, but because you don’t have the energy to try another place and risk having a bad meal.

We would drive to the same breakfast taco spot on any given Saturday, while passing two or three other places that we had never tried. When we couldn’t find a comprehensive list online to tell us Waco’s best breakfast tacos, we decided to make our own.

Even those at the bottom of this list had merit, and we could say were generally good tacos. We do hope this list still provides consistency no matter the day you decide to visit.

We would also like to note that we stuck with local Waco Mexican restaurants and did not rank any chains- Torch’s, Fuel, Rosa’s, etc. Everything is right on the mark and when we didn’t feel like trying a new place for the list, we would come back to these.

Filling Taste: A+ Filling Amount: A+ Tortilla: A+ Overall size: A Price: $1.30/taco with eggs and 1 ingredient- $0.30/per extra ingredient **Drive-through special: 3 tacos (2 ingredients) for $2.99! In a random location across from the VA hospital, this one caught us off guard with how great it was.

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Filling Taste: A Filling Amount: A+ Tortilla: A Overall size: A+ Price: $1.99/taco with 2 ingredients- $0.49/per extra ingredient **Morning Special: 3 tacos with the same 2 ingredients for $5 (They recently opened a second location, Mi Jalisco Grill #2, by campus at 800 7th Street.

Its popularity was definitely shown by a full parking lot and a long line. For the people in Hewitt/Wood way, this is another good place for a morning taco run.

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