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• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
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There are many milestones in the early years of a baby's life, but none are quite so exciting for parents as when they take their first steps. Although there’s no evidence that they will make your baby walk quicker, lots of parents find walkers a great way to engage their little one as well as helping with things like confidence building and support.

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There are traditional walkers (which babies hold on to and push along), which are also ideal for encouraging them to pull up and stand. Or you might choose to invest in a “sit-in”’ walker or a multi-functional model, which can double up as an activity station and be used from sitting age (usually around six months).

Second is size: some models can be bulky, so it’s worth bearing this in mind if you only have a small playroom. With all that in mind, we recruited a team of parent and baby testers to trial the latest models and have rounded up eight of the best.

We may earn commission from some retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. First up, the seat function attached to the activity table is ideal for those who aren’t quite walking.

The seat can be adapted as your little one grows and the activity functions are incredibly varied: there's everything from musical piano keys (which light up and introduce babies to colors and animals in three different languages) to a range of sensory toys which are great for promoting fine motor skills. When not sitting, the height of this table is ideal for helping babies to pull up to stand and the clever distribution of activities really encourages them to cruise around the outside of the discovery center to build their confidence.

Suitable from 12 months onwards, this wooden walker ranked highly in sturdiness and engagement. It consists of a wooden frame and 30 pastel blocks (with child-friendly paint should your baby decide to gnaw on one) which can be stored in the walker or used without it for older children.

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The bar encourages children to pull themselves up and hold their weight, and it feels sturdy and secure when supporting walking. This sit-in walker has three different height positions (to adapt to your growing baby) and scored really highly on practicality.

Made from sustainably sourced wood and non-toxic paint, it may seem a simplistic offering compared to some options, but it has quite a few different functions while taking up hardly any space. In terms of entertainment, our little one loved the wooden shape sorter and beads, which are designed to help with problem-solving skills.

The first stage is to sit next to the elephant and use it as a toy (it comes with light up buttons to press, sounds, sensory activities and a ball game). Other features that impressed us include the lock mechanism on the front wheel that supports babies who are just pulling up to stand (preventing the walker from sliding off without them) and the use of a second bar under the main handle to help offer extra support for babies who aren’t quite confident in pulling themselves up yet.

This wooden walker might be pricey, but it’s beautifully built and offers a range of engaging sensory activities. Made from 100 per cent FSC wood (a mark of responsible forestry), it’s a sustainable alternative and, given there are so many activities, can help you cut down on plastic toys too.

Upon building this model, it was clear that the quality was exceptional: it’s a solid piece of craftsmanship that we can envision being passed down the family for many years. The activity station, which can be swiftly detached and used as a stand-alone toy is perfect for tummy time and seated babies.

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The only downside to this model is the lack of a wheel lock; if used on laminate flooring in particular it can slide a little which isn’t ideal for new walkers or babies unsteady on their feet. If you’re not sure if you’ll get much use out of a traditional walker, this one is a great option as there’s so much more to it and the activity table can be used long after your child has taken their first steps.

For a more traditional walker, we can’t fault Little Times offering : it provides great value for money and scored highly from both its parent and toddler tester. Finally, if you’re looking for something to take pride and place in your nursery then Leger’s walker is a purchase you won’t regret.

Babies and toddlers should never be left unattended in a walker and, like anything, it’s important to moderate the amount of time you use them for. The NHS warns against excessive use of baby walkers and suggests using them no more than twenty minutes a day.

While purchasing one may help with entertaining and educating your baby, there’s no suggestion they’ll make them walk any quicker. As a point of reference, your baby should be able to place both feet completely flat on the floor while using the walker.

On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. There are a myriad of transitional phases in the life of a baby, but none excites a parent more than when they are making their first steps.

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While baby walkers continue to be the center of most pediatricians’ criticism, their use has been found to aid in building the support and confidence needed by a growing child. The good news is that there is a baby walker suitable for your child, regardless of your style, budget, or design preference.

We reviewed the top baby walker brands and products available to help you make your pick. Motion sensor that lights up the baby walker, as well as triggering music.

This four-wheeled walker is designed to offer extra fun, while the child learns to walk, thanks to the incorporated educational panel. A learning panel that teaches your baby the ABCs and 123s through sounds.

It is designed not only to offer support for a baby learning to walk but also to enhance specific skills for child development. If you are interested in a baby walker that will build your child’s confidence to walk, talk, and be engaged all day, then the Fisher-Price model is your ideal choice.

Extra-deep padded seat to support the child’s back fully. The Red Kite Baby Go Round Jive Unicorn is an extra safe model, thanks to the stop-and-go security feature.

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This model also does a great job of providing a child with comfort, padding, and support. The alternative color option is called the Red Kite Baby Go Round Jive Peppermint Trail.

This baby walker will keep your infant in good support, entertained, and engaged. The Child Car Walker most outstanding feature is the 2-in-1 convertible mode.

You can easily convert the unit from a walker to a rocking race mode, and vice versa. It is easy to assemble, and sufficiently sturdy to support a growing infant.

One thing to be careful about is that the walker does not have breaks, which can be risky for a 6-month baby to use without supervision from a parent. Eight 360° universal walking wheels to enhance stability and flexibility.

Complementary equipment, including a user manual, floor mat, and a tray. The Fiscal Baby Walker is a high-quality model, built with a sturdy design and durable materials.

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It is highly secure, stable, strong fabrics, and durable plastics, not forgetting the great value for money that comes with purchasing this model. Also, the foldable design of the Fiscal Baby Walker makes it possible for you to fold it away for easy storage.

A colorful tray (consisting of a rattle and tethers) installed to keep the baby entertained. The Babylon Lizzy Bee Baby Walker is easy to fold into a compact size.

The removable seat unit of this walker makes it easy for you to wash it. Also, Babylon Lizzy Bee is quite a secure model, following the 6 attached stoppers that help in controlling and stabilizing the walker.

It is designed to perform multiple functions, including walking support, entertainment, and keeping the child engaged. This model can be used to keep the infant engaged, as well as supporting them as they learn to walk.

With the wide-ranging options of baby walkers available in the market, it can be challenging to find the best model for your child. Different baby walkers are designed to suit children of varying ages and weights.

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Children can be quite curious when learning to walk, and their safety must remain a top priority when purchasing a baby walker. For this reason, you must consider the safety features that accompany a model before purchasing it.

Interaction features, such as an educational panel, music, and sounds, are a great way to keep your child entertained. On the other hand, too much of these features can inhibit a child from engaging in self-activities in the future.

In our review, we’ve compared some best baby walkers in the market that are worthy your attention. Rotating wheels, a foot pad with a road print, and other elements will allow your little one feel like a real driver.

A padded abdominal protection together with a rigid backrest will provide additional safety. This lightweight and compact walker can be used at home and elsewhere, owing to its great portability and foldable design.

Child-friendly toys will amuse and develop your toddler, while you will have the option to choose a color pattern you like better. While growing, those children who are naturally taller than most average kids may find it a bit inconvenient to sit in.

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This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from certain companies that appear on the site, and such compensation impacts the location and order in which the companies (and/or their products) are presented, and in some cases may also impact the scoring that is assigned to them.

Except as expressly set forth in our Terms of Use, all representations and warranties regarding the information presented on this page are disclaimed. Besides these visual effects, the walker produces sounds which not only entertain but also develop your kid.

Whatever position you choose, don’t worry about your child’s safety as no-tip pads will protect your little driver and prevent him/her from falls. We Will Rock You We dare suppose that most parents look for multifunctional furniture for nursery rooms.

Firstly, it offers the functionality of a classic seat-based walker ; yet, on pressing only two buttons and turning the base you can easily transform it to a rocker and entertain your child in that way, improving his/her vestibular system at the same time. In a rocker mode, according to many parents, a child masters walking much quicker too.

Its “teddy” tray will definitely attract your kid’s attention, while sounds and activities will develop your child’s perception. Parents will also appreciate a rigid backrest and padded abdominal protection which both guarantee additional support for 6-, 7-month babies who have just learned to sit straight.

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Finally, you’ll be pleased to find out that this walker has been tested, and it meets all UK and EU Safety Standards. Thus, by choosing the Bee Style Baby Walker, you'll provide your toddler with an interesting, useful and safe piece of furniture.

Your Small Helper If you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet functional baby walker, we recommend you to consider the In fantastic First Steps product. Like the majority of modern walkers, it is equipped with a tray of toys to entertain your child.

Due to the walker’s folding design, you are free to use it at home or take it with you to a grandma's house. Once folded, the walker is pretty compact and light. Removable washable inserts ensure hassle-free cleaning, thus, simplifying the life of young parents.

The height of construction is easily adjusted to three positions so basically, it’s made to grow with your child. Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker is mounted on a wide base that prevents bumping into the furniture, and fixed on sturdy swivel wheels that easily maneuver on carpets and uneven surfaces.

Fit and Safety Options This is a beautifully built baby walker available in multiple colors, great for both, boys and girls. It’s going to be good for both, small kids and growing tots who’ve already learned to raise up on their feet.

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Its wide lower base is made in a way to keep a little one in a safe distance from dangerous things. The walker is equipped with an amazing playing panel and a few attached interactive toys.

A baby walker is a special vehicle designed for infants who are just about to make their first steps. It’s one of the best ways to entertain a baby and give a child some kind of mobility whilst he or she cannot walk on his/her own.

Parents love the fact that baby walkers are equipped with music and colorful attached toys that not only stimulate a child to move, but also keep him or her entertained for quite a while. Since the 1440s when a baby walker was introduced to the people for the first time, it’s become a very popular baby product, frequently bought all over the world.

The foremost thing most parents pay attention to when they go to the kids’ shop is a variety of toys and colors for sale. They find it difficult to hold back and not pamper a little one with a new lovely doll or a teddy bear.

Sitting in a seat, a little baby will have an option to navigate around the house and have a rest whenever he or she gets tired. The second type is designed for older kids who can already walk on their own but for some reason lack confidence and stability.

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We’d also like to draw your attention to the Safety Options and Fit that a baby walker provides. The width of a seat, the height of construction and wheels are all those criteria that determine how sturdy or not a walker would be.

A lot of parents attach significance to Interaction Features aimed to entertain a kid. Soon you may find out that your child refuses to move on his or her own and spends too much time in a seat (which can negatively affect his/her health).

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