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Christina Perez
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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Well, unless you consider sounds of rain, tapping, whispering or gentle clacking risky, there's no harm in ASMR. The purpose of ASMR videos is to relax the listener, help them fall asleep, and reduce stress.

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There's an unending supply of ASMR videos on YouTube, where some accounts and ASMR artists have over 1 million subscribers! Popular videos of Gobi ASMR include tingles, role plays, relaxation, and even cosplay.

With whispering, tapping, squishing, and pulling, this ASMR video is perfect for those who are stimulated by the visual and the auditory. If repetitive hand motions and their accompanying sounds are your thing, this video is perfect for you.

For those who find eating, smacking, and chewing appealing, this video is the perfect mix of these similar (yet varied) sounds. The words collected (and whispered) in this ASMR video are supposed to calm the body and put you to sleep, so don't listen to this one if you're trying to stay awake.

With 4.5 hours of footage and over 120 popular triggers, this ASMR video is ideal for the individual looking to really relax. While the tapping on these mics in this video may be intense for some, many others find the sounds generated super soothing.

This video features almost an hour of soft speaking and gentle sounds, while applying false eyelashes and a lip treatment. Soothe your mind and body for the best of the best mouth sound triggers, great for relaxation and going to sleep.

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Slip on your headphones, close your eyes and turn off the lights. Within minutes, you’ll feel like your brain is being massaged and relaxed.

Soothing Delta frequencies, associated with deep restorative sleep, ease your brain out of the rapid rhythms of Beta, down through the relaxing states of Alpha and Theta, into the welcoming depths This soothing sleeping music is produced to make you fall asleep fast.

Australian actress Margot Robbie takes you through the sounds of her personal and professional life. Take in the ‘click’ of a seat belt and the ‘whoosh’ of hairspray from her first major role on ‘Pan Am’.

Grammy-winning singer Rosalie explores autonomous sensory meridian response with whispers and sounds. The “Malamute” singer shares her passion for gold rings, long nails, and flamenco dancing and even composes some amazing flamenco sounds with her hands and a cheeseboard.

# ASMR #Celebrity ASMR #Rosalie Still haven’t subscribed to W on YouTube? W has compiled all the most sensational moments from the first season of the hit series ‘ ASMR interview’.

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Relax and enjoy the electric tingles from soothing whispers and sounds generated by A-list celebrities like Margot Robbie, Gal Gadot, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lucy Hale, Salma Hayek, Kate Hudson, Emily Ratajkowski, Aubrey Plaza, Ashley Graham, and Melissa Benoit. Jennifer brushes wigs to represent her role as Sydney Bristol in ‘Alias,’ plays with costume jewelry like she wore in ’13 Going on 30,’ and rifles through peppermint-flavored items in honor of her new movie ‘Peppermint.’ Check out Jennifer in the film ‘Peppermint,’ out in theaters September 7th.

# ASMR #Celebrity ASMR #Jennifer Garner Still haven’t subscribed to In this Celebrity # ASMR interview, Paris Hilton explores autonomous sensory meridian response with whispers and sounds from her life.

In this Celebrity ASMR interview, Emma Chamberlain explores autonomous sensory meridian response with whispers and sounds. The YouTube phenom talks about her background as a competitive cheerleader, her many attempts to start a YouTube channel, her trip to Paris Fashion week with Louis Vuitton and starting her “Stupid Genius” podcast.

11th&12th Jul.2015, I will come to London for taking part in HYPER JAPAN Festival as a Japanese instrument performer! # ASMR #tracing #tickling Come join me as I explore light touch lightly tracing my fingertips up and down her back causing a spine tingling reaction, look closely enough, and you’ll see the goosebumps on her back.

I’d love to make a lot of videos with it Enjoy and have a great and relaxing day! Guys Enjoy Today's ASMR Aggressive Ear Lick and Ear Eating help the channel by subscribing to my Patreon, every sub means a lot guys thank you so much, click the link down below and become a Patreon.

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If it’s your first time watching ASMR videos you’ll find that, the tingling will start in the neck or scalp and then, it would travel to other body parts. This will bring you to a complete relaxed state, just like meditation or massage.

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