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Ambient pieces leer ester article en: Ethanol Hello there, I’m Magnus (no relation to Vampire Hunter D villain Count Magnus Lee), and I hail from the cold, northern part of the European continent.

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I like music, anime, movies and literature (aka ‘anything remotely artsy’), and am currently living in Tokyo, attempting to slay the dragon that goes by the name of ‘Japanese’, as well as figuring out the meaning of life. ‘ ZeronoTsukaima ‘ is a popular romantic comedy anime with magic and fantasy as its central themes.

It follows a very popular and proven trope which always works in tales of romantic comedy adventures. ‘ ZeronoTsukaima reinvents the clichéd romantic comedy setting while offering a refreshing anime experience for to the viewers.

‘Odd Noun no About’ is a romantic comedy anime with a plot consisting of time-travel into the past. Yes, it might feel like your everyday harem anime with bits of romance and fun, but things are more interesting than that.

The series evokes a similar feel like that of ‘ ZeronoTsukaima with the help of a well-crafted story, high production values, stunning animation, and convincing character arcs. In ‘Odd Noun no About,’ the plot follows Yoshiharu Sahara, the male protagonist who finds himself being transported to the past one fine day.

An unknown warrior hero saves him from the face of death but sacrifices his own life in the confrontation. The warrior makes Yoshiharu promise that he will become a feudal lord one day.

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He also realizes that the change is just external, and they are still the same vicious war-mongers who summon doom on people like him. The show is a slightly different version of ‘ ZeronoTsukaima.’ Both titles feature Thunder female leads who lock deals with their strong male counterparts.

Both these male leads fall in love with the main female characters and vice versa. The most difficult test in the training is to form a slave contract with a spirit and then face each other off in competitions.

But in the history of 1000 years, a male disciple comes forward to take the risk. The plot centers on Tokyo Beta High, a unique concept school established by the Japanese government to curtail the rocketing crime rate.

Here students train becoming Beta or armed detectives who are mercenaries for the justice system. Kanji Obama, the male lead in the anime, is a skilled Beta.

He does use his skills which impress Beta leader Aria Holmes Kazakh who insists that Kanji should become her partner. ‘Hay ate no Gook!’ is a nice action, comedy, harem anime.

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In both anime, the female lead at first bosses around with the male character and then falls in love with him. Hay ate Kawasaki is an unfortunate kid who has been abandoned by his parents and sold to the Yakuza clan to settle debt trap of 150 million yen.

So he runs away and stumbles upon Nazi Tanzania, who belongs to one of the wealthiest families in Japan. ‘Dog Days’ is an action, adventure anime with themes of fantasy and magic.

We have a male character who is transported to another world when a girl summons him in both the anime. Longer is an alternate world which is quite similar to Earth with inhabitants resemble humans.

They also have some advanced features like big ears and tails which earn them the name, dog-people. That hero turns out to be a normal boy named Cinque Izmir who agrees to help them.

In a world where disputes are settled through games and sports, Cinque does his best to save his hosts. But he becomes disheartened when the Longer scientists inform his that all their efforts to send him back to Earth failed.

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‘ Shaken no Shana ‘ is an action, drama and supernatural genre anime. Chances are if you enjoyed watching ‘ ZeronoTsukaima then you might want to give ‘Shaken no Shana’ a try.

Then we have a male lead who is submissive in nature and hangs around with a dominant female. In ‘Shaken no Shana,’ a bunch of soul-eating monsters known as Crimson Denizens attack human race.

Yuri Sakai, the male lead in the anime is attacked by a Denizen. A girl having crimson hair and burning eyes saves him from death, but it’s too late because he has already fallen into “the torch” phase.

The plot follows Yuri Takes and Taiga Alaska, who have deceptive appearances. Sakai Yuri thought he was a normal high school student, until one fateful day when time stopped.

Watching in horror, he witnesses a monster devouring the “frozen” people around him; but luckily for Yuri, he is saved by a sword-wielding red-headed girl that calls herself a “Flame Haze”. The girl informs him that he has been dead for some time now and that his current self is merely a replacement for the human that he used be while alive.

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In Shana, the orthodox style of weaponry/culture is replaced with oriental-style magic and arms. Both Shaken no Shana and ZeronoTsukaima have a similar female protagonist.

Also, the “she” and “he” live together in both of these series, which gives you a hope for fluff that might happen between the characters. The female lead characters in both Shaken no Shana and ZeronoTsukaima are of the type generally known as (thunder, from stunts plus Deirdre, “aloof”+”love struck”); that is, girls who are at first distant and cold, but later (or privately) soften up and become loving.

Another similar trait is the status of the male lead characters. Both are suddenly whirled into a world of supernatural events and horrifying threats.

Both find themselves completely subservient to the female leads, with little or no social status left to them. And both grow under the pressures imposed by their situations.

Of course, there is also the common voice acting cast to mention -- both anime feature the same central cast of says, in roughly the same parts: Bulimia RIE and Satoshi Hind as the lead characters, with Kawasaki Awake in a strong supporting rôle -- as well as the capable animation direction by Fuji Mahavira. Both anime consist of love triangles, sword fighting, same voice actors, and talking inanimate objects (Alas tor a pendant and Derringer a sword).

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Through the similarities and the differences you can see that overall these anime are incredibly alike. Both shows have a similar feel, a seemingly cold much more powerful (at least at first) female (Shana in SNS and Louise in TNT) take on a much weaker male (Yuri in SNS and Saith in TNT) as their partner.

They have even seen to be falling in love when in both series an annoying female character (Kabuki in SNS and Siesta in TNT) decides to go after the male lead. Both of this anime combine magical elements with school life activities.

The characters have very similar personalities and the humor follows the same vein. It has nearly the same concept, with the boy and girl (soon to be lovers) fight against a common enemy.

I first watched Shana before Zero, and in a great need for closure, I decided to try Zero hoping for the same feel in anime. Both have problems with their feelings for Yuri/Saith and there's also the other female characters that go crazy for the guy.

Shana was more about plot, a lot of action and VERY little character development (IMO)... while Zero was more comedy, romance and OBVIOUS character development. Both shows focus on stubborn girl who struggle to admit her feelings to the clueless boy who helps her out, (a common plot) and let us not forget the superior girl with large breast that also love him.

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Firstly, both main characters are girls whose personalities are very alike. In addition, both series are produced by J.C. Staff, and main characters are voiced by the same says ????.

Carlos says... both series tell us how is the adventures of the two principal characters, and the hard job that they have to find who is the real person that they love. All this in a world involve into the magic and mystical creatures.whiteout forget the funny side.

Adonis says... Well, if you like Shana then you'll probably likeZeronoTsukaima .... tiny, unreasonable girl falls for bewildered guy who has no idea what the *$#@ is going on but feels the need to protect said girl. Both anime focus on relatively powerless males, pulled into a powerful girl's world, the powerful girl being a thunder character... add in some shnen action, harem comedy, and some moe, and you have two anime that are very similar in many ways.

Our says... ZeronoTsukaima and Shaken no Shana are two shows with a similar premise. The guy gets thrown into a strange world, meets a thunder girl who acts all high and mighty there, and during the anime the guy tries to get stronger in order to help the girl.

Both of the anime are made by JC Staff, involve supernatural powers, an underlying love story, and strong female lead characters voiced by the same actress (in Japanese). Both ZeronoTsukaima and Shaken no Shana have characters with similar roles.

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I did not look it up, but I think both of the main girls have the same Japanese voice actor. Both shows make you feel good and love the characters.

Both anime shave a similar set of main characters, both of the girls in this series have an out going and forward personality, while the guys both have an attitude to move forward and try the best they can to assist in any way possible. The master is in love with the server and shows thunder behavior.

Server has in the both the beginnings no real feelings for the master but wants to help and protect them even if they going to feel pain for that reason. The difference later on is that in Zero the server is gonna love the master too, while in Shana it stays a mystery what will happen.

Both the series are just to beat the super evil enemy witch require the master and server work together with also other characters to save the world from lose its peace. Then, she realizes she was in wrong and falls in love with him, vice versa.

In both anime, Shana and Louise face constant enemies throughout the show. They both had no idea what love was like, nor any special feeling for the male protagonist until late in the series.

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The rivals for both shows are much the same, and also look alike except the fact in ZeroNoTsukaima, the rival for Saith's love looks much more mature, but inside she is a very shy, unconfident girl who does not think she will be able to win his heart. Despite the fact that ZeronoTsukaima gives a merrier atmosphere, and it is less about the fighting, Shana resembles it in a few ways.

Blackwood says... TNT is so similar to SNS that it could be sued for copyright infringement. Honestly I don't need to go into much detail to explain why you'd like one from the other, just know this: If these 2 were any more similar JC Staff would sue themselves.

Both series have a thunder female character who has supernatural powers and the male lead who has some sort of special ability that the female falls in love with. Both are made by J.C. Staff and both feature the same female lead voice actor at least in the Japanese version.

Even the voice actors of both the male and female leads are the same people in both shows. It's a little disappointing that it never comes :) If you liked Shana, you will likeZerono Tsunami and vice versa.

Both of these animes are made of the same company, and both of them has the same setting with a male and female as the main characters, with a second female falling in love with the male. It describes similar story, but it takes action in other world and time.

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WinterSnowfall says... A young man not yet ready to protect what is important to him but willing to give his all to do so and an “important” young lady with nominative behavior, you'll see this in both anime, with a comical effect in ZeronoTsukaima and a maturing one for Yuri in Shaken no Shana. The first is that both shows feature a girl with a magic power who is assisted by a boy who appears to be powerless.

Second is that both series have a strong thunder relationship between the girl and boy. Okay the heroine encounters a young Japanese boy and gets more than what they margin for.

A relationship builds in the midst of magic battles as well as a potential harem brews. Great romance and standard plot lines for the two similar anime.

Sui min says... ZeronoTsukaima and Shaken no Shana both have rather harsh main thunder heroines. The male lead is dragged into a supernatural reality from the very beginning, and drives the thunder (and viewers) mental with his overly optimistic attitude.

Immortal says... ZeronoTsukaima and Shaken no Shana I'd recommend for the same reason as Toreador, except one more thing, for these two the male protagonist is sent off to another world where the female leading character is already use to. TNT is the “original” Shaken no Shana clone...well, I'm mostly adding this opinion to make sure people who have seen one go check out the other, if they really liked it.

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Both are beautifully drawn anime series, and both have characters you'll grow to love. Same love-conflict situation, main love interest is a Thunder, fantasy elements, talking objects, et cetera.

Both of these series share the same type of formula, a seemingly normal guy's life becomes entwined with that of a girl who has a much more crazy fate. Saith & Yuri are also quite the same they both have to adapt to a different aspect of life and both have to learn how to fight.

Shirk says... they are Similar in genre : person from strange world, thunder, fantasy, action, magic. They both have an action story with a main romance, the same kind of animation and a little of a harem feeling to it.

RosePrincessMay says... the main female characters have similar personalities and voice actors. The main male characters are both classed “person in a strange world” and though the plot is different they both have the same feel to it.

If you like Shana you will likened too and vice versa, because the two main characters are some magical girls with the same personality who always shout “Shut up!” If you like romance shows with a supernatural, thunder girl and a normal boy, either one of these is a good choice.

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Both involve multiple females vying for the male's love, whilst the male also attempts to gain power and better himself for the girl that brought him into his reality. Both share similarities in not only their plots, but also in the way the characters interact with one another.

Also, they share similar art styles and voice actors. Both of these fantasy style anime feature a rather bossy leading lady, a strange world that likes to interact with Japan, and a young man that gets caught up in it all.

With school rumors abounding, the duo must now work together to play matchmaker for each other. There are a lot of similarities between Louise and Taiga, including the same voice actress even.

Simply put, both these stories revolve around a slice-of-life (or adventure) type of feel... with the underlying of romance just waiting to reveal itself in the end. It takes awhile for development to kick in, but finally we see the final result of character development in the end =) Both leave the story pretty much settled and there's nothing left to be said, so it's a pretty solid ending (except in TNT, there's still much to be said about the war).

In the case of TNT, you have Louise who is quick to torture the male lead for small transgressions. Despite her violent behavior, she always finds the time to show us the 'dear' side of things.

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Although she sees nothing wrong with using a wooden sword to assault Yuri, she is also able to capture Thunder fans' hearts with ease. Thats rather simple: you have a thunder female lead that at first doesn't want to acknowledge their love and a male lead that gets exploited by the female with most of the time comical results.

While Saith and Yuri do have one thing in common, a thunder female who takes their lives by the reigns, the characters themselves are different. Toreador takes a more realistic approach towards it, the thunder nature is more subtle in Taiga than with Louise.

Toreador lacks action (For the most part) and replaces it with deep character progression. And ZeronoTsukaima are two romances with a thunder girl as main character.

If you enjoyed ZeronoTsukaima for its comedy and thunder lead, but felt it lacked something, definitely check out the -much better- Toreador! I haven't watched much of TNT yet, but so far I recognize several elements very much in common with Toreador.

Toreador is definitely better in terms of equality even if Yuri is bullied somewhat by Taiga. There isn't a magical world, quite the contrary, it is demonstrated the reality of a life of students.

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But it is also a great story of romance, where I think the characters overcome the ZeronoTsukaima. Slim-jim says... Tsundera-romances are always fun to watch, and these two shows are no exception.

While both may have completely different settings, the overall theme is the same: the girl is initially aggressive (and at many times incredibly violent) towards the guy, but eventually they grow attached to each other and start falling in love. I love these shows because they offer endless humor, but at the same time offer those heartwarming scenes that just make the show totally worth watching.

Watching guys getting beaten relentlessly with blunt objects in the name of love was never such a rewarding experience. Both shows are romances that are intended for a male audience and have a short thunder as the female lead.

TNT has a magical twist and action but Toreador is funny too. Bunnylovesanime says... ZeronoTsukaima or Louise the Zero and Toreador are very similar in a lot of ways.

First off you have the female main characters they look and act very similar. Second you have the male lead characters both are super similar in how they behave.

Both of these comedies feature a great romance with lots of humor and side characters. The characters personalities are very similar such as Louise and Taiga.

They are voiced by the same actor and both tagged as thunder characters, really great ones if I may add. Also, the relationship they grow with the male protagonist can both be funny and dramatic in similar ways.

Both features sundered who's “sun” crosses the line into domestic violence, all while it is treated as comedy. They also feature a dog motif for the poor recipient of the thunder's violence, who ends up doing a lot of house-work.

You will love Toreador if you liked ZeronoTsukaima and vice versa I'm simply recommending these two cause of the thunder and comedy aspects.

Season 4 came out and I rewatched it completely, I was so hungry for more if this wonderful show I watched Toreador. Both have the classic thunder (though Taiga is much better, personally), a school setting, romance, and of course plenty of comedy.

The main Guy seems in both series like a cool dude. The female lead in Toreador is ... well she's the same person as the one in Zero but placed in real world not in a fantasy one.

She looks the same, acts the same, has the same thunder attitude and makes a servant/slave of the male protagonist. They're kind guys who want to take care of the female lead.

Both feature thunder except TNT is more fantasy Toreador more teenage antics in the real world. Both feature funny thunder and likable lead males, but Yuri from Toreador is better.

Also, Louise is really a different type of Thunder then Taiga but anyways watch them both they're funny and cute. When Hay ate was young, Santa appeared in a dream and told him that if he worked hard, he’d be rewarded.

Thus, with an unbreakable will, the unfortunate Hay ate has struggled through life holding onto that belief. In the present, his parents are lazy and unemployed, forcing Hay ate to work several jobs to pay the bills.

As if things couldn’t get worse, Hay ate’s parents then run away, leaving him with an enormous debt and loan sharks on his tail! A girl named Nazi is the target, but due to an unfortunate miscommunication, she believes Hay ate has proposed to her and falls for him hard.

After Nazi paid off his debt, Hay ate must now work as her butler in order to repay her; but first, he must adapt to her wacky world! The male leads also show many similarities, but the female leads are even more similar; the fact both Louise from Not and Nazi from HCB share a voice actor seem to emphasize this fact.

Louise and Nazi are also extremely similar characters, so the two series often feel quite alike to one another. However, Hay ate for the most part avoids the each jokes that are rampant in Zero, instead opting to poke fun at various popular anime.

So unless you enjoy such each jokes, consider Hay ate a big step up. Both have a strong and arrogant female protagonist intent on winning the heart of her servant.

The main difference in the humor is the age groups the anime are aimed at. Both series are a humorous story of a boy in service of a young girl who loves him but does not know how to handle him because she is from a rich family where she's always been the boss of servants and doesn't know how these are thinking.

Strange situations also appear due to unusual abilities of the side characters which require him to take action to protect his master. If you are a fan of RIE Bulimia's, then you are sure to enjoy either of this anime.

The thing that says the most is the master-minion relation of a young girl that has an older boy as a minion. Both the males are considered low class in the anime and this is frequently commented on.

Both have a bit of fan service but not heaps, so it's ok to watch in your living room. I could go on, but the point is they are both the same sort of romantic comedy type anime.

UnwatchedWatchedWatchingWant to WatchStalledDroppedWon't Watches Reasons you might like Dog Days ... NightShroud says... Both of the anime, have a male protagonist person in a strange world who was summoned by a girl with magical capabilities, both are faced with battles and magic, wrapped around with Comedy, Fantasy, and a little light each.

Both shows are about a guy who get summoned to a fantasy world and has to help fight in a war there. In ZeronoTsukaima, Louise summoned a familiar from the human world who happens to be a special one because of its ability and in Dog Days, The Princess summoned a Hero from the human world to help them win the “war”.

In dire trouble and with an urgent need of a hero, someone to stand by you, who do you call? These otherworldly heroes (Regular of' humans) are summoned to do some tasks of some sort, be it fight alongside their summoners, some daring duty of courageous acts of possible valor or inexplicably woo some dames in their new world, intentionally or unintentionally.

Amino Kalevala is the only male with this privilege, and due to what happened in the past he comes to Akasha Spirit Academy where priestesses are trained to become mentalists. He is then told that he is to transfer to the school, form a team with priestesses to compete in Blade Dance where the most powerful elementals is chosen, and win.

In a school for magic, students bond with familiars to exhibit their powers. The manner in which contracts/bonds are formed is certainly different, as is the reason for the main girl being bullied and the way the sword's spirit manifests itself... but if you enjoyed one, you will certainly enjoy the other.

There was a girl with small breast that caused her to have a complex, she then got a slave to abuse who ends up being a hit with the ladies which only made his owner jealous and angry. In fact, Sara tsunami no blade dance is zeronotsukaima after taking out all the male characters and changing enough small points to avoid being sued, so if you liked one, you will probably like the other one.

Massxavkas says... both have a harem in it, and they are both about magic... what's not to like ... come to think of it I'm going to watch them again Years after having been exiled from the Kannada household for being unable to utilize their fire magic, Karma returns to Japan, only to discover that the Kannada family's very existence is threatened.

Unknown to them, during his absence, he had become a Contractor and thus acquired a vast strength in wind magic. Not showing any remaining contempt for them, he offers to help solve the Kannada household’s problems in return for large sums of money.

Together with his younger brother Men and the feisty heir to the Kannada household, Piano, he fights to protect those he cares about... for a price! Both of these series are led by a tsunundre female that doesn't grasp their own feelings and are set within a magical world.

In Zero, it's Saith who comes to this strange magical world and ends up the familiar to Louise and in Kane no Stigma we have Karma who was kicked out of the Kannada Household. In both series we also get thunder females who try to figure out their own feelings in a magical world.

Both series male and female leads are very similar. Louise and Piano are both strong-willed ladies used to getting what they want.

Both ZeronoTsukaima and Kane no Stigma is about magical powers that the characters possess. Both have magic good writing and strong main characters.

Young Kens hi Masai has his hands full catering to the whims of an entire academy of oversexed school girls, but a darkness looms on the horizon that will soon cast his life into chaos. The mysterious and enchanting Doll, controlled from afar by a power hungry madman, leads an unthinkable invasion that attacks the nubile students of the academy from inside its once protective walls.

If you liked any of either ZeronoTsukaima or Sakai no Salish Monogastric you are almost bound to like the other one, although there are meccas in Sakai you have almost the same plot and good visual content. Both titles follow the story of a rather clueless boy, in a strange world, who's being tortured in many funny ways by a horde of females.

In addition to that, both plots develop in the academy of a fantasy world. There are so many similarities between Sakai no Salish Monogastric and ZeronoTsukaima that I don't even know where to start.

I think I'll limit myself to pointing out that the protagonist in both of those series is a Japanese boy summoned (against his will) to a medievalist fantasy world. If you liked any of either ZeronoTsukaima or Sakai no Salish Monogastric you are almost bound to like the other one, although there are meccas in Sakai you have almost the same plot and good visual content.

Person in stage world that has a Kosygin, and abilities that surpass the other characters from his faction.Also, he is able to fight likens other. Auto SAI enters the Constant Academy for Magic Arts hoping to become a high priest and change the world for the better.

But when the school's oracle declares his future profession to be 'Demon Lord', he finds himself feared and hated by the entire student population. If navigating a magical high school as a transfer student wasn't difficult enough, Auto now has to deal with a cute android ordered to observe him 24-hours a day, the precocious attention of the flying, invisible and naked Keen Saga and the advances of the school's most popular girl.

Will he be able to overcome his fate, pass his classes, and mend his friendship with the violent Juno Hatter, or will he succumb to his demonic destiny? UnwatchedWatchedWatchingWant to WatchStalledDroppedWon't Watches KittyEmperor says... Each series features a man or well actually a boy who discover that they are some powerful person of legend in a magical world and as a result of this various types of girls end up falling for them.

The familiar of zero and Demon king daimio are similar in small but significant ways. The male characters in both in the end come out to be extremely powerful and the love between the male and female characters doesn't become apparent until near the end.

The Holy Grail War is a battle between seven magicians who each summon a mythical hero to fight for their cause. Shirt, a twice orphaned high school boy, had so little magical talent that his foster father did not bother teaching him about the war and it's meaning.

Both Fate/stay night and TNT deal with magicians and their relationships with their “familiars”; also, both magicians end up falling madly in love with their familiars, as well. Several says... As both anime focus on magicians with their “summoned helper”, the plots are rather different at some points.

First they share the similarity of “doing what is right” which will lead to the inevitable dilemma's. In both series the main characters develop a love relationship with their “helpers”.

Both have the plot of a magical being summoning a “helper” of sorts to help them fight. Both of these shows revolve around a normal boy, magic, and familiars.

Furthermore, the male leads in each have a large hero-complex, always attempting to do “the right thing,” even if it risks their lives. Finally, both of these series have a theme relying on the evolution of the romance between the familiar/servant and the master.

Both are about the male lead ending up in a 'magical'/supernatural new world/school and meeting a cute girl. Both anime include harem, but there is never 'distraction' from the main male/female leads, and rather the 'harem' works at resolving each new plot event.

Themes of both include class division (nobles/commoners monsters/humans), and a consequent breaking of barriers. They are both harem comedies, they both have some fan service (Although RTV has more), the male lead is a human in a world centered around magic, and they are both centered around class division (or species division).

If you liked ZeronoTsukaima then you would really like Rosario + Vampire or the other way around. Both have very powerful and high class female lead who falls in love with a nonpowerful low class male lead.

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