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Danielle Fletcher
• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
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Alan Walker is a familiar name to most of us, He is one of the most promising musicians in the world at the moment and is loved by billions. Apart from the lyrics of his songs, his words are quite engaging and are bound to inspire his fans across the globe.

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I love to listen to the soundtracks from movies, and I’m a big fan of everything that has a melody to it. That is why my favorite producers and artists are Hans Zimmer, KASHMIR, Babinski, K 391, April and many others.

I still pursue graphic design as a hobby which I started way back in the year 2010 -2011. Hans Zimmer’s ‘Time’ is extremely melodic and has a unique progression throughout the entire track.

He puts together everything in such a unique manner that it is completely different from what is usually heard in the EDM world nowadays. _I admire the Indian artist ‘Lost Stories’ who made a remix of my track ‘Faded’.

It represents the music of the Indian subcontinent which makes it cool and pleasing to the ears. It is inspired by my hobby of playing video games, especially ‘Watchdog’, which is my favorite.

AlanWalkerQuotesAlan Olav Walker, is also famous his nickname DJ Walk, borne Northampton, England. He is known as a prestigious, well-known celebrity of music in entire world.

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23-year-old Alan has almost 36.2 million fan followers and subscribers, with his vocal music instrument. He is a DJ walker and music producer, belongs to Norway and U.K. with dual citizenship.

Initial Life and Beginning of Career- In the early age of his life Alan started computer designing and appeared interest in computer science. Later Alan showed interest in music and DJ producer.

He was much affected by Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky who was well named in music producing. Llano started to learn music production and rehearsal by YouTube video and dedication appeared in 2014, when Walker released his first Singer Fade in 2014.

During this period Alan also quit his High school in January to pursue his music career. He is a dedicated person, changed his life to a digital life to Music Production.

Walker also gain fame by his famous music concerts as 2017 Ignite, Sky, The specter, All falls down, alone etc with millions of views. Lost in your mind, I want to know.

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Under the bright but faded lights you’ve set my heart on fire. If your ghost pulls you up high, and it feels like you’ve lost who you are.

Just let me love you when your heart is tired.- Alan Walker (feat. If your ghost pulls you up high, and it feels like you’ve lost who you are.

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