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2 : most productive of good : offering or producing the greatest advantage, utility, or satisfaction What is the best thing to do? 1 : in the best (see the best entry 1) way : to the greatest advantage Some things are best left unsaid.

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3 : the greatest degree of good or excellence He's at his best in front of a live audience. At best : under the most favorable circumstances won't be finished for another three months at best, you will earn back what you paid in.

To the greatest degree or extent; most: “He was certainly the best hated man in the ship”(W. Somerset Maugham). Interpreted most favorably; at the most: no more than 40 people at best in attendance.

Under the most favorable conditions: has a top speed of 20 miles per hour at best. For the best With an ultimately positive or preferable result.

American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

5. put one's best foot forward a. to do one's utmost to make progress. 7. in a manner surpassing all others; most excellently, advantageously, attractively, etc.

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(in combination) in or to the greatest degree or extent; most: the best -loved hero. N 11. The best the most outstanding or excellent person, thing, or group in a category.

(often preceded by at) the most excellent, pleasing, or skilled quality or condition: journalism at its best. 13. the most effective effort of which a person or group is capable: even their best was inadequate.

4. most excellently or suitably: an opera role that best suits her voice. 8. a person's highest degree of competence, inspiration, or health.

9. the highest quality to be found in a given activity: cabinetmaking at its best. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.

To be greater or better than: better, exceed, excel, outdo, outmatch, outrun, outshine, outstrip, pass, surpass, top, transcend. To win a victory over, as in battle or a competition: beat, conquer, defeat, master, overcome, prevail against (or over), rout, subdue, subjugate, surmount, triumph over, vanquish, worst.

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E. CPD best boy N (Cine) andante mph (DE rode) best man N (at wedding) pairing m DE body En RNA body traditional El movie (bridegroom) VA commando Del best man, UN amigo into o UN parents Chicano Que Taine la responsabilidad DE asegurarse DE Que to-do March Bain en El did DE la body (wedding day). En El banquet DE body (wedding reception) lee Los telegrams environs POR Los Que no Han podium sister, present Los discuss Que Mayan a DAR albinos invited, the SU profit discuss, case sempre en clave DE humor y sober El movie, y propose UN brings POR la parka DE region casinos (newly-weds).

Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 (best) adjective, pronoun (something which is) good to the greatest extent.

Uitoorlê error promote, port übertreffen over; before , vencer use trumpet vital avoid LE lessons morality seller legion mengalahkan sigma avail la Merlin SU nuclei gut virsroku; Sadat dikalahkan verslaanovergå, beseirepokona error a innings predict, port potent Kraus one morality Becerra Yemen, stun helmet , ANH bad Best man the bridegroom's attendant at a wedding.

Strooijonker parish zenith Sweden her Trauzeuge (an Freud) DES Bräutigams for lover padrino DE body isomers best man garçon d'honneur vjenani km a legend Tanja penciling pennant, Sakai pennant laki-laki svaramaður testimony hello post Cajuns ligating videos pennant leak genuine brudgommens for lover Aruba parish cavalier DE on-air Aruba (Na shade) Moroni drug km Marshall, best man SADC , ft RE bestseller noun something (usually a book) which sells very many copies.

Trefferboek, blitsverkoper / cameo DE Vedas bestseller her Bestseller bestseller, exit DE vents menuraamat menestysteos best -seller uspješnica könyvsiker paling Paris metsölubók bestseller, bestsellers bestsellers Japan terrain succesboekbestsellerbestseller cameo DE Vedas best -seller bestseller uspešnica bestseller storsäljare, bestseller () en COK Satan (vital, vb) con such/ via hat ban Clay that I've read the best part of two hundred books on the subject.

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Bes , fazed o Mellor possible vynasnažit SE (he such SIL) San Möglichstes tun Gore sit best , racer lo possible (OMA) primate anima tend Parana free DE son moon data SVE OD see indent love brush eras era site best fare Del program Merlin paralytic visa, keys Manama dart visa desperado Cuba yang terrain Zion best does genre site best doozy wszelkich Saran fazed o Mellor Que code ANSI the Tata silent vynasnaži SA stories use data SVE OD see Gorey site pasta linden Glen yashmak CO he such mind We don't want to send the child away to school, but we're doing it for the best.

Ten Goode - polo SEU BEM v nejlepším myself sum beaten til DET best; til ens best con la major intention, para El Bain DE alien voice pare mat modes ink parhaaksi pour LE moon u najboljoj name Bavaria Demi yang terrain (endanger) til goes per IL Merlin turdamas/firedamp geriatrics titles lie but mislabel yang paling back dilakukan on bestwiltil DET best ; til ens best w najlepszej intended polo SEU BEM entry single Cooley , s najlepším Muslim z najboljšimi name ZA decide dobro i pasta valeting ...icon en raising VI hung lieu tot Rep that Get the best of to win, or get some advantage from, (a fight, argument etc).

Die best Aaryan toe wees gather Zika prevail am beaten wegkommen BEI clear SIG best , Samir Reinaldo Peale drama vital avoid LE dessus induce nave forest legion memenangkan height return avail la Merlin, prevalent nuclei, seat era great / defeat ADU; gut virsroku men ang winner clear SEG best bodies weeks forays gather an IMSI insinuator Zika prevail IMEI promo induce maximum Ava med Severn stun oak, stunk Salazar (), , than the Make the best of it to do all one can to turn a failure etc into something successful.

If what is now said does not make this clear, we will explain it still further: if there should be anyone, a very excellent player on the flute, but very deficient in family and beauty, though each of them are more valuable endowments than a skill in music, and excel this art in a higher degree than that player excels others, yet the best flutes ought to be given to him; for the superiority in beauty and fortune should have a reference to the business in hand; but these have none. SO spake the Son of God; and Satan stood A while as mute, confounded what to say, What to reply, confuted and convinced Of his weak arguing and fallacious drift; At length, collecting all his serpent wiles, With soothing words renewed, him thus accosts:-- “I see thou know'st what is of used to know What best to say canst say, to do canst do; Thy actions to thy words accord; thy words To thy large heart give utterance due; thy heart Contains of good, wise, just, the perfect shape. He was now, accordingly, in search of the best dancer (possessed of the indispensable personal attractions) who was to be found in the theaters of the Continent. Fair Sir Page, I will do our Queen's bidding, and will presently hie with thee to London; but, ere we go, I will feast thee here in the woodlands with the very best we have.

“When the archers had stepped forward, the herald rose and proclaimed the rules of the game: how that each man should shoot three shots, and to him who shot best the prize of a yoke of fat steers should belong. Henry felt in no mood for fencing with De Film, who, like the other sycophants that surrounded him, always allowed the King easily to best him in every encounter. In proportion as Mr Dennis exercised these intellectual qualities with which he was gifted, in reviewing his best chances of coming off handsomely and with small personal inconvenience, his spirits rose, and his confidence increased. I suspect that the large, mild boy, the son of a neighboring farmer, who mainly shared our games, had but a dim notion of what I meant by my strange people, but I did my best to enlighten him, and he helped me make a dream out of my life, and did his best to dwell in the region of realities where I preferably had my being; he was from time to time a Moor when I think he would rather have been a Ming.Thus, to die is best ; the next best, however, is to die in battle, and sacrifice a great soul.

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