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Choose your favorite meat & place your order. “My passion is designing and creating quality eco-friendly custom wood goods tailored to your needs!” Jordan Elias.

My wife and I purchased a cutting board from Jordan a few years ago and hands down the quality is unlike anything you would find at any store. He's a great guy that is environmentally conscious when it comes to sourcing his wood and is extremely creative.

Dean Douglas I have used Jordan on several occasions and seen the large scale commercial pieces he has completed. He is great to deal with and recommend him to my friends, family, and businesses looking for the perfect piece.

Eric Neumann Had some custom pieces done by Jordan at Beard Brothers, and I’m thrilled with the results. He worked with us the whole way through, being sure that the wood, style, and set-up all met the needs of the product we were wanting to display; while keeping within our branding guidelines.

Our retailers can't believe the quality of the display, and the fact that it's made in Manitoba by a local artist makes it our top choice every time. Judy Sorry Ordered a custom Beard Brothers cutting board for my dad and was not disappointed.

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Jordan was receptive and thoughtful to work with, and delivered exceptional quality and craftsmanship. No detail was spared, from the unique combination of locally sourced wood, to the deep grooves created specifically to support carving big family dinner roasts, to the engraving of my dad’s initials on the board (which were 100% accurate).

A truly special, lasting gift that will be a focal point for family gatherings for years to come. Jordan is professional, easy to work with, and a total pro at building custom pieces at high quality.

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To connect with The BeardedBrothers Band, join Facebook today. The ultimate starter grooming kit with all the essentials for the brother starting to grow and maintain a beard and has been neglecting beard care.

Before the beards… Brother #1, Larking- a long haired, hippy looking, California kid with a pretty rocking’ beard and the dream to have amazing dreadlocks and become a true craftsman. Brother #2, Alan- a less long haired, hippy looking type, but still a native Californian (although he seems much more comfortable in the South East) and a beard that we’re hoping he’ll take the Jack Sparrow approach and add some beaded detailing to.

Headboards that break, furniture that scratches, tables that cost a fortune and aren’t worth their weight- basically all the things we want to ensure our products are never ever like. The Sister, Heidi- the entrepreneur, computer wiz, website designing, multi-business running Super Woman crazed maniac.

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Married to her high school sweetie, homeschooling mom of 3, she works in running her wedding design company, some future blog & podcast projects, and uses her design background to work with our clients to create the perfect furniture plans. Coming to a podcast near you (stay tuned), he’s completely beardless but still of grand inspirational leadership to our family unit, with hippie ways woven underneath his clean hair cut and metro-sexual groomed appearance.

BeardedBrothers Events is a wedding planning business based in Gainesville, Florida. This company is owned and operated by Justin Nelson, a multi-talented professional who wants to make clients happy.

Owing to Justin’s many years’ experience, he boasts the level-headed nature, personable attitude, and detail-oriented approach to help couples plan their special day. Preparing for the big day often deserves as much care and attention as the actual occasion.

BeardedBrothers Events can provide this level of service through their full planning approach and their day-of coordination. The first important step in the journey towards a memorable event is a consultation.

Justin can listen to his clients and shape his decision-making process. For the full-service offering, Justin is able to arrange details, provide design, liaise with hired companies, and reduce the couple’s stress.

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Regarding the day-of coordination, Justin can provide timelines, a venue visit, setup, breakdown, and more. This planning aficionado can also work with customers to create an event that fits in with their budgets.

Regardless of what service the couple of honor requires, this business understands that every celebration is original and distinctive. As of August 2020, Justin has released a new service, mobile bartending.

We had Justin as our officiant, wedding day coordinator, and DJ. I did not have much experience with weddings, so I'm glad I got to work with Justin on everything.

He was very personal, making us laugh, trying to lighten the mood when our anxiety was showing, which was great. I had already hired my vendors, but I knew I still needed help tying everything together on the wedding day, which he did perfectly.

I booked them for my wedding DJ, officiant and photo both rental. All my guest LOVED the photo booth, it was a huge hit.

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He is proud to now have been a part of the music industry for the past 19 years. Just a few of his gigs include the legendary Mel Willis, Jim Ed Brown, Ray Price, Marty Rayon of Shenandoah, Rhonda Vincent, and has toured with Bryan White, Trisha Year wood, and McKinley & Eggs.

Bill Fritz has been DJing professionally in Florida since 2004. He also produces and hosts weekly trivia shows in North Central Florida.

On the weekends, Bill is one of Gainesville’s premier club DJs. While he prefers playing hip hop and top 40 music in the club, Bill’s busy DJ schedule keeps him well versed in many genres of music including top 40, pop, hip hop, classic rock, alternative, country, party favorites, 70s, 80s and 90s.

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