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Brent Mccoy
• Thursday, 29 July, 2021
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I'm stuck between deciding on a melee class I really enjoy. So I just kinda rolled with warrior. I keep hearing a ton of negative things.

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But, I don't want to loathe my own existence at end game for making a super poor class choice. I hear warrior sustain is some of the poorest in the game, without many innate ways to regain health compared to the other melees.

How difficult is it to learn their advanced movement mechanics, and more reliable PVP combos? Below is a comprehensive guide for the best… to the worst PVP classes in Black Desert Online.

Again the nature of PVP in Black Desert is different depending on its scale and the S Tier classes follow suit! They aren’t designed with the purpose of dueling their foes or wiping out hordes of weaker players.

No, you won’t be a rock star and strike absolute fear into the hearts of your enemies just because of class alone, but you’ll keep them on their toes and give them a reason to focus for sure! The classes in these tiers are decent at their role in respective PVP situations, but they do not excel.

It will take more skill, preparation, and practice to be a strong combatant with these classes. With these classes, you’ll find that you need a -lot- of skill, gear, and support to pull your weight.

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In duels, you’ll find yourself unable to sustain well enough or even put out enough damage before getting a retaliation. In large scale fights you’ll find that some classes can just one shot you or chunk your hp without much effort.

His ability to wreck shop and move mountains in the dueling arena is the very top of the class. On top of this all you’ll find that she is durable enough to ward off damage dealt due to mistakes and poor choices.

Needs gear to keep up with high tier duels Can be CC’d and melee’d down Takes a bit of practice Able to melt down waves of under geared players like butter on a skillet, she’s not one to trifle with during large scale PVP.

Age means nothing when you're capable of clearing out the chaff from the battlefield with a single spell! When geared correctly the wizard is able to lay down immense magical damage at range.

With proper practice and gear, you can put a lot of people down on battlefields with just a few clicks on the keyboard! On top of all of this, the wizard has mass buffs and support spells to lend his team in combat.

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Very high mass damage Has a grab Amazing large scale support Her damage output, mobility, and the ability to go invisible make her a terrifying opponent to square off against one on one.

In one on one fights the Striker is fantastic at getting in, laying a smackdown, and getting out with high mobility and very damaging combos. Add in the natural magic damage resistance he has, and you’re almost -forced- to fight with an up close and personal class, which is where his forte’ lies.

Natural magic damage resistance Very powerful combos Very high mobility She deals magic damage which a lot of classes struggle to mitigate and is a nightmare when you get CC’d in her wake.

Like a lawnmower *For people×, the Must is capable of mowing down hordes of under geared, under leveled, under-practiced opponents in large scale PVP. Both the main hand and awakening weapon have a great range for their attacks and do immense amounts of damage.

Though not the most mobile of classes and having less than stellar crowd control, he doesn’t really need to rely on it. The damage this class can put out in wide swathes is enough to either kill or critically opponents who aren’t truly ready for his keen-edged onslaught.

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The combat pet, The Haling, has amazing knockdowns and the Tamer herself can keep that going with her own CC abilities. Once you’re on your back she unleashes a maelstrom of down attacks that grind your hp bar into a fine red dust.

The sorceress is a powerful magical melee combatant with a dark and arcane flare. The sorceress finds her niche in small scale PVP, though she does take a -lot- of practice to be good.

However, if you put in the time and effort you’ll be able to show other players just why they should fear the darkness in every Sorceress’ skillet! The warrior is very capable, fitting into most combat situations with ease, and was a hard pick.

Like a Swiss army knife, he’s good for many things, but not a titan for any single purpose. In large battlefields he’s able to block and withstand AOE's and combo onslaughts, he can grab to halt foes, and has great attacks.

A mountain of fury and control, he excels at stopping opponents dead in their tracks with a slew of grabs. The Broker’s self-sustaining abilities are also very powerful and his innate durability and hp pool make him a natural for large scale PVP.

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The Madhya is much like the Must in her ability to dish out damage with impressive melee range. That paired with a need to continuously hammer a foe to keep the damage up and mitigate their recovery can make wins harder to come by.

Fragile Weak CC ability Requires a high level of skill She doesn’t have many CC options and her awakening weapon switches the combat style from range to melee.

Powerful at range Can use primary weapon well and doesn’t rely on awakening Can kite well if practiced Her weapon has great melee range and damage, but she relies heavily on accuracy as she naturally has less than other classes.

Poor natural accuracy Fights turn into endurance tests Gets smoked if CC’d and combo’d Her awakened weapon has an amazing range and great linear attack patterns.

With the ability to block and dish out heavy damage with her Lancia she can perform wonderfully on large scale fields by rushing in and unloading.

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