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# EpisodeFeatured animalsGuest Voice over(s)Original Air date Pilot Field mouse, marmot, shark, dolphin, crocodile, frilled lizard, gibbon, badger, flamingo, chameleon, vulture, penguin, panda, giant tortoise, polar bear, seal, tiger, giraffe, zebra, Meerut. None28 March 2009 1 Elephant seal, Meerut, panda, penguin, gorilla, marmot, shark, fox, black bear, puffin, owl, badger, elephant, proboscis monkey, snowy owl, beetle, ant, crab, ostrich, pangolinStephen Fry 15 August 2009 2 Koala, chameleon, marine iguana, anteater, giraffe, bat, ostrich, marmot, gorilla, badger, Meerut, camel, shoe bill, shark, caterpillar, sage grouse. Rolf Harris 22 August 2009 3 Porpoise, white mouse, spoonbill, black heron, iguana, Meerut, walrus, penguin, giant tortoise, badger, rabbit, crab, frog, seal, shoe bill, skunk.

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Barbara Windsor 29 August 2009 4Frilled lizard, marine iguana, camel, duck-billed platypus, mud skipper, barn owl, camel, shoe bill, puffin, anteater, elephant, chipmunk, chameleon, marten, lemur Richard E. Grant 5 September 2009 5Lion, cheetah, shark, penguin, rhinoceros, emperor tamarin, antelope, flamingo, swan, tiger, capybara, owl, giant tortoise, puffin, giraffe, ant, vulture, mandrill. Tom Jones 12 September 2009 6Sea eagle, fox, shark, polar bear, lion, leopard, tiger, peacock, starfish, puffin, iguana, wolf, crab, Meerut, shoe bill, deer, lizard, sea otter, mandrill, barn owl, penguin, seal, camel, frog, red-capped manikin.

John Goodman 18 September 2010 2A vulture tries out a saucy joke; two Georgie chimps have a close encounter with aliens; An evil cloned giraffe threatens to “kiss your mum”. Jason Byrne 25 September 2010 3Alistair and Arnold the very British airmen; Sid the monkey's conscience plays a joke on him; Keith the dolphin farts through his blowhole2 October 2010 4Two parent petrels fake giving their son a fish; showering beavers conversation is derailed by their mate obsessed with his wife's affair; camel Queen awards a knighthood; a heron repeatedly pretends its nighttime then daytime; Monkey Mastermind John Humphries 16 October 2010 5Chester MacArthur's Guide To Wood-whittling; Fin bar Finnegan's Fancy Feet; a hyena Police chase23 October 2010 6A chimp who can't remember if he left the front door unlocked; opera-singing storks; squirrel Henry Edward son's memoirs of being a jobbing actor30 October 2010 7Midsafari Murders; Animal Casualty; a bear after his stag night John Humphrys6 November 2010 The show often uses music for comic effect, and it has used a range of contemporary music as well as popular music from the past.

Artists featured include: Toto, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Marvin Gaye, Pussycat Dolls, Barry White, Shaggy, Lulu, Stevie Wonder, Robbie Williams, Tinge Temp ah, On Jodi, Radiohead and Adam and The Ants. The BBC’s 2016 documentary HyperNormalisation contends that governments, financiers and tech giants have replaced the real world, complete with complexity and gray areas, with a “fake world” that’s made simpler by behemoth corporations and populist politicians.

No damage to the jewelry case or item cover, no scuffs, scratches, cracks, or holes. The cover art and liner notes are included.

Aboutcontributorsassignmentssearchsubscribe Wildlife Conservation Society Antony Lunar On a brisk winter morning in January, a ranger team is on patrol in Alaungdaw Kathak National Park in Myanmar. In the tough terrain, the team must traverse on foot for up to fifteen days a month.

bbc side wild walk episode
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Through teeth stained with betel juice, the mahout explains how his charge carries food and all camping equipment needed by the team on their long patrols in the forest, the elephant helps bring out illegal gear and contraband confiscated by the rangers. I love technology, and since the internet came to life, the world become a much smaller place.

My Blackberry crashed in Japan not that long ago back in August, but through Facebook could just about contact everybody I needed to get hold of. I have encountered all types through the online world, but there is one which even by my own weird adventures was the biggest freak I have ever met yet.

In the late Nineties at the end of Creation Records, just before I sold the rest of the shares to Sony, I was contacted in a very fanboy kind of way by a girl called 'April' who lived overseas. About six months later, post some kind of drug-induced breakdown, I received an email explaining that 'April' was in fact a man.

She/he had basically been having some kind of massive hoax on me and a load of other people which had eventually climaxed and backfired badly on her/him. With me, it was just a load of, as I said, rubbish fanboy emails such as asking how Martin Carr or Liam Gallagher were.

Eventually, the highly strung 'April' (who from now on we will for his sake call 'John') and some friend, who I think were crystal meth mates, together were playing the whole duality card and had become very screwed up by it. Anyway at the time I told him to piss off, which he did, as I thought I should be annoyed, but the truth was I found it all very funny.

bbc episode side wild walk
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He reappeared online on AOL messenger about year later, but this time berating me about Martin Carr and something or other which I had said about the track Wake Up Boo. At one stage 'John' moved to the UK, and we got to meet up occasionally, which was funnier still as he was even a bigger freak in person.

Anyway I digress, as I said I knew 'John' throughout the next decade, mostly online with about 20 emails a day of complete rubbish, but all amusing too me. From what I gathered, his life here had fallen apart, and he headed back home overseas for a short spell.

The last I had heard of 'April' or 'John', he was still 'John' and 'April' had not re-emerged and is now back in England and living up north somewhere as a fitness freak. I am about to embark on a book of short stories with Harry Mulligan of Vice, and she will have her very own chapter.

As Dan recently has said himself in Art rocker “We're the closest thing to a real punk band around” and who could doubt conviction like that. This was Bitt Saga’s reply to the ongoing environmental crisis in India where nature is being destroyed for the sake of economy.

Saga, an environmental activist and the founder of Sanctuary Nature Foundation was present for the book launch of 'A Walk on the Wildlife ', a wildlife photography book by Need Son, who is an 18-year-old teenager, but more aware of the depleting environmental conditions than most adults. The launch which was held at The Lodi, New Delhi on October 10, included environment activists, conservation photographers and senior journalists like SWAT Thiyagarajan, Latina Path, Vijay Bed and Rajiv Making.

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He believes that he has finally started to understand the change that needs to happen to protect the environment. Our agriculture, food, water, social and economic security, all depend on the survival of species.

Need’s book explores the wildlife of Corbett National Park, particularly the Tiger population. Bitt believes that tiger count and numbers can be interpreted in many ways but that is not the real thing.

The real point that we need to know from satellite and ground proofing, is the status of the forest cover. He believes that for the sake of the Indian subcontinent, places like Corbett should not be considered as mere forests, but life-rafts in an era of climate crisis.

India is the most vulnerable country in the world from the climate crisis that is hitting the planet. In his concluding remark, Bitt mentioned that successive governments have depleted the natural resource base of India.

They could be spotted in the heavens, large, dark, distinctive birds flying in formation, stretching out their long necks and letting their unusual beaks lead the way. After the Jewish National Fund developed the Rule Again in 1995 and re-flooded 1,000 dreams of former swampland with water, ibis began stopping there to rest and “refuel” before continuing on their way.

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An excellent way to enjoy just about everything the Again has to offer is from a paved circular trail that follows canals and lakes, and passes through beautiful groves. Whether you bike the trail, rent a golf cart, or follow it on foot, you will have plenty of face-to-face encounters with wildlife.

The trail has an added attraction as well: located well off the main, wider byway running through the Again, it is unusually quiet and peaceful. Completely wheelchair accessible and one of the country’s most exciting recreational sites, the Again is situated off Highway 90 a few kilometers north of the Rule Nature Reserve.

Rather, the name refers to a plant called again yam in Hebrew; that’s seaside bulrush or sea club-rush in English. A hardy plant about a meter tall, again yam grows in shallow water, swamps, ditches, and ponds.

Weirdly shaped, spiky, light brown flowers appear on the plant’s long skinny stalk in late summer and early fall. An Australian tree that grows very fast and features beautiful purple flowers, the Paulina provides a nesting area for song birds that require broad leaves.

If an enemy approaches, the parent signals its arrival and the young plovers immediately lie down on the ground to avoid detection. In Egypt, where they eat snake eggs and protect the fields by gobbling up locusts, the ibis is considered holy.

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They feed on fish, frogs, and similar fauna, and can be seen perching on branches, gliding gracefully above the water, or slowly wading through it. Should a heron sight a possible prey, it quickly thrusts its head forward, grasps the victim in its long, straight beak, and swallows it whole.

Cranes, the crowning glory of the Again, were the third largest birds to inhabit Israel in biblical times (first and second were the ostrich and the pelican). For a small fee you can ride a camouflaged tractor right into their swamps and observe a multitude of cranes going about its business.

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