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• Monday, 21 December, 2020
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Here you have the definitive battery application for your iPod, iPhone or iPad from NO2! A quick glance will let you know how many hours you have left for listening to music, watching videos, talking on the phone and surfing the Internet.

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If you want your battery to be even more Zen “, touching the screen once will hide the icons, leaving only the time and the battery charge percentage on the screen. Touching a third time brings back all the data you had at the start.

You can change the color of the liquid inside the battery that best suits your personality. Once the battery is charged, the application will make a warning sound.

Jun 19, 2018 A blissfully simple app that does its job with pretty graphics. The tiny letters in the corner were so small I sometimes read them wrong.

This app shows the battery condition as well as an actual percentage number for the charge. This is one good battery I have been looking for one after I lost the last one I had downloaded and somehow it got erased, and I was never able to find it again, so it was guess work because I could not find a good battery.

Languages English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish It’s difficult to reinvent the wheel again, but AMD is hoping that its new Ry zen 5000 Mobile processors build on the momentum that started last year.

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AMD’s big marketing tool for the other Zen 3 families on the desktop is that the size of the L3 cache effectively reduces main memory latency and helps gaming performance, and so with the new mobile processor they’ve combined the two four-core complexes into a single eight-core complex, then doubled the amount of cache, enabling each processor to have access to all the cache on the CPU at the same time. We’re at a stage now where AMD might consider updating the CPU/GPU on its Apes in alternate years, if that keeps the rate of product releases in line with its other designs.

For additional connectivity, we expect the Ry zen 5000 Mobile processors to also keep the same as the previous generation: eight lanes of PCIe 3.0, support for NVMe and SATA, and DDR4-3200 / LPDDR4X-4266. While we don’t have a Ry zen 5000 Mobile silicon die on hand (something we lose by not having a physical CES event this year, but totally understandable), because the Zen 3 cores are slightly larger than the Zen 2 cores, overall the die size of Ry zen 5000 Mobile should be slightly bigger.

All of AMD’s Ry zen 5000 Mobile processors (3 exceptions, listed below) are binned from this one silicon die design. Traditionally these processors are listed with a TDP of 45 W, however last year we saw AMD experimenting with a newer 35 W category called ‘HS’.

This year AMD is again introducing a new level called ‘HE’ for its overclocking models, going above the standard H-series TDP. Last year when HS was introduced, AMD stated that these 35 W models were special, requiring system design approval from AMD in order to have access to them, as they enabled the same base and turbo frequencies but at a much better efficiency point.

This year that distinction seems to have dropped away a bit, with the HS models now simply giving the same turbo but lower base frequency than the standard H. Note that the change in TDP, from 45 W to 35 W, in the various TDP modes, typically relates to changes in base frequency, so in that instance AMD is more aligned with what the market is used to. Overclockable models in laptops isn’t necessarily new (Intel has done it for years), but AMD has taken the detail to explain that the TDP is raised to a ‘45W+’ design for these parts.

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This allows the OEM partners to ultimately define their TDP level, and have the sustained base frequency increased match expectations for the hardware it is built for. Because the mobile market is always a bit odd in its numbering scheme, the Ry zen 7 5800H takes that role, because it still has eight cores.

AMD showcases the 35 W model as scoring 600+ in Cine bench R20, in line with the desktop Zen 3 processors launched last year. Normally it is done to appease OEM partners that have a singular design and want to get the benefit of the latest generation nomenclature but not have the expense of developing a new unit.

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Select PayPal Credit at checkout to have the option to pay over time. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months.

The PayPal Credit account is issued by Synchrony Bank. After much anticipation, AMD has finally unveiled their newest Ry zen 5000 Series Mobile processors that are based on their powerful Zen 3 architecture.

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The new AMD Ry zen 5000 Series Desktop and Mobile Processors bring the best innovation AMD has to offer to consumers and professionals as we continue our commitment to delivering best-in-class experiences with instant responsiveness, incredible battery life and fantastic designs. Most of the new Ry zen 5000 mobile family of chips share similarities with the desktop CPUs the company announced a few months ago, and they'll start shipping with laptops from some bigger computer-makers in February.

The new chips are divided into two sub-families, both at least in part based on 7 nm Zen 3 tech: there's the H-series, which is meant for high-end, performance-oriented gaming and content creation notebooks, and the U-series, which takes aim at Intel's dominance in the ultraportable space with a greater focus on power efficiency. Both of these (and all but two of the chips in the Ry zen 5000 mobile family) sport eight CPU cores and 16 threads at up to 4.8Hz.

To that point, AMD claims that the 5800U can deliver almost 18 hours of battery life for normal use cases and up to 21 for video playback. OEMs have already started announcing laptops with these chips, so we expect to see those illuminating benchmarks as early as next month.

There is no doubt that this is a very coherent and predictable move, as it will allow AMD to compete more intensely in a market, that of laptops, in which Intel has traditionally ruled. One of the processors that Lisa SU has shown during the AMD event at this virtual CES is the Ry zen 7 5800U, and, as you can see in the below image, it has faced Intel’s Core i7-1186G7, which is its natural competitor.

Intel is dominating the industry, but AMD has announced more collaborations with companies like HP to launch more Ry zen notebooks than ever; 150 new computers from brands such as Acer, Lenovo, Dell or MSI are expected. AMD is aware that the gaming market is increasingly important, and that is why it has presented a new range of processors for laptops to play.

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As per the report, this new CPU will be paired with the RX 5500M/5300M graphics to compete against solutions that combine Intel and Nvidia parts in the mid-range mobile gaming laptop space. AMD also has its next-gen Renoir mobile APU series in the pipeline which is likely going to be released alongside this new chip at CES.

Renoir could feature a much-improved memory controller with up to 4266MHz LPDDR4X support and an updated DCN 2.1 display engine. AMD Ry zen 5000 Series of processors will be made for desktop and mobility computing platforms.

Although the CPU belongs to the AMD Ry zen 5000 Series, it is not based on the ZEN 3 Architecture. AMD’s next-generation Ry zen 7 5700U ‘Lucien ne’ APU has appeared online in the form of a laptop listing.

The Acer Aspire 5 A515 notebook has been listed over at Amazon Italy, and it appears to be powered by an APU that belongs to the new AMD 5000 series of processors. The portable computing device is one of the first products to arrive which is powered by AMD’s Ry zen 5000 Apes.

These low TDP processors with embedded AMD graphics will be announced at CES 2021. This means the processor is not based on ZEN 3 Core Architecture but is essentially a Renoir refresh.

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The AMD Ry zen 7 5700U’s integrated GPU will offer 8 Us or a total of 512 cores which will be clocked at 1900 MHz. The Ry zen 7 4700U on the other hand packed 7 compute units or 448 SPS that operate at a clock speed of 1600 MHz.

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