Battery For Lexmoto Vixen 125

Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Please check your existing battery for dimensions and post layout before ordering, or call us. To find your vehicle, just simply select from the choices above or use the battery finder at the top.

lexmoto vixen ht125 overview
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We supply car batteries on a next day delivery service to 95% of the UK. Our offer is simple: The right car battery at an unbeatable price with no hidden extras.

Simply get in touch and our expert team will help you choose the right battery to match your vehicle. The LexmotoVixen portrays the essence of riding a motorcycle.

The chrome reflects the world around you as you pass through its routes, wherever your adventure is taking you. An easy to ride model with a smooth riding experience generated by the large stable wheels The Lexmotovixen has been popular with both new riders and born again bikers alike.

Combining a reliable 4t motor with a practical and efficient design the Vixen offers fantastic value for those looking to add a bit of style to their ride. Ultra modern LED headlights will help you illuminate the road long after dusk has descended.

All models are imported from China into the UK and registered with the DLA and Insurance databases properly. This means that you get a bike that has already been registered so no additional paperwork needs to be sent directly to the DLA and when it comes to insurance the companies know the bike and can provide cover.

lexmoto vixen 125 brake ht125 125cc disc front motorcycles parts
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If taking the scenic route through the Lake district wasn't enough, none other than Remote Owners Club warrior, Jamie Ball, decided to ride his Remote Viper down the 33% gradient of Hardknott Pass. You can find genuine Remote parts and accessories on our sister website CAPO, from nuts and bolts to complete engines CAPO stocks a wide variety of parts.

Search by Research by Diagrams all parts for this bike You can get a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories for your bike from Letter.

It will have 2 or 3 screws holding the cover in place. SELECT MAKEHondaKawasakiSuzukiYamahaAccossatoAdlyAeonAJPAJSAlferApacheApriliaArctic CatArielArmstrongAspesBaimoBajajBaotianBarossaBenelliBetaBimotaBlaney (Quads)BlataBMWBombardier/BRPBorileBransonBSABSMBuellBultacoCagivaCAN AMCannondaleCCMC. F.Indochinese Motorcycle H RacingCimattiCoccinellaContiCPICQRCSRC. Z./JawaDaelimDafierDayangDerbiDinliDirect BikesDucatiEasy RiderECOEscootaE-TonExcelsiorExplorerFactoryFanticFB MinarelliFrancis Barnett/X-SportGarelliGas-GasGenericGiantcoGileraGoesGPXGRIPGuobenHaizhimengHanglongHaotianHarley Davidson Hartford/HRDHeroHero HondaHeskethHM MotoHondaHongdouHorexHRDHuatianHuoniaoHusabergHusqvarnaHyosungIndianItaljetIWLJamesJCMJialingJiansheJinchengJinlunJinlun/CKRJMSTARJohn DeereJonwayJordanKaisarKawasakiKawataKeewayKentoyaKinroadK. M.

80 Amp/Hr: 6.5 Replaces: 12N6A-4B YB7C-A Scorpion 12v 110 CCA Power Sport Wet Battery with Acid Pack Price: $51.95 Size: 5 1/8 × 4 × 4 1/2” C.C.A. 110 Amp/Hr: 8 Replaces: NASA YB7C-A YB7-A Scorpion 12v 90 CCA Power Sport Wet Battery with Acid Pack Price: $44.00 Size: 5 5/16 × 3 × 5 1/4” C.C.A.

90 Amp/Hr: 7 Replaces: NASA YB7-A YTX7A-BS Scorpion 12v 120 CCA AGM Power Sport & Motorcycle Battery Price: $41.95 Size: 5 7/8 × 3 3/8 × 3 5/8” C.C.A. 90 Amp/Hr: 6 Replaces: YTX7L-BS, GTX7L-BS, CTX7L-BS PT 7LBS YT7B-4 Scorpion 12v 125 CCA AGM Power Sport & Motorcycle Battery Price: $46.95 Size: 6 × 2 9/16 × 3 11/16” C.C.A.

lexmoto vixen
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130 Amp/Hr: 6 Replaces: NASA YTZ7S Performance Upgrade for 5LBS YTX7E Scorpion 12v 90 CCA AGM Power Sport & Motorcycle Battery Price: $49.95 Size: 5 1/8 × 3 × 4 15/16” C.C.A. 90 Amp/Hr: 7 Replaces: NASA YB7A, 12N7-4A, CB 7-A YT9A Scorpion 12v 130 CCA AGM Power Sport & Motorcycle Battery Price: $48.95 Size: 5 5/16 × 3 × 5 3/8” C.C.A.

130 Amp/Hr: 9 Replaces: NASA YB9-B, sYT9-B, other 9-B, Kip or Generator 6-FM-9 YTX9-BS Scorpion 12v 135 CCA Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery Price: $48.95 Size: 5 7/8 × 3 3/8 × 4 1/8” C.C.A. 120 Amp/Hr: 8 Replaces: YT9-BS, YT9B-4 Scorpion 12v 115 CCA AGM Power Sport & Motorcycle Battery Price: $55.95 Size: 6 × 2 3/4 × 4 1/8” C.C.A.

270 Amp/Hr: 18 Replaces: Upgrade for YTX16-BS LFX14A2-BS12 Short 12v 14 AH BEQ LiFePO4 Power Sports Battery Price: $143.95 Size: 4.45 × 2.28 × 3.50” C.C.A. 270 Amp/Hr: 18 BEQ Replaces: YTX16-BS, YT16B, YTX16-BS-1 SSTZ5S-FP Scorpion Stinger 12v 219 CCA LiFePo4 Extreme High Output Battery Price: $89.95 Size: 4 7/16 × 2 3/4 × 3 5/16” C.C.A.

That’s not bad for a 125 machine; the Remote Valiant that my wife owned a few years ago claimed 9.9 hp and I felt it was a pretty decent motorcycle for around-town duty. I have never understood why there is a dual exhaust for a single-cylinder engine Well… I always feel it’s important to point out that I have met people who have ridden up and down Europe on 125cc machines.

I’d be concerned about what sort of drain the latter would place on the battery of a budget motorcycle The overall finish of the bike is quite good for a machine with this many miles on it. Hell, if we assume this thing’s been ridden in winter, it appears to have gotten through the experience better than the Triumph Bonneville T120 I used to own.

vixen lexmoto 125cc
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There is no gear indicator for the bike’s five-speed transmission and since it’s a 2015 model I suspect that means it doesn’t have the connected braking system that’s been required from 2016. Even still, although the Leeway Super light is reportedly a good bike it doesn’t speak to me enough that I feel a desperate need to part with my money.

Having owned my scooter for many years, its developed a problem that's confusing me. Its stopped producing electricity. It takes a special charger to charge them and if you have a voltmeter you can check for current output. Haynes makes a scooter repair manual and is quite helpful for most scooter problems that arise.

If the voltage is dropping at idle then you need to move back to the rectifier and check the voltage input to the rectifier from the stator (these are the windings sat inside the flywheel). If you have a look on the left side of the engine at the plastic flywheel cover there should be a multi plug at the lower front of it, might be worth popping this and giving it a clean and wd40 it.

Its odds on that the DB Tommy is the same model as the Remote one, so they might be able to help with a wiring diagram, if it is the stator windings at fault they're about £25. A sporty heart beats at the center of a machine that fuses the best from all realms of motorcycling.

Supermom street bikes are amazingly practical and fun motorcycles, blending the best characteristics of sport bikes with the upright seating position and comfort of a dual-sport machine. Powered by Leeway’s reliable and powerful 125cc SOHO four-stroke engine, the TX 125 Supermom adds a dual-sport chassis, sticky street tires, modern, race-type suspension (including a monoshock rear and inverted front fork), racing-spec disc brakes and tons of cornering clearance, all of which allow you to make the most of the TX’s amazing handling and maneuverability.

vixen lexmoto motorbike 125cc learner legal
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Add digital instrumentation, two-up capability, a handy luggage rack, lightweight cast-alloy wheels, electric starting, electronic ignition and tons of bang-for-the-buck value, you have a machine that’ll have you grinning ear to ear inside your helmet all day long. Power Ignition Bore x stroke RATED OUTPUT MAX.

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