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• Tuesday, 12 January, 2021
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You are now on the desktop site. You and I, we were alright And then you suddenly changed Without a cue, I had lost you As if I never knew your names many things to say And I need to find a way ? Cause it’s though you're here but gone And I'm left here all alone.

mine place banging wall kays bar
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In the wake of the tragic plane crash that claimed the lives of four of their band mates and soul legend Otis Redding, trumpeter Ben Paula and bassist James Alexander formed a new edition of the Barclays to cut Gotta Groove, a celebration of life and music that ranks among the funkiest, hardest-driving LPs ever released under the Star aegis. But most of all Gotta Groove serves as a showcase for the ferocious drumming of Roy Cunningham and Willie Hall, whose relentlessly funky rhythms push cuts like “Humping'” and “Jiving 'Round” well past their somewhat pedestrian melodies -- little wonder the album's proven a fecund source of samples for acts including Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, and GPA.

Freak show On The Dance Floor 7. For the very first time you can now get your hands on a definitive collection of the funk and soul sensation that is The Barclays.

Robin songs are proud to be the first label to combine the Warner Brothers, Volt, Star and Mercury repertoire to make this a unique compilation that covers the period from 1967 through 1989. The package features every single one of their Top 10 R&B Hits 'Soul Finger', 'Son Of Shaft', 'Shake Your Rump To The Funk', 'Too Hot To Stop', 'Holy Ghost', 'Move Your Boogie Body', 'Boogie Body Land', 'Hit And Run', 'Do It (Let Me See You Shake)', 'Certified True' and 'Freak show On The Dance floor'.

Other tracks of note included in this package are 'Let's Have Some Fun', 'Dirty Dancer', 'Attitudes' and the full-length album version of 'Money Talks' plus the dance floor smash 'Somatic'. The history of the Barclays is one of tragedy and triumph, plane crash to Gold Discs, Otis Redding to Isaac Hayes, which is all wonderfully summed up in a 24-page color booklet including an essay by Christian John Wine, a New York based music journalist with contributions by the band's former frontman Larry Dodson.

mine place kays bar
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Just as their career was beginning to take off, all the Barclays, except bassist James Alexander and trumpeter Ben Paula, were killed in the plane crash that claimed Otis Redding. After a period of mourning, Alexander reformed the group, and they supported Isaac Hayes on his classic “Hot Buttered Soul,” “Shaft,” “Movement” and “To Be Continued” LPs.

The high profile of the Hayes records assured the revival of their career, and they came back with “Son Of Shaft” in 1971, a top 10 hit. Now consisting of Alexander with Willie Hall (drums), Winston Stewart (organ), Barry Wilkins (guitar), Vernon Burch (guitar), Harvey Henderson (sax) and vocalist Larry Dodson, the Barclays developed a reputation as a fierce live outfit, which was briefly documented on the Watts tax concert.

In 1978, a forgotten session from Star, “Holy Ghost,” was released and became a funk classic, despite being completed nearly four years earlier. They adapted to the advent of rap music with “Freak show On the Dance Floor,” a song from the “ Breaking' soundtrack that was their biggest hit, peaking at #2.

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