Barcode Brothers Wake Up

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 27 July, 2021
• 7 min read

Successful singles from the duo include 'Dooh', 'Flute', 'It's a Fine Day' and 'Tell', all from the album entitled 'Swipe Me'. The BarcodeBrothers is a Danish electronic music duo consisting of Christian Miller Nielsen & Andes Land.

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Successful singles from the duo include 'Dooh', 'Flute… read more The BarcodeBrothers is a Danish electronic music duo consisting of Christian Miller Nielsen & Andes Land.

Writer(s): JAKOB STAVNSTRUP, ANDES Öland, CHRISTIAN MUELLER NIELSEN, MICHAEL PARSER HANSEN Barcode Brothers | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos Start typing... Your search did not return any results.

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Amy L.BOASTED 86 (Q411) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Ready 2 Go Dead Eye Vacancy2 Who's That Girl Neutron Ignition3 Loud Zesty Thunder4 Determinate Infinite Council5 Party Rock Anthem Party Playaz6 Rise Up Lip Six7 Happiness (Jump Smokers Radio Edit) Alexis Jordan8 Run The World (Girls) Breeze Xile9 Untouched Viper Electro10 Poison Reachout11 Like Water Ladi612 Price Tag Jagged EagleBonus Mortal Kombat (Encounter The Ultimate) Ironic MilitantBonus Mortal Kombat (Encounter The Ultimate) Ironic MilitantBODYSTEP 85 (Q311) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Here I Go Maximum2 Yeah 3x Chris Brown3 The Call Graffiti Girls4 Sure Fire Winners Solar Collective5 Who's That Chick Ultimate6 Jump! Mickey Index7 Muscles Annie Lee8 Show Me How You Burlesque Carla Cross9 Objection Mirage10 Real Things DJ Riddle11 Uprising TransNoise12 Racketeer Original Firebombs Revolution ColorboxBonus Last Train To Tran central BodytronixxBODYSTEP 84 (Q211) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Getting' Over You Steve Rage2 Start Without You Alexandra Burke feat.

Lava Morgan3 Going to Catch You Day Tripper4 Love The Fall Mekong Garden5 Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1) MIG6 Heaven's On Fire Kerry Woolfe7 The Beautiful People Sand down Jones8 Drummer Boy (Banging Remix) Sandy Beggs9 Hank Lanky Time4Love10 Rock star 101 Colorbox11 Bionic Mandy Brewer12 Please Don't Let Me Go Only Murs13 Kitty Gritty Stella CrownBODYSTEP 83 (Q111) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Dynamite (DJ BTW Mix) Studio 88 feat. Ke$ha8 Take It Off Rio G9 Big And Bad Jimmy Swagger10 Commander (Club Mix 2) Spacegliderz11 Hungry Like The Wolf Norwegian Sound12 Choose You Stan WalkerBODYSTEP 82 (Q410) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Things That Go Bump In The Night Ultra Ego2 Thriller Classique3 Dress You Up Melanie Z.4 Broken Heels Sandy Minx5 Addams Groove Mad Playaz6 Knock On Wood Rhythm Twins feat.

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(Radio Edit) Oleo VI pres Lumiere vs Batman ScoopBODYSTEP 66 (Q406) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Are You Ready BuckWild2 Walk Away (Chris Cox Radio Remix) Kelly Clarkson3 Hitching' A Ride Jon Banks4 I've Got The Music In Me OneZeroOne5 Walk On the Wild Side Red Band6 Pour Some Sugar On Me Rhythm Twins7 Ain't No Other Man Christina Aguilera8 Rough Day Pearl Star9 Love Is A Contact Sport Sandra Hill10 Someone That You're With KopyKatz11 Brown Skin (Illicit Club Mix) India Arie12 Follow Your Dream Emmanuel Carla BOASTED 65 (Q306) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 When Will I Be Famous? OneZeroOne6 Leader of the Gang (Maurice's Nu Soul Mix) Spice Girls7 Lose My Breath Destiny's Child8 I Just Wanna Be Happy Gloria Estefan9 Boogie Boogie Bugle Boy DJ Denzi10 Hot in Here Nelly11 Is It 'Cos I'm Cool (Alex Audio & Erma Mix) Mousse T. with Emma Lanford12 These Words Natasha BedingfieldBODYSTEP 59 (Q105) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Superstar Karaka2 I'm Right Here Samantha Mumba3 Born to be alive Voyage 20004 Red Blooded Woman (Dance Remix) Shee5 Popping' The Jazz DJ RPM6 Come On Feel The Noise Party Playaz7 3.5.7 Oak town's8 Girls Are Here To Party (Shanghai Surprise Remix) Koda9 I Want Candy Rhythm Twins10 Fighter Copy Kats11 My Prerogative (House Mix) Bod Michael12 Take My Breath Away Jessica SimpsonBODYSTEP 58 (Q404) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Toxic (Trance Radio Edit) Helen2 Independent Woman Pt.

Tamara Jaber5 Without Me MC Boy6 You Shook Me All Night Long Peter Bang7 Tom Jones International (Shanghai Surprise Mix) Tom Jones8 You Make Me Feel Good (Original Club Radio Edit) Pat Hodges9 Walk Like An Egyptian The Bangles10 Mony Bionic Ear11 Dive (Chris Cox Club Anthem Radio Edit) Debby Holiday12 Every Little Step Mercury 4BODYSTEP 57 (Q304) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 I'm Your Man Shane Richie2 Love Revolution Pat Hodges3 You Make Me Feel Funk Project4 Yes Yes Yes Mel C5 Señorita Reliable6 Self Control 2004 Laura Branigan7 All Things Wildlife8 Cha Slide DJ Casper9 Drink Drank Drunk Atomic Fireballs10 Tribal Dance 2.4 2 Unlimited11 My Time Dutch12 Signed Sealed Delivered BlueBODYSTEP 56 (Q204) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Venus Andrea Anatola2 U Talking’ To Me Disco Montego3 Slave To The Music Nick Skitz4 Jumping’ Liberty X5 Shake Ya Shimmy Porn Kings vs Flip & Fill 6 How Much Is The Fish? Maya6 B-Boys & Fly girls Bound MC’s7 100% Pure Love Crystal Waters8 Let’s Get Loud Jennifer Lopez9 Neutron Dance The Pointer Sisters10 Final Countdown Miriam Stockley11 Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Hermes House Band12 Back To The World Kevin CampbellBODYSTEP 54 (Q403) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Better Get Ready Lulu2 If You Want to Dance Nobody’s Angel3 You Spin Me Round Gigi D'Agostino4 Rising Elle Patrice5 The Reckoning Boomkat6 I’m Flying E-Type7 Situation Tom Jones8 Bailey Jennifer Lopez9 Ballroom Blitz Tia Carrere10 Everybody Clock11 When I See You Macy Gray12 Your Body Is A Wonderland John MayerBODYSTEP 53 (Q303) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Everybody's Free Aqua gen feat.

Andrea BarkerBODYSTEP 46 (Q401) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Reach Out (I'll Be There) Generation2 Don't Stop Movie' S Club 73 Beat It Killer Shadows4 It's Raining Men Germ Halliwell5 Slammer Hammer Perfect Phase6 Underneath The Radar Underworld7 Jump Up (If You Feel Alright) The Beat Bros.8 Loaded (Almighty Mix) Ricky Martin9 Foot Suit Riot Cherry Popping' Daddies10 I'm On Fire 2 Fabiola11 All For You Janet Jackson12 Eternal Flame Atomic KittenBODYSTEP 45 (Q301) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Never Can Say Goodbye Sheena Easton2 Can't Fight The Moonlight Leann Rimes3 Larger Than Life (Power Mix) Bakerstreet4 Shout Deloris & The Sisters & The Ronelles5 Operation Blade (Radio Edit) Public Domain6 The Race Captain Jack7 American Woman Lenny Kravitz8 Knock On Wood Amanda Baker9 I'm Still Standing Elton John10 Rocky Dance Euro beat Girls11 Get It On Bus stop feat. T-Rex12 You All DAT Baha Men13 I'm Like A Bird Nelly FurtadoBODYSTEP 44 (Q201) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Do You Wanna Funk Bunch2 The Power Vanessa Amorosi3 Who Let The Dogs Out Baha Men4 Original Prankster The Offspring5 Jump Southside Rockers6 Peace (In The Valley) Sabrina Johnson7 Pour Some Sugar On Me Def Leppard8 Jump For My Love DJ Space'C9 Lay Your Love On Me Racey10 The Ride Basic Element11 Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You Hermes House Band12 It Wasn't Me Shaggy 13 Cruising' Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey LewisBODYSTEP 43 (Q101) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 She Bangs Ricky Martin2 I Want Your Love Atomic Kitten3 I Was Made For Loving' You Chill4 Up rocking Beats (Radio Edit) Bound MC's5 Glorious Jackie 'O'6 No Sleep N.Y.C.C.7 Mope (The Bloodhound Gang Mix) Bloodhound Gang8 Who The Hell Are You Madison Avenue9 Getting' In The Mood The Brian Setter Orchestra10 Devil Gate Drive Symone11 Bridge Over Troubled Water Hannah Jones12 Holler Spice Girls13 Could I Have This Kiss Forever Whitney Houston & Enrique IglesiasBODYSTEP 42 (Q400) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Nut bush City Limits 2000 T-Zone2 Rock DJ Robbie Williams3 That's the Way (I Like It) Look Twice4 Earthquake Theme Basic Element5 Rock the World Basic Element6 Champion 2000 E-Type7 We Will Rock You Five + Queen8 Let's Roll (I Like It) Jump & Joy!9 These Boots Are Made ROR Walking The BarcodeBrothers 10 Walking On The Neon Waltari11 Don't Take Away My Heart Modern Talking12 Maria, Maria Santana13 Ocean Of Light In-Mood feat.

(A Man After Midnight) A-Teens6 Venus Or Mars Jackson Mendoza7 Take Me To The Top Dream Frequency8 Tom's Party T-Sthingy9 Yes Merry Clayton10 Who The F*** Is Alice (Radio Clean Version) The Steppers11 You're My World (Almighty Vocal Mix Edit) Jane McDonald12 Keep On Movie' Five13 I Try Macy GrayBODYSTEP 39 (Q100) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Stranded Utica McNeal2 Love On And On Donna Summer3 Do You Want Some More Vitamin C4 1999 Prince And The Revolution5 Are You Going to Go My Way Tom Jones & Robbie Williams6 Here I Go Again E-Type7 Got 2 Get U Back T Sthingy8 Mambo Lou Bega9 You Can't Hurry Love Dixie Chicks10 War Edwin Starr11 Word Up Point Break12 The Roof Is On Fire Uproar13 Sunshine GabrielleBODYSTEP 38 (Q499) Poster No#Song TitleArtistLicence1 Walk On To The Light T-Zone2 Man! Billy More | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos Start typing... Your search did not return any results.

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The sons still live with the parents, so they must now share a room. Initial antipathy threatens the household's peace and the parents' relationship.

Dad lays down the law: both slackers have a month to find a job. Out of the job search and their love of music comes a pact that leads to friendship, but more domestic disarray compounded by the boys' sleepwalking.

Hovering nearby are Brennan's successful brother and his lonely wife: the brother wants to help sell his step-father's house, the wife wants Dale's attention, and the newlyweds want to retire and sail the seven seas. Edit Trivia Brennan says he smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins and Sloan Kettering.

There is a Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, which is also mentioned in the lyrics to the opening song “A-Punk” by the New York City band Vampire Weekend, and although it's not exactly called “Johnny”, the famous Johns Hopkins Hospital is in Baltimore, Maryland. Goofs When Brennan is showing Dale how good a singer he is, a samurai sword is on the floor between them.

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