Ban Do Zenon

Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 27 July, 2021
• 7 min read

A considerable portion of the Fortnite community includes young fans who haven’t entered their teenage yet. Therefore, Epic has implemented rules that prevent kids below the age of 13 from participating in competitive tournaments or game modes that include a prize pool.

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Moreover, players below Epic’s age limit also need their parent’s consent to partake in certain competitive matches that don’t have cash prizes involved. Although it seems that Xenon had his father’s permission to play, once Epic spotted the Terms of Service breach, they took action.

It was started by his followers as well as Fortnite fans who were sad to see the dreams of the aspiring kid crushed. Well over 100,000 people have tweeted with the hashtag, including some notable names in the gaming community.

Faze Banks pleaded the developers to let the kid go back to playing Fortnite. Ninja and TFUE also discussed Epic’s ban for the 9-year-old Brazilian kid on their respective streams.

They banned pro players Xxi and Ronaldo only for two weeks after found guilty of cheating at the qualifiers for last year’s Fortnite World Cup. Another pro player Davis Kaye received a lifetime ban for using aim bot to show his viewers how unfair the cheat was.

This past week, Epic Games went after a 9-year-old player and Brazilian streamer named Xenon with a hefty ban. It's important to note that Xenon has been playing the battle royale with the blessing of his father's supervision.

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However, despite the fact that there was no cash on the line, Xenon was banned for the action. “Unless Arenas start offering money for placements there is no reason for #FreeZe non to be banned from them until he turns 13,” said Ninja on Twitter.

Of course, the chances of Epic Games reversing its decision are pretty slim. At the moment of publishing, Epic Games has not issued an official comment on the matter.

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For example, if you use 100 m to buy a rare item, it will trigger ban. Do what a normal player will do, to bring all your mess to your main character.

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You might saw the ads on selling a million or even billion of mess. Once you get a lot of characters to level 100, everyday only need to click to go to mini dungeon and click start and farm that 2 hours = 700k-1 m.

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