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Elaine Sutton
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
• 13 min read

Several gorillas at the San Diego zoo have tested positive for Covid-19, with the cases believed to be the first outbreak among primates in captivity. Baby hedgehogs and goats were born at the zoo over the past few months.

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The zoo has reopened to visitors but many of its educational services have not yet resumed, meaning the three babies have not had their grand debut. Forest Park Zoo welcomed a few new animals, including this wolf.

Forest Park Zoo welcomed a few new animals, including this wolf. For more about what to expect when visiting the zoo and to see even more animals, including Angus the Tortoise, check out the Facebook Live below.

“Between Margaret Sidekick at the library and Linda Plum ridge at the Times, they asked me if I wanted to give it a try, so I did.” It helped that Johanson said she was already an avid reader when she started doing her reviews. '” Even as her obligations to write reviews comes to an end, Johanson said she doesn't see a lot of things changing in terms of her book habits.

“Especially children today, they have so many gadgets which are all quite wonderful, but if they don't learn to love to read that's a real shame.” Ken Keller, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Fort Frances Times. Hospitals in Ontario have received a triage protocol that lays out the criteria to be used if intensive care units fill up and medical resources are scarce. The memo by the province's critical care COVID-19 command center says patients will be scored on a short-term mortality risk assessment that assigns a percentage to the odds a patient will live a year.

It has a grocery store, health center, golf course, and 700-some tightly-knit locals on a picturesque inlet shrouded in green mountains. The population is steady, perhaps even growing, despite recent difficulties with the local economy when the pulp mill closed down.

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Two bars at most on a good day,” said Kathleen Cheetham, a senior who moved to Port Alice from Malcolm Island with her husband in 2019. Cheetham pays $90 for one cell phone with data and another $90 for her landline, a hefty chunk for seniors on a fixed income.

Freelancer to the Gazette, Debra Lynn wrote a colorful letter to Telus, sarcastically describing the dance she adds to her “contortion ritual” in the one corner of the living room where her phone sometimes works. Certainly can’t count on it.” It’s not just Telus customers; Rogers operates in the area too, as well as subsidiaries of both like Fido and Komodo.

In 2018 Telus proposed a new cell tower to boost signals, but as Mayor Kevin Cameron recalls, locals were concerned it was too close to the school and the recreation center. In answer to that, Telus told the Gazette that yes, a new cell tower would be required, and that the company remained “open to exploring opportunities to … enhance wireless services in this community.” In the years since, the village has acquired a more remote, uphill piece of land and is in the process of asking Telus to re-evaluate the area for a new cell tower.

Email: zoe.ducklow@blackpress.ca Zoe Duck low, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, North Island Gazette This is a statement of unity.” Brooks, who joins Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez among others, performed during the inaugural celebration of President Barack Obama in 2009.

Brooks said that for this week's inaugural, he will perform solo doing “broken down, bare-bones stuff,” and hinted at covering material by songwriters from outside the U.S. Brooks praised the Biden's for being “hellbent on making things good” and said he welcomed the chance to help the country heal.

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The executive director of Fredericton Homeless Shelters doesn't like the idea of setting up a designated tent city to help those living rough this winter. The idea of setting up a designated tent city was floated last week by Dr. Sara Davidson, the founder of Fredericton's River Stone Recovery Center.

She said a designated area for tents would help officials keep track of those without permanent addresses if contact tracing were ever required for COVID-19. Without those, such camps tend to develop their own hierarchy within about seven to 10 days, usually with an “alpha male taking the lead” and violence ruling the roost, he said.

The only way tent cities could work is if those staying there are provided help with addictions and mental health issues. Even then, Maddox said there will be people who won't want anything to do with such facilities because they simply refuse to comply with any sort of social structure.

In an interview on Friday afternoon, Davidson said she proposed the idea of tent cities out of “desperation.” Davidson was on Information Morning Fredericton talking about homelessness when she floated the idea of a designated tent city.

Coin, Kate Rogers, who also chairs the City of Fredericton's affordable housing committee, was part of the CBC radio panel. The family of Burton Winters is happy the inquiry into ground search and rescue in Newfoundland and Labrador is finally moving ahead, the lawyer representing them said.

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There was always one reason or another it was always being put off.” When retired judge James Igloliorte was appointed to lead the inquiry last June, Williams said, the family was excited it was happening. The inquiry, which will review all ground search and rescue in the province, will begin in Markovic and members of the community will be given a chance to speak.

He said he didn’t want to go into much detail about the inquiry, since he may be called to testify, but said he, like many in the coastal Labrador community, hope some positive change can come from it. Young Burton was lost and found deceased, hopefully, this can put some closure to it.” Something that was highlighted after the Winters tragedy was concern over jurisdictional issues in search and rescue.

In the Winters case, it involved both land and sea, and Williams said there need to be discussions, hopefully in this inquiry, about how that’s handled. Crocker said they’d been in discussion with the feds as recently as a few days ago about their participation and there has been an agreement to cooperate in some ways.

To encourage vaccinations, documents posted on the government's procurement website show the Ministry of Health is shopping for a production company to shoot some TV ads next month. Last week, the province's chief medical health officer Dr. Sahib Shah ab said he would recommend Premier Scott Moe's Saskatchewan Party government implement stricter public-health restrictions if he keeps seeing 300 or more infections reported daily.

The ruling followed a hastily set up court hearing at a police precinct where Navalny was being held since his arrest at a Moscow airport on Sunday evening, which sparked sharp reactions both at home and around the world. His arrest had already prompted a wave of criticism from U.S. and European officials, adding to existing tensions between Russia and the West.

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His top strategist, Leonid Volvo, announced preparations for “large rallies” on Saturday “all across the country.” Russia’s prison service said Navalny had violated probation terms from a suspended sentence on a 2014 money-laundering conviction, which he says is contrived and politically motivated.

Navalny described the move as an attempt by the Kremlin to deter him from coming back to Russia to continue his political activities. Amnesty International, which called Navalny a prisoner of conscience, denounced Monday's court hearing as a “mockery of justice.” Calls for Navalny’s immediate release have come from European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, British Foreign Secretary Dominic RAAF and top officials of other EU nations.

German government spokesman Steffen Saber noted that “the Russian authorities have arrested the victim of an attempted assassination with a chemical weapon, not the perpetrator” and called for Navalny's release. U.S. President-elect Joe Biden’s pick for national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, also called on Russian authorities to free Navalny, and the outgoing U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said the U.S. “strongly condemns” the decision to arrest the opposition leader.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Pavlov said Monday that the stream of Western reactions to Navalny’s arrest reflected an attempt “to divert attention from the deep crisis of the liberal model of development.” “Navalny’s case has received a foreign policy dimension artificially and without any foundation,” Pavlov said, arguing that the detention was a prerogative of Russian law enforcement agencies.

In a highly unusual development, the court hearing on Monday was held right at the precinct, and his lawyers said they were notified only minutes before. “It is impossible, what is happening over here,” Navalny said in a video from the improvised courtroom that was posted on his page in the messaging app Telegram.

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Labs in Germany, France and Sweden, and tests by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, established that he was exposed to a Soviet-era Novichok nerve agent. Russian authorities, however, insisted that the doctors who treated Navalny in Siberia before he was airlifted to Germany found no traces of poison.

Last month, Navalny released the recording of a phone call he said he made to a man he alleged was a member of a group of officers of Russia's Federal Security Service, or FSB, who purportedly poisoned him in August and then tried to cover it up. Navalny has been a thorn in the Kremlin’s side for a decade, unusually durable in an opposition movement often demoralized by repression.

In December, days before his probation period was supposed to end, Russia’s prison service accused Navalny of not appearing for these checks, including when he was convalescing in Germany. I'm an innocent man.” ___ Vladimir Isachenkov in Moscow, Gar Moulton and Frank Jordan's in Berlin contributed to this report.

After being decommissioned for reasons including age or rusting, they are sometimes sold as storage containers in residential, commercial or industrial settings. The mayor noted Big Valley council, about 14 years ago, decided to prohibit sea cans in residential neighborhoods because they don’t add to the aesthetics of the community.

German stated he felt that if sea cans were presented properly, they could be a viable option for residential storage. Art Tizzard stated he felt sea cans had the potential to be made much more attractive looking than so-called “soft shell garages,” which are already permitted in Big Valley.

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ECA Review readers may recall the Town of Castor looked into sea cans as a residential storage option in 2020. After town staff researched the issue, Castor council decided against it based on aesthetics and to a lesser extent safety.

Mayor German agreed, and stated village staff could examine how other communities have handled sea cans as storage containers in residential areas. It was decided that village staff would look into how other communities handle sea cans as storage in residential areas and report back at a future meeting.

Dr. Joss Racer, a member of the provincial vaccine committee, says Manitoba is to receive about 28,000 fewer doses over the next four weeks. Dr. Brent Poussin says the province's COVID-19 numbers are heading in the right direction, but any easing of restrictions on businesses and public gatherings will be done prudently.

The government put up an online survey last week to ask people what rules they would like to see eased, and Poussin said he'll outline some details Tuesday. At its recent annual inaugural meeting, Debbie Robinson, County of Renfrew Warden and Township of Laurentian Valley Reeve, was acclaimed as the 2021 chair.

Meanwhile, Liz Daniel sen, County of Haliburton Warden and Deputy Mayor of the Township of Algonquin Highlands, was acclaimed as the 2021 vice-chair. Both Robinson and Daniel sen have previously been members of the EO WC and bring valuable experience to their positions, a news release noted.

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“I am honored to lead this incredible group of dedicated municipal politicians as the 2021 chair of the EO WC and represent the County of Renfrew,” said Robinson. “As chair, I will continue to advocate on behalf of the 103 municipalities and the 750,000 property taxpayers across rural eastern Ontario.

I look forward to working closely with vice-chair Daniel sen and fellow caucus members to deliver results in the coming year for eastern Ontario and our residents.” For continuity reasons and given the health and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EO WC will stay the course of its 2020 priorities for the initial months of 2021, the news release noted. As part of the EO WC inaugural 2021 meeting, BORN reported to the caucus that it would finalize details of the Cell Gap project and begin construction in 2021.

BORN recommended that EO WC members pursue county-level projects to achieve greater coverage and economies of scale. “While we wait to see if other funding becomes available for the Gig Project, we look forward to supporting EO WC members as they pursue funding.” Natalie Hamilton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Northumberland News.

Most regions placed under “green zone” restrictions in November are expected to wait until February to receive their share of the province's vaccine supply. Drummond said small hospitals like his become immediately under threat when one emergency physician or nurse gets sick and quarantines.

A group of emergency physicians on Wednesday called on the government and health authorities to provide transparency about who gets prioritized for vaccinations. “Many front-line staff have been given no indication of when they can anticipate being vaccinated, nor if it will take weeks or months, increasing their stress while they provide acute care to the population,” it said in a statement.

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During a news conference on Monday, Premier Doug Ford pointed to the federal government when asked about vaccine supply for rural areas in Ontario. Lamb ton County, which Narnia is part of, is set to receive its first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine during the first week of February, according to its public health unit.

“I’m not sure that people involved in this decision in Washington are fully aware that the border-crossing section of the pipeline was built last year as part of construction efforts,” Kenney told a virtual news conference Monday. “If a precedent is created that the United States can unilaterally stop border crossings of pipelines that already exist, then this could be applied to the many other pipelines that provide Canadian energy to U.S. consumers.” Documents seen by The Canadian Press show Joe Biden plans to scrap the Keystone XL expansion on his first day as United States president.

Alberta is relying on the line's expansion to get more crude to U.S.-based refineries and ports where it can fetch a better price on world markets. A downturn in oil prices, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has contributed to major job losses in the province and a budget deficit predicted to hit $21 billion this year.

S. President Barack Obama, only to see the construction permit signed in 2017 by Donald Trump after he was elected to the Oval Office. TC Energy Corp. promised Sunday to invest US$1.7 billion on a solar, wind and battery-powered operating system for the pipeline to ensure it achieves net-zero emissions by 2030.

He noted that after Biden won last November’s election, he talked to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and they promised to discuss energy issues. Kenney wants to see that happen, because Canada is “the most important ally and trading partner of the United States.

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“The United States government owes Canada the respect to at least sit down with us and talk about this vital project in the broader context.” Biden has been clear in the past about his opposition to Keystone as part of a larger mandate to combat climate change. Kenney, saying larger geopolitical issues are at play, noted that the largest amount of U.S. oil imports come from Canada and that the U.S. needs energy security or risks dependence on the whims of autocrats.

“Either the United States has access to environmentally responsible energy produced in a close, democratic ally, or it becomes more dependent on foreign oil imports from Venezuela and other OPEC dictatorships,” he said. Dean Bennett, The Canadian Press Note to readers: This is a corrected story; a previous version said Alberta would be on the hook for US$1 billion.

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L’organism present d’killers CES deniers hours one novella programmatic saisonnière component DES activities portent SUR DES sets Aussie varies Que l’osteopathic, LES imports ET la justice climate. Si on considered en particular Que LE rapprochement entire LES fem mes demure UN important mother DE l’organism.

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Ellen event nous appear Aussie pour avoid DES references, DE l'information ET Du southern. In a short video, Gina Boyd presents a woman’s dainty shoe with a hand-painted floral design and a light pink high heel.

While her downtown Brighton store is currently closed to walk-in patrons, the sharply-dressed entrepreneur is inside doing promotional videos that she then uploads to her social media pages. G. Boyd Boutique carries a variety of leather and handmade shoes, wallets, purses and jewelry.

Promoting her store online and creating the videos are efforts she has ramped up lately as she and other retailers face another shutdown because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Non-essential businesses, like G. Boyd Boutique, are permitted to offer curbside pickup of orders placed online or on the phone.

However, Ontario is also now under a stay-at-home order, which requires residents to stay put unless they’re headed out for essential items, medical appointments or work. Just before the stay-at-home order was announced, Brighton Mayor Brian Stranded encouraged residents to consider local businesses if they were making purchases.

“If you need to purchase anything, please reach out to a local business to request curbside or porch delivery,” Stranded said. Boyd said while the holiday season for her wasn’t as busy as previous ones, she definitely saw the community step up and shop locally, which she and other merchants she spoke with greatly appreciated.

She said her heart goes out to business owners of hair and nail salons and restaurants, noting she bought gift certificates for people on her Christmas list and encourages others to consider doing the same for upcoming occasions. Andreas Becker, who owns Read and Green, a second-hand bookstore on Main Street, is also using social media and the phone to take orders while his doors are closed.

“The closing and reopening of the store and re-closing have certainly disrupted the flow of things,” Becker told the Independent. “I think adaptability is the most important thing, I do recognize that one of the challenges for many businesses is a chain of supply, which puts a bit more stress on foreseeing and pre-ordering.

I’m very fortunate with Read and Green that I have a very large inventory in the store, which will help me ride out any supply challenges. This is a difficult time, but it opens the door to some creative solutions.” Brighton is fortunate its downtown business owners support each other, work together as a team and have loyal customers, Boyd said.

We’ve got to keep the small town going.” Natalie Hamilton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Northumberland News. CARMI LES patients aux sons intensify, 303 ancient begin DE l’aide d’UN respirator pour demurer en vie.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte won a crucial confidence vote in the Chamber of Deputies on Monday, hanging on to power after a junior partner quit his coalition last week and opened a political crisis amid the raging COVID-19 pandemic. After his appeal to opposition and non-aligned parliamentarians to back him following the walk-out by former premier Matteo Renzo's Italia Viva party, Cone's government won the lower-house vote by 321 to 259.

The scene continued to be blocked off by a police perimeter early this afternoon, and an autopsy is scheduled to be conducted in Montreal today. Gatineau police spokeswoman Renee-Anne Seaman wouldn't say whether the body showed any signs of violence, citing an ongoing criminal investigation.

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