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• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
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From Business: Bringing out the DIY in all of us with more than 70,000 arts, crafts, custom framing, floral, home decor, jewelry making, scrapbooking, fabrics, party supplies… When Kip and his crew showed up our lawn was in bad shape.

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From world-class professional performances, lectures and exhibitions to concerts, theater, dance, art shows and writing workshops, we are a leading resource for cultural offerings in the St. Louis region and beyond. Step inside, and you’ll immediately see Cancan Wonderland is serious about supporting the arts.

More than murals, Cancan Wonderland’s 18-hour golf course centerpiece was created by the Twin Cities the best artists. Silent Movie Series: Harold Lloyd Comedy Double Feature Update 01/06: This event has been cancelled.

You scroll through your favorite social media pages and chances are good, someone has at least shared some type of artwork to you wall. You don’t have to be an artist or an art lover to recognize the beauty behind it.

Chances are good, you enjoy taking your own photos or have seen a photograph that you felt was beautiful. If you are not lucky enough to be one who can recreate it, but enjoy trying to do so, looking at it, or owning it, you should take every available chance to view it.

You can see art shows in Tallahassee, Salt Springs, Laguna, and more. Virtually every festival in the world will have an art show of some kind, competition or otherwise.

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You can take a picture and a coloring crayon, paint, or marker to create something fantastic. Just think of the people who have learned to make art by swinging paint over a canvas or splattering it.

The more unique and extreme, the more everyone will feel it is worthy of winning that competition. What you may not realize is that anyone can make simple art projects at home.

You don’t have to be a professional to have competition quality resin art. With it, you can create art that is clear and luminous, as well as artwork that has depth.

To color epoxy and add texture to their finished artwork. Some artists prefer to use a canvas for their creations, some use wood, and others use stainless steel tumblers.

There are also some artists that prefer to create custom sculpture, paperweights, coasters, and more using resin casting molds. There are molds available that allow you to create cute Valentine hearts, pyramids that you can fill with dried flowers or other tiny trinkets, and so much more.

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With so many potential crafts you can enjoy with resin, the hardest part is often trying to decide what you want to do. You may choose to start out with a flat wood surface to figure out how epoxy works.

The most basic is some epoxy, a way to measure it so that you get equal parts of hardener and resin, a stirring stick, and an idea. No matter what you begin with, we feel that everyone can create competition worthy resin artwork.

They’re the cinematic junk food that feeds our souls, tickles our funny bone, and rolls our eyes. With more than 100,000 items, MOROP has one of the biggest collections of contemporary pop culture historical objects.

Janis gave this dark pink ostrich feather boa to a fan with whom she had become friends in June 1970, just four months before her death. Carrie used this instrument as her principal guitar for songwriting, performing, and recording as part of Sleater-Kinney in the mid- to late-90s.

The Museum of Pop Culture’s mission is to make creative expression a life-changing force by offering experiences that inspire and connect our communities. But fear not, we’re still bringing you pop culture updates, analysis, and experiences through our blog, educational offerings, and virtual events.

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Founders Award 2020, honoring the legendary Alice In Chains, was a night we’ll remember for years to come. Your invaluable support enables us to continue serving our community, reaching young people, and preserving our shared pop culture history for generations to come.

On our recent tour around central Missouri, we spent a night in Jefferson City. What charmed us during our visit were tree-lined streets, friendly residents, quaint shops and so much history.

We found a great selection of things to do in Jefferson City MO. If you love architecture and art you absolutely have to tour the Capitol Building.

As much as I loved the inside of the building there are also great sculptures and works of art outside as well. Plan at least 2 hours, so you can fully soak up the experience here in Jefferson City, Missouri.

This may not be at the top of your teen’s list, but Emma survived the tour and even learned a thing or two. We visited the oldest building still standing on the site, the dungeon, the upper yard and the housing unit.

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Our guide provided insight into infamous inmates (did you know that Martin Luther King’s assassin escaped from here? Sadly, there wasn’t a ghost tour available on the day that we visited, but that just gives Em & I am reason to go back.

If you are unable to make it to the Missouri State Penitentiary (there are limited, seasonal hours) you definitely need to visit the Missouri State Penitentiary Museum in the Col. Darwin W. Armature House. In addition to historical facts, there is an actual prison cell with bars, bunk bed and graffiti wall to show size and living conditions.

There is hiking, bird watching, and 3,000 square feet of exhibits showing off Missouri’s nature. Be sure to check their special events calendar to see what is happening while you are visiting Jefferson City, Missouri.

Great eats can be found at Prison Brews, a unique brewpub located in the historic east side of Jefferson City two blocks from the old Missouri State Penitentiary. Serving up the tastiest, hand-dipped ice cream, you won’t regret stopping in for a scoop or two on your next visit to Jefferson City.

Certificate of Need (CON) is an effort to contain costs, improve quality and increase access for many of Missouri's major health care services. We will email you about upcoming opportunities to explore Washington University virtually.

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You will then be able to see the “My Checklist” function on the SFS website, and you will log in with the same username and password as you use for the Wash Pathway. The Wash Pathway on our website is the only source of accurate information regarding the status of your application for admission to Washington University.

Washington University’s five undergraduate divisions offer different curricula for different areas of academic interest. But, we ask you to indicate which of the five schools is your primary choice now, so we can provide effective academic advising from the start to help you achieve your goals.

While there are university wide admission standards common to all the schools, we look for the right preparation for each curriculum. Students applying to Olin Business School should have completed coursework in math at least through the pre-calculus level with calculus highly recommended.

Students applying to McKelvy School of Engineering and/or students who are interested in pre-med should have completed coursework in physics and chemistry, as well as coursework in math at least through the pre-calculus level with calculus highly recommended. Students interested in studying architecture or art should demonstrate interest, skill, or background in art and design by highlighting relevant course work or extracurricular activity.

Please have your parent(s) complete the School Report in lieu of the Teacher Evaluation. Admission decisions at Wash are based on a combination of factors, including the high school transcript, test scores, personal essay, teacher evaluation, and extracurricular activities.

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We do not attach specific weights to individual components of the decision, as a holistic view of each student is taken. IMPORTANT NOTE: Wash has adopted a one-year test optional policy for applicants in 2021.

The academic rigor, a high school’s grading system, and whether Gas and/or ranks (if available) are weighted or unweighted are all taken into account when reviewing each student’s application. We evaluate each student’s academic record in the context of how well he or she took advantage of the opportunities that were available in his or her particular high school.

Extracurricular activities are one of the factors considered when making admissions decisions at Washington University. Instead of a laundry list of activities, we look for those to which the student has shown commitment over time, the leadership roles that have developed, etc.

We also understand that for many students, an after-school job or caring for a sibling or relative will be the primary extracurricular activity or commitment. “Demonstrated interest” refers to ways that you can explore or research a college or university to learn more about us.

One of the best ways to do this is through a campus visit (if feasible) to experience our community first hand. Please know that we don’t expect you to do all these things, and demonstrating interest in more than one way is not necessarily better.

Feel free to ask us questions about our campus, programs, and community that may not be on our website, and share your academic and personal interests with us. Students who elect or are unable to provide SAT or ACT scores are encouraged to provide a Teacher Evaluation from a teacher in their area of academic interest who can address academic readiness in the area.

While some students choose to submit an additional teacher recommendation, others choose to submit an extra letter of recommendation from a coach, an employer, or a member of the clergy, because that person can provide unique insights that teachers may not include. We hope this policy will make the application more accessible for you, since you will no longer have to formally request scores and pay for them to be sent to Wash.

For the ACT, Washington University considers your highest section scores across all the test dates that you submit. If you take both the ACT and SAT, we will consider whichever set of scores is most advantageous to you.

Undocumented students receive the same admissions review as all applicants to our undergraduate programs. IMPORTANT NOTE: Wash has adopted a one-year test optional policy for applicants in 2021.

Although we do look for students who are strong academically, Washington University does not have any minimum requirements for GPA, class rank, or standardized test scores. A combination of academic and personal factors is considered in making the admission decision for each student.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Wash has adopted a one-year test optional policy for applicants in 2021. Washington University offers students admission based on their academic interests, high school transcript, test scores, personal essay, recommendations, and extracurricular activities.

There are no limits or quotas for the number of students we admit from any high school, city, or state. To be considered for an academic scholarship, your portfolio must be submitted in digital format.

The portfolio may include drawings, paintings, design models, sculpture, ceramics, etc. All gap year requests for members of the Class of 2024 must be submitted by August 5, 2021.

Typically, students who defer do so because they wish to travel, complete required military service, or participate in a year-long gap year program. Deferral requests are evaluated by the Admissions Office on a case-by-case basis, and are only offered for one year.

Note: Requests for a second year will be granted only in the case of compulsory military or religious service. Please note that students are unable to enroll full-time at another institution while on a gap year.

Admitted students may benefit from the results of this coursework in terms of placement and/or credit. These units will count toward graduation, but will not meet general education requirements.

Placement and credit policies vary by subject area and academic division; detailed information may be accessed through the links below: Include your full name as it appears on your application for admission and the name of the high school you attend.

First-year students are required to wait one full semester before requesting a change to another undergraduate college at Wash. Transfer students are also required to wait one full semester before requesting a change to another undergraduate division at Wash.

If you are disciplined by your high school for engaging in peaceful demonstrations, that disciplinary action will not have a negative impact on how your application is reviewed. We will email instructions for selecting your Wash Pathway password after our office has received and processed your application.

Some students have reported that they are having issues formatting their essay on the Common Application website (spacing problems, missing indentations, etc.). Yes, Washington University does require a counselor recommendation for students applying for first-year admission.

Both the School Report and the Counselor Recommendation are required to complete your application. For applicants to the College of Arts & Sciences, McKelvy School of Engineering, Olin Business School: If you decide to submit a supplement (athletic, performing arts, research, etc.

We encourage you to present yourself the best you can within the format of your application for admission, namely in the extracurricular, essay, and additional information sections. However, we encourage you to present yourself the best you can within the format of your application for admission, namely in the extracurricular, essay, and additional information sections.

No, Wash does not offer accelerated programs for entry to medical school. Wash’s Preheat website has detailed information about how we provide comprehensive advising and support to students on their path toward a career in the health professions.

Wash continually evaluates its programs and practices ensuring they are meeting the needs of both students and the institution. Admitted students will learn more about our Preheat advising program and how to make the best use of their undergraduate studies to prepare for eventual admission to medical school.

Our Admissions Service Coordinators are available to assist you Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Time. When sending an email message, be sure to include your full name as it appears on your application for undergraduate admission, your mailing address, your phone number, your email address, and your high school or current institution.

We are committed to making a Wash education affordable for students who have been offered admission. We realize changes in your family’s financial situation can happen from year-to-year while you are a student.

We will work with your family to understand any changes and help you prepare for the upcoming academic year. This is generally defined as maintaining a 2.0 GPA and earning enough credits to graduate on time.

We do all we can in response to changing family circumstances to help you complete your Washington University education. Many students choose Federal Work-Study jobs related to their academic and extracurricular interests.

Common part-time employment may include assisting a researcher, working at the call center, or helping students at the library. Students with permanent resident status in the United States should apply for financial assistance as U.S. citizens.

International students are also welcome to apply for merit-based academic scholarships (except the John B. ErvIn Scholars Program). Costs for the 2019-2020 academic year, includes tuition, fees, and the student health insurance plan are $57,272.

Living expenses (includes room and board, books and supplies, clothing, incidentals, and recreation) are estimated at a minimum of $23,090 for 12 months. Students in art and architecture should plan to spend an additional $600 for books and supplies.

The cost estimate for living expenses covers only minimal essential expenditures. Expenses for clothing, recreation, and incidentals are variable, and the cost of travel outside St. Louis is not included.

Scholarships are renewable for four years as long as you are making satisfactory progress toward a bachelor’s degree. This is generally defined as maintaining a 2.0 GPA and earning enough credits to graduate on time.

We’ve eliminated the nomination requirement from the application process to ensure equal access for all students wanting to apply. This ensures students from under-resourced schools and communities will be able to apply and be considered for this program.

To limit the spread of COVID-19, access to campus is restricted at this time, and we are not allowing visitors. The Admissions & Aid staff continue to work from home to allow only those essential workers to be on campus.

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