Are Zpacks Good For Sinus Infections

Daniel Brown
• Saturday, 09 January, 2021
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Over prescribing the PAK increases the chance that bacteria will become resistant to azithromycin and disrupts the gut bacterial flora for months. First, if you have a sinus infection, expect to feel lousy for several days.

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If you still don’t feel better, your doctor may suggest nasal or lung inhalers for other symptoms. The only way to really tell if you have a viral or bacterial sinus infection is to see a doctor and possibly get some tests run.

Common side effects of azithromycin are usually gastrointestinal, like nausea, stomach pain, constipation, and diarrhea. Serious side effects like allergic reactions, dizziness, and chest pain are rare.

True, it’s often incorrectly prescribed for sinus infections caused by viruses, which don’t respond to antibiotics. The Z-Pack is a prescription package that contains six azithromycin (Zithromax) tablets that are typically taken over 5 days.

Azithromycin is a popular antibiotic medication that treats a variety of health conditions. Azithromycin is quickly absorbed when you take it by mouth, easily entering your body tissues, so it can fight the bacteria causing your infection and stay active for a long time.

The usual recommended prescription is a single 1 gram dose of azithromycin. This makes azithromycin a handy companion to bring along on international travel.

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Azithromycin is much more efficient for these infections than another antibiotic, doxycycline, which you’d have to take for 7 days to get the same effect. Chronic lung diseases: For folks with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), researchers found that daily 250 mg doses of azithromycin reduced episodes of exacerbations (sudden worsening symptoms) and improved quality of life.

Azithromycin has also been found to reduce exacerbations and improve lung function in people with chronic bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis. For children, the dosing is typically based on their weight and what condition is being treated.

Not completing your treatment can increase the risk that your infection returns and that the bacteria start becoming insensitive to azithromycin, known as antibiotic resistance. However, a 2017 population-based study of over 14 million people found no increased risk of arrhythmia with azithromycin compared to another common antibiotic, amoxicillin.

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When a severe case of sinusitis is left untreated, a more serious condition could end up arising as a result, and so it is imperative that people find ways to treat this problem before it spirals out of control. There are those individuals that assume that this condition will simply go away on its own if they leave it alone for long enough, but this is not always the case, and it might not be worth taking the risk if it doesn’t.

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Luckily, there are a wide variety of options available to those looking to receive treatment for this problem, whether it arises once every now and again, or on a regular basis. It is important for patients to remember that they might feel much better after the first five days have gone by, but they will still need to take it easy until the entire treatment period has come to an end, because the body will continue fighting the infection long after the individual thinks they have recovered.

It is important for patients to take note that the efficiency of medications will usually depend on the specific condition, as well as its severity, and this is no different with sinus infections. Z-pack works very well on mild cases of infections, although it is important for individuals to have a strong immune system to support their recovery.

Medical practitioners will often give advice on how individuals can speed up their recovery, and some of these tips include using a saline solution to wash out the nose and the sinuses. It is imperative that individuals drink plenty of fluids so that they can thin out the phlegm and mucous, making it easier for the body to expel it.

Some people find it difficult to sleep soundly because of the obstructions in their breathing, while others get headaches that can become very bothersome during the day. In order to boost the immune system and allow the body the chance to fight the infection, patients should consume a lot of vitamin C. Along with medication, many people use a variety of natural methods to assist in clearing up this condition when it arises, and this includes getting a lot of sleep, exercising and using steam and water to clear out these passages.

Sinus infections can come with an entire host of symptoms, and while they might start out mild, if they are ignored they could quickly end up becoming very severe. When the sinuses are infected, the nasal passages tend to become inflamed, and this could end up causing a very annoying postnasal drip, as well as other symptoms such as a sore throat, painful headaches, fever, fatigue and congestion.

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Common causes are often difficult to avoid, and some people find that they develop sinus infections around the same time every year because of pollen or other allergies. Bacteria, on the other hand, tend to spread, and if it is ignored, it will continue to wreak havoc until a patient pays attention and makes the decision to do something about it.

Those that are looking to treat the symptoms of a viral-related sinus infection can turn to over-the-counter drugs such as pain relievers, decongestants and nasal sprays, which will provide some relief and allow people the chance to function semi-optimally during the day, as well as to sleep better at night. Remember, while viral infections might not be treatable, it is still important for patients to be sure that they are, in fact, dealing with a virus, as this will provide them with peace of mind, knowing that they should simply find relief in medications that are there to treat the symptoms, not the condition itself.

While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners. Z-Pack Antibiotics: What to Know If You're Prescribed Them | SELF Skip to main content Like many kids, I was plagued with regular strep throat infections.

A Z-Pack (also called a PAK, Max, or Zithromax) is literally just azithromycin, a standard antibiotic introduced in 1992, formulated in a package of six pills, which are taken over five days. Other antibiotics may require multiple doses a day for 10 or 14 days at a time, Tara Vijaya, M.D., assistant clinical professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, tells SELF.

They were “cheap, easy, cute, and they had a little marketing zing,” NEA Was, M.D., a family medicine physician at Cleveland Clinic, tells SELF. And, Dr. Was says, they’re indicated for a bunch of different health issues (including skin infections, sinus infections, pharyngitis, and gonorrhea), which made them an appealing option when the first-line treatments weren’t available.

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But lots of things happened around Z-Packs over the last several years that made doctors realize that their prescribing practices weren’t quite right. The first big factor in the waning of Z-Pack popularity was that our developing understanding of antibiotic resistance made doctors wary about handing out Z-Packs so frequently for seemingly every minor health issue that might have a bacterial cause.

Antibiotic resistance, which the World Health Organization says is “one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today,” occurs when bacteria become resistant to the drugs we used to treat bacterial infections. At this point, research estimates that up to 98 percent of group A streptococcus (the bacteria that causes strep throat) are resistant to azithromycin worldwide, Dr. Vijaya says.

And, to be clear, Z-Packs do still come with many of the same side effects you’d expect with other antibiotics, Dr. Was says, including diarrhea and nausea. Many people, like me, grow up being told that they had some kind of rash or other vaguely bad reaction after getting penicillin treatment as a baby, which is very possibly true.

But people grow out of these sorts of reactions, Dr. Vijaya says, and doctors now appreciate just how exceptionally rare true penicillin allergies are. So, many of the people who took Z-Packs because they thought it was their only option may have been perfectly fine just getting the penicillin instead, making them even more egregiously over prescribed.

Considering what valuable and effective tools penicillin and its related antibiotics are (there are now many derivatives of penicillin that build on the original formulas to better target specific bacterial vulnerabilities), it would be a real shame to continue avoiding these first-line treatments due to unfounded concerns. We’ve also come to understand that there are shades of gray to the conventional wisdom of taking every last dose of your antibiotic, even if you feel better long before that, Dr. Vijaya says.

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But there are other complexities here, Dr. Vijaya explains, like the fact that, in some cases, a shorter duration could actually reduce the likelihood of antibiotic resistance developing. Of course, you should always follow your doctor’s instructions for taking your antibiotics, but it’s OK to ask them about the recommended duration of treatment and how you should react if you start feeling better before you’re done.

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