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Ava Flores
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
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The construction is also well-built with no flex whatsoever on the entire body, thanks to its aluminum backplate. The back part of the keyboard has a very glossy finish that I assume no one appreciates, it’s basically fingerprint magnet and is very susceptible to scratches.

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And 2 at the adjustable stands which I really appreciate, and I hope every manufacturer implement this as well on their keyboards. The side of the keyboard, we’ll see the mini USB port.

I appreciate this very much as the keyboard is already compact at its own right with a 75% layout and with the removable cable, it makes it even more portable. For example, the right shift and control key are smaller compared to their left side counterpart.

It is linear so there’s no click bump when you press on it, the actuation force is rated at 60 grams although I feel like it’s a little lighter than that. In regard to the key caps, it is made from ABS plastic with laser etched labels, the build quality is ok but unfortunately, it’s not double shot which is a little disappointing.

The Matt black coating feels really nice, and I just hope this will not fade easily over time. What I like about these key caps, on the other hand, as I’ve mentioned earlier is that it uses what I can say a “normal” font.

RGB Lighting Modes The RGB lighting of this keyboard is I think one of the selling point of this version compared to other versions of the Ajax AK33, which is by the way span across different colors and types of switches. Plugging in the mini USB you will be greeted by a green boot up sequence, after which you can change the lighting modes by hitting the FN+F8 keys.

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The lighting modes don’t stop there guys, you can also customize your own by hitting the FN + tilde key, once inside the custom mode, hit the same combination again to start recording which will be indicated by the caps lock LED flashing. Now you can access your custom settings anytime by hitting the same combination.

Speaking of gaming, as expected, the Jazz AK33 performed really well, I have no issues whatsoever playing with this keyboard, the keys are very easy to actuate without so much noise making the gaming experience even better at least for my taste. You can also modify the polling rate of the keyboard and of course, customize the lighting modes.

The software is very intuitive and easy to use, you can increase the brightness, the speed, the direction, and the colors. You can even select your own colors from the pallet, and you can also choose from a ton of lighting modes using this software.

Alright guys, so to conclude, what I like about this keyboard is the form factor, a very compact and portable design with a removable cable that you can bring along with you anywhere. Partner it with the relatively silent linear black switch, and you’re set for a portable gaming or productivity experience.

I also like the fact that its true RGB with tons of customization using both onboard memory and with the intuitive software. The only downside that I can see with this keyboard is with the inaccuracy of some lighter shade colors which is not even a big deal for me personally.

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So if you’re looking for a decent mechanical keyboard with 82 keys and a 75% layout I strongly feel that this is a very good budget option. Thanks to Bang good for making this review possible, you can get this keyboard from their official website, link below.

Specification: 82-key layout (75% TKL Type) Zorro Switches Cherry Stabilizers OEM profile Gradient RGB LED backlighting Low Profile USB Connection Anodized Aluminum Base Glossy Cover Back Plastic Antighost Keys: Full Antighost keys Key Pressure: 60+/-20gf Key Life: More than 50 million times Weight: 60+/-20g Size: 310.5 × 120 × 36.8 with tolerance of +/- 0.5 mm Interface: Detachable gold-plated USB interface Cable Length: 1.6 m Macro: Via software Up to 3 customized profiles Download Software: Jazz RGB Software The packaging of the Gig aware Jazz AK33 RGB Mechanical Keyboard is upfront plain and simple.

The second packaging contains the keyboard itself, the accessories, and some other stuff like the manual, warranty, and certification card that I don’t understand. As what we have previously mentioned, the Gig aware Jazz AK33 RGB Mechanical Keyboard is protected by these two black foam.

The foam holds the keyboard inside the box and prevents it from moving. The Gig aware Jazz AK33 RGB Mechanical Keyboard comes with some extra accessories.

These accessories include a small brush for cleaning your keyboard, a key cap puller, a few papers with contents written in Mandarin language, and the detachable USB cable. The cable is thick, 1.6 meters in length, and doesn’t feel cheap.

(Source: mechanicalkeyboardinfo.com)

Looking at the sides, the keyboard has an open suspended key style with anodized alloy panel base. Each key cap also has different angles and height to accommodate that ergonomic design.

The Gig aware Jazz RGB AK33 Mechanical Keyboard that we have here in our labs uses a black Zorro switch. This kind of switches are more popular and are very common among mechanical keyboards that are being sold for a very low price.

You just have to remove the back cover of the keyboard and unsold er the switches. However, if you’re coming from a long time Cherry MX switch user, you definitely will.

The backside has a very glossy design that makes the keyboard look cheap. The backside also shows a bigger Jazz engrave branding. Lastly, the backside uses rubber feet, similar to the rubbery feel of a pencil eraser, and an angle adjusting stand that also uses rubber footing to prevent the keyboard from moving while typing or gaming.

Go with the Stream Clouds Fly Winding Paths The Trial of Light Breathing Normally On Pass without Trace Fast Run without Trace Snow Winter Jasmine Flowers Blooming Swift Action Hurricane Accumulate Digital Times Surmount Both Ways Fast and the Furious Custom Backlit Mode (FN + ~) With this mode, you can set a specific color for each key. You can reverse the direction of the backlit effect by pressing FN + Left Arrow Key.

Access the custom backlit mode via FN + ~ Key. Change the speed of the backlit for example, the wave, by pressing FN + “+/-“.

6 different level of brightness controlled by FN + UP or DOWN arrow key. The software driver is fairly simple to set up and the UI is easy to navigate.

With the software, you can pretty much do more customization with the AK33 RGB such as setting up a macro or a profile, change the report polling rate from 125Hz to 1000Hz, and as well as adjust the speed of the backlit and the brightness. Once you’re done, press the (FN + ~) key to close the change color mode.

With the custom backlit mode UI, you are provided with 4 pre-set profiles and those are FPS, MMO, MOB, and RTS. You can also set and chose a different color to any key that you would like to change with this software.

The keyboard will show a different color, in this case, it will be blue instead of green. So here are the things that are worth highlighting and emphasizing for this keyboard after experiencing it.

Offering you a nonstandard keyboard layout that fits any theme or setup and unique in its own way. The brush and the key cap puller may be nothing to some but that’s still a considerable free added value for the consumer.

It would be nice though if they can include a free WAS clear key caps or a different design. The Gig aware Jazz AK33 RGB Mechanical Keyboard we have here uses the Zorro black switches.

It feels right when you’re typing on it although it lacks that tactile feedback that I like with the blue switches. RGB makes every peripheral sell to an unbelievable price range.

The inaccuracy of the backlit color is too great and noticeable for this keyboard. Especially if you’re coming from a long time Cherry MX, Kiel, or Racer switch user.

I have to say that this keyboard did not disappoint me at all in terms of performance. The Zorro black switch did resemble the feeling of typing on a Cherry MX black switch keyboard. One thing that they could further improve or work on is the inaccuracy of the backlit color.

Given that it works as a mechanical RGB backlit keyboard out of the box. The software provides options for macros, profiles, and polling rate.

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t want any issue with every product you buy then this keyboard will disappoint you.

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